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Waha Kitchen at Kosenda Hotel

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Last night I went to another new hippest restaurant in Jakarta, Waha Kitchen at Kosenda Hotel. I heard many people talk about Kosenda Hotel recently since the hotel also has The Awan Lounge, one of new hippest rooftop bar in Jakarta. I visit The Awan Longe weeks ago and interested in visiting Waha Kitchen located at the lobby of this hotel.

I really love how Waha Kitchen decorates their interior with vintage and rustic furniture which makes the ambience feels so homey. They also have several bookshelves with various and colourful books and magazine. What make them homier is, they have a corner side occupied with cozy big sofa, carpet, and round table and bookshelf which make me want to lie on the sofa while reading the book, as if I’m home hahaha!

Waha Kitchen provides us with Peranakan Cuisine, a combination between South East Asian cuisine with precision and plated by notable Melbourne and Sydney restauranteur of 25-years.  So you will see line of Asian cuisine, such as Chicken Curry Laksa, Mee Hon Goreng to Ayam Sereh and some Melbourne brekkie line such as egg benedict, egg frittata, egg and toast, etc.

I visited this resto in a full tummy, so my friends and I only order drinks and desserts. Oyeah, they also have various desserts which mostly traditional snacks infused modern serving.

I ordered Lychee Ice Tea (35K), you know how does it taste like so I guess I shouldn’t describe it ;-) The best thing is only it came in a very tall glass.

Banana Mousse Pie – 42K

Mashed banana wrapped with puff pastry and served with fresh mango puree and coconut milk and fried sweet potato. I love how crunchy the puff pastry was and the mango puree was refreshing. Simply love it!

Bo Bo Cha Cha – 42K

I laughed reading the menu name, don’t have any idea why they named such a dessert with unique name but the dessert doesn’t even unique. It was like ‘kolak’ for me. It contains mixed sweet potatoes, white and red, sago, slices of strawberry and coconut milk. It better served cold than hot.

Overall, I love to spend my time here. I could have long conversation with my best friend as if I’m home. My verdict is only on their price and portion which is overpriced for the dessert served in small portion. Well, it might because they are incorporated in a hotel, so high cost does occur for you who not have a room in here. 

Will I back here? Of course, I will! I had my eyes on their main course, mmmm the other reason is I think I found my second home hihihi…

Til the next post, gotta find another home


Waha Kitchen
Kosenda Hotel 
Jl. Wahid Hasyim No. 127
Jakarta Pusat 10240
twitter & instagram @Kosenda Hotel 

Price Range:
Melbourne Breakfast IDR15,000 - IDR95,000
Main Course IDR45,000 - IDR110,000
Desserts IDR42,000 - IDR65,000
Beverages IDR29,000 - 59,000

Free Wi-Fi : Yes
Smoking area : Yes
Alcoholic Drinks: Yes
Reservation: you better reserve since it always packed in weekend

Pasar Senggol "The Best of Indonesia" at Rasa Restaurant

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Several weeks ago, I had a chance to visit Rasa Restaurant at Intercontinental Jakarta MidPlaza. This newly opening restaurant offer a buffet dining concept with several sections and mouth-watering promotion each month. As I walked in the restaurant, I can see the modern-classic but sophisticated interior and furniture. There are several sections such as Indonesian cuisine, Western cuisine, Japanese cuisine, Indian cuisine, etc. Since this November to December 2013, Rasa has a promotion of Pasar Senggol “The Best of Indonesia”, I feel bring back to my hometown with a traditional music from Java surrounded the resto, traditional décor at the front door and also traditional attire worn by the waiter and waitress.

Pasar Senggol “The Best of Indonesia” is Rasa’s yearly tradition which brings a lively environment of traditional night market with lively food stalls from around the Indonesian archipelago. There are selection of regional delicacies which enough to shocking me. They have my favourite Mie Kocok Bandung, Rujak Kangkung, and Dendeng Balado. The other surprising sections are they have traditional snacks which is always be my favourite since childhood. Let’s name it Putu Mayang, Carabikang, Colenak, Nagasari to Little Martabak, they have it all! They also have traditional ‘gorengan’ such as Panada and Bakwan and oh don’t forget the Candied Fruit, it’s all satisfying my sweet tooth!  

In addition, various fresh meat and seafood are also available in the Barbeque station with the selection of sauce and condiment. 

So, here’s my sneak peek during enjoying Pasar Senggol “The Best of Indonesia”. 

Indonesian section. They have lalapan, Tahu Telor, Gado-Gado, Oncom to various of mie and soto such as Mie Kocok Bandung, Soto Betawi, etc.

 After passing the har rain, eat this Mie Kocok Bandung was really warming my body. The soft noodle with tasty broth made me want this more and mooore!

  Traditional snacks...I love the Putu Mayang and Candied Fruits so much! 

Fresh Seafood and Japanese Section. As usual, when I see fresh sashimi and sushi, 
I just can't resist it! 

left to right:

- Sashimi and sushi
- Roasted Turkey and Roasted Goat. I love the roasted goat, it was half-roasted but I even can't smell the
   goat smell. The meat was so juicy.
- Fresh Salad with Mixed Jucy. On of my favourite corner. Rasa serves fresh vegetables and the customer is allowed to mix their own salad in a very big block of Parmesan Cheese. Imagine you mix salad in a big block of cheese. Of course your vegetables will covered by the cheese! Oh God, I really really heart this salad!
- Indian food, biryani rice, prata bread, lamb and broccoli.

 This is also pampering! Various desserts!

You can taste all the fantastic food only in dinner with price only IDR278.000 ++ per person (food only). Hurry up eaters and satisfy your appetite before December 31, 2013. Pssst...table reservation is highly recommended. Thanks anyway Rasa & Intercontinental MidPlaza Jakarta for inviting me to this event. 

RASA Restaurant
Intercontinental MidPlaza Jakarta
Jl. Jend, Sudirman Kav. 10-11
Jakarta 10220
Telp. +62-21 2510888

Asian Wok at C's Steak & Seafood Restaurant

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C’s Steak & Seafood restaurant merupakan salah satu resto ternama dibawah naungan hotel Grand Hyatt, Jakarta. Resto ini terkenal dengan masakan a la westernnya dengan steak dan seafood sebagai hidangan utamanya. Bulan lalu C’s menunjukkan sisi lainnya dengan membawa hidangan Asia dalam ‘Asian Wok Festival’ selama 16-29 September 2013 lalu.

Saya cukup terkejut saat diberi kesempatan untuk mencicipi hidangan Asian Wok di restoran yang membawa simbol huruf C untuk mendeskripsikan restorannya. Mulai dari Culture, Cabernet, Chardonnay, Cellar, Country, Caramel, Chefs, Chili, Coriande, Cuisine, dll menjadikan C’s salah satu restoran yang patut masuk dalam daftar list pecinta kuliner. Konsep open dan transparan pada dekornya sangat terlihat dari wine cellar dengna kurang lebih 3000 koleksi wine di pintu masuk ditambah dengan open kitchen dengan chefs yang terlihat sangat membara menyajikan hidangan. Sentuhan tradisional juga terlihat pada jajaran toples rempah-rempah di dekat kitchen dan ulekan batu raksasa yang mencengangkan mata. 

Ditemani oleh jajaran staff C’s beserta Chef Christer Foldnes dan Chef Muslim Haryanto, saya memanjakan perut dengan menikmati kolaborasi menu-menu Asia terbaik pilihan C’s resto. Dimulai dari segelas Carrot & Apple JuiceAmuse Bouche dengan tampilannya yang sangat unik dan imut. Bite size appetizer ini dihidangkan dalam wadah berisi potongan makanan kecil seperti kismis, kacang, wijen hitam, dll. Bite size appetizernya berupa potongan telur puyuh, tuna & tobiko, daging bebek, hingga tomat dan keju. A very cute bite for opening!

Frog Legs Sichuan Style (100K) terlihat menggiurkan dengan potongan daging kaki kodok disiram saus berwarna kecokelatan dan potongan paprika. Sayangnya, saya tidak bisa memakan hidangan ini sehingga tidak tahu jelas seperti apa rasanya.

Dilanjutkan dengan Spicy Tofu With Vegetables, Chinese Cabbage and Chili (95K). Tahu goreng dengan tekstur yang sangat lembut didalam ini tambah membuat saya ‘berteriak’dengan pedasnya saus cabai yang pedas namun menggoda lidah. 

Organic Spinach Noodles with Mixed Vegetables (100K). Mencicipi hidangan ini mengingatkan saya akan keragaman budaya Asia. Sajiannya begitu berwarna mulai dari mie berwarna hijau yang terbuat dari campuran terigu daa bayam organik ditambah irisan paprika, wortel, sawi hijau, hingga peterseli. Rasanya sedikit plain dengan after taste pedas di mulut saya.

Makan siang saya belum selesai, masih ada Kway Teow Seafood Black Bean Sauce (115K) dengan saus black bean yang terlihat pedas menggoda namun rasanya justru tak terlalu mengigit lidah. Kwey Tew-nya sendiri menggunakan mie berukuran lebar, seperti pada umumny kway teow dengan tekstur lembut dan kenyal ditambah dengan siraman seafood dan tofu yang banyak. Love it!

Asparagus with Shredded Beef and Oyster Sauce (125K) juga makin membuat saya melupakan jam makan siang yang hampir selesai. Potongan daging sapi lembut disiram dengan saus tiram yang gurih, pedas dan manis ini memberikan warna di lidah saya. Potongan asparagusnya yang renyah dan berserat pun membuat hidangan ini semakin lezat!

Cauliflower with Shrimp, Ginger and Garlic (100K). Hidangan ini terlihat sangat segar dengan potongan udang yang begitu menggoda perut. Awalnya takut mencoba karena saya alergi udang apalagi udang tambak, hanya saja C’s memilih udang laut terbaik sehingga menghasilkan masakan udang yang begitu segar dan membuat saya aman memakannya. Irisan kembang kol, wortel dan kacang polong beserta kuah kental beraroma jahe yang sedikit kuat menambah nikmat masakan ini.

Organic Chili Noodles with Minced Beef, Spicy Garlic and Oyster Sauce (115K). C’s begitu paham bagaimana menyajikan masakan biasa menjadi berbeda, seperti pada pilihan ifumie (mie kering) yang biasanya plain diganti dengan mie kering pedas dan organic. Rasa pedas pada mie yang berwarna oranye kemerahan ini justru membuat saya ketagihan apalagi taburan daging cincang-nya membuat saya tidak berhenti memakannya.  

The last but not least is C’s Lamb Fried Rice with Chili Condiment and Kerupuk (485K). Oh God, this the super expensive fried rice I’ve ever tried dan meskipun tercengang dengan harganya yang sangat mahal, saya lebih tercengang dengan rasa dan penyajiannya. Daging kambing yang digunakan merupakan daging wagyu domba Australia level 4, merupakan level paling tinggi pada tingkat keempukan daging sehingga membuat harga hidangan ini begitu mahal. Tidak hanya itu saja, meskipun ini hanya nasi goreng, tapi sensasi bumbu dan aroma rempah yang kuat serta kelembutan dan kekenyalan daging kambingnya hingga menghasilkan gigitan yang renyah di mulut saya benar-benar membuat saya merasakan sensasi surganya nasi goreng terenak! God, ini nasi goreng terlezat yang pernah saya coba! A MUST MUST TRY! 

Dessert time! Nggak expect kalau C's masih punya dessert sesaat sebelum saya meninggalkan tempat ini. Es krim yang mereka punya beragam rasa, I love the chocolate and raspberry so much!

Anyway, makan siang kali ini benar-benar terasa spesial apalagi perut saya dimanjakan dengan nasi goreng kambing yang luar biasa enak itu hihihi...Diluar menu Asian Wok ini, C's juga menyediakan aneka menu lunch dan dinner dengan harga bervariasi mulai dari Rp80.000 to 500.000, harga wajar untuk ukuran hotel bintang 5, but I believe there's always something to pay for a good and fancy food, right. Trust me, you will never regret to spend that much for the C’s Lamb Fried Rice!

Thank you so much for C's Team yang sudah menyambut dengan ramah saya dan food bloggers lainnya. Semoga di lain kesempatan bisa menikmati kehangatan yang disajikan C's lagi. Sukses. 

C's Steak & Seafood Restaurant

4th Floor Grand Hyatt Hotel Jakarta
Jl. M.H. Thamrin Kav. 28-30
Jakarta 10350
Telp. 021-29921234

The New Asian Noodles by Deli at InterCon JKT

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Ada yang beda saat melangkahkan kaki ke gerai Deli di InterContinental Jakarta MidPlaza. Kalau biasanya cake shop ini hanya menawarkan aneka cake dan cookies, kali ini chef tim @InterConJakarta menawarkan promosi menu lunch mengikuti suksesnya ‘pasta station’ di Bacchus Bar, The New Asian Noodles. Varian mie Asia ini akan tersedia selama jam makan siang dan hanya di weekday. Setiap harinya akan ada menu mie berbeda seperti mie telur, mie bihun, mie ramen, dll dengan pilihan kuah seperti kuah ramaen, kuah bakso, kuah tom yum, dll. Ditambah pengunjung juga dapat create their own noodle dengan menambahkan aneka condiment seperti jamur, potongan ayam dan daging, sayur-sayuran, bakso, telur dan aneka saus. Serunya, setelah pesanan kita dicatat, chef langsung meracik mie pesanan kita plus live cooking show di depan kita lho! So, nggak usah takut, freshness noodle is guaranteed here!

Harga yang ditawarkan untuk New Asian Noodles ini hanya Rp77.000 nett sudah termasuk free flow iced tea, iced lemon tea, hot tea atau hot lemon tea.

Hari ini saya berkesempatan mampir ke Deli at @InterConJakarta dan mencicipi aneka varian New Asian Noodle tersebut. Kebetulan hari ini stok mie-nya berupa mie telur, mie bihun dan soun, sedangkan kuahnya, kuah tom yum dan bakso. Jadilah saya memesan Mie Kuah Tom Yum dengan condiment ayam dan daging suir, jamur shitake, baby kalian, wonton, dan pangsit rebus.

Buat saya pribadi kuah tom yum kurang sedikit pedas. Kata chef-nya sih kuahnya memang dibuat netral dan tidak terlalu pedas jadi bisa tetap dinikmati oleh yang tidak suka pedas. Tapi rasanya tom yum memang umumnya pedas walaupun nggak terlalu pekat sih. Untuk tingkat keasamannya sudah pas. Segar banget pas nyeruput kuahnya! Mie telurnya sendiri lembut dan condimentnya membuat perut saya kenyang banget hahaha! Untuk yang terbiasa makan tom yum pedas, mungkin tambahan saus atau sambal yang lebih banyak bisa jadi pilihan tepat.

Karena masih penasaran, saya pun mencicipi satu menu lagi Mie Kuah Bakso dengan condiment dipilihkan oleh chef-nya. Kelihatannya sih seperti makan bakso biasa. Kuahnya plain dan baru nendang saat ditambahkan sambal dan saus. Baksonya kenyal dan gurih. Saya malah suka nyemilin baksonya daripada dengan kuahnya hihi…

Untuk melengkapi makan, saya memesan Strawberry & Banana Smoothies yang menjadi juara disini. Fusionnya lembut, tapi sayangnya, kurang manis dan terlalu di dominasi pisangnya jadi terasa sedikit pahit saat diminum.

Anyway, berhubung waktu lunch saya sangat singkat dan harus segera kembali ke keantor jadi hanya bisa nyobain dua campuran mie itu saja deh. Thanks anyway for @InterConJakarta, mbak Catrina, dan mbak Ayleen for the invitation and very warm greetings.

Are you a noodle lover? Silahkan mampir kesini buat nyobain aneka New Asian Noodles-nya Deli and don’t forget to drop your story here…

Deli at InterContinental Jakarta MidPlaza

Jl. Jend. Sudirman Kav. 10-11
Jakarta 10220
Tel. 021. 2510888

Sukhothai: Touch The Unlimited Royal Treat

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Have you ever dream about being treated as a royal king? Hmmm...I never dream about such thing but surprisingly several weeks ago I was brought to feel the hilarious of being a royal king for a nite, especially in his way of enjoying royal dinner. It is Sukhothai Restaurant, an authentic Thailand restaurant located in The Media Hotel & Tower, brought me to feel Thailand atmosphere and to taste its cuisine while treating me as if I am a royal king...hmm princess sounds better I think haha...Well, as I stepped my feet onto the dining area, I was welcomed by a red, warm, and luxurious interior of Sukhothai equipped with some elephant and Thailand traditional dancer statues in gold and Thailand carving in several part of their wall. It really shows us how Sukhotai trying to impress their customer with a truly royal atmosphere. But wait, it's not finish yet, to make it more traditional, the customer won't be seated in a chair, Sukhotai ask them to sit on the floor a.k.a 'lesehan' in Bahasa. They provides a big square and low table with a space under the table that enable us to hide and put our feet comfortably. At least you won't crossed your leg during eating hehehe...

After the very good welcoming, Sukhothai treated me with a sumptuous promotion of UNLIMITED ROYAL TREAT where I can enjoy the unlimited authentic Thailand cuisine a.k.a an All You Can Eat menu yay! An it’s all for only IDR149,000 per pax. A very best offer I’ve ever experienced! There are more than 23 ala carte menu which can be ordered unlimitedly, over and over, as long as your belly has enough spaces hahaha! So, that’s the opening, now I will share you my experience in enjoying the royal treatment here.
Appetizer came first on my table. There are four menus to serve, consist   of:

Gai Har Baytoy, a fried marinated chicken in pandanus leaf. I love how they covered the marinated chicken with the pandanus leaves. It left super good aromas that raise my tastebud. The chicken was also well marinated, soft and tender.

Pia Takrai, a fried marinated fish with lemongrass and fresh herbs. This appetizer also went well on my tongue. I can feel a lil bit lemongrass and fresh herbs in every bite.

Tord Man Goong (Prawn Cake). This snack is similar with ‘otak-otak goreng’ my favourite snack and so does the taste. Simply love it.

For those snacks, we can enjoy it with three kind of sauces; mango sauce, a typical Bangkok sauce (sorry I forgot the name), and a spicy sauce (I also forgot the name haha), but this one is look like "sambal Matah Bali".

Yam Mamuang (Spicy Mango Salad). Wuah, finally I found the salad from Thailand which I though it’s similar with our ‘asinan mangga’ hahaha!  It’s quite spicy, salty and fresh as well.

Then, before come into the main course, I laid a space for Kwe Tiaw Phed Yang (flat rice noodle soup with duck). This is similar with the Chinese kwe tiaw or actually it is ahahaha, but it’s softer and served with a savoury soup which kinda too smooth for me. I thought this is the time I will put much pepper and chili powder on my meal haha!

Thanks God, I finally didn’t have to put much pepper in the next Tom Tum Thalay (sorry I didn't made the photo). Because it’s a tom yum, I knew it’s gonna be hot and spicy. Either the seafood or the soup was made fresh! Love the acidity level, it’s really went well on my belly.

Here we come the main course. Phad Poh Taek came first. It’s a sautéed crab, squid, fish and prawn in Thai herb. Perfect fusion with a sweet, sour, and spicy after taste on my mouth.

Phad Kapraw Nuea. This is fried minced beef with chili and sweet basil. It’s spicy and too oily I thought. I thought I’m munching a corned beef with too much oil hehehe…

Finally, I found the main course awarded as the best, Pla Sam Rod and Kaeng Kiew Wan Gai. The first is fried Dory fish with three flavour sauce.  This is the best coz not only the crunchy outside and tender inside; the sauce also offered me supper after taste, sweet, salty, and savoury. Scrumptious!

Then, the latter Kaeng Kiew Wan Gai made me drool with its green curry. I feel like home when sipping it’s green curry soup, it’s fusion of coconut milk remind me of My Mom’s ‘sayur lodeh’. Sweet, sour, and aaaahh I better talk less, and let you decide by your own.  

There are also many side dishes I tried such as Khao Pad Sapparot. I imagined I will get fried rice served in a pineapple but unfortunately, this is only fried rice with minced pineapple. The rice is just okay for me, not too oily and the best part is I found cashew nuts inside!

Pad Broccoli, a stir fried broccoli and garlic, and Pad Bong Pad Namanhoy, a stir fried water spinach with oyster sc, were also good side dishes to complete my dinner.

Huah, I feel so glad that tonight I was treating like a royal Thai king, but it’s not finished yet. Sukhothai spoiled me to make more spaces on my belly for the desserts. And I challenged myself to try it all hahaha….

Man Suam, a simmered cassava in syrup with coconut milk remind me of Indonesian traditional snacks 'singkong siram santan'. The cassava was boiled well resulted on a soft texture of its. The coconut milk and vanilla syrup on the top was also a great fusion, gives a strong vanilla scent and fortunately it has mild sweet. I simply love this snacks. 

Tam Tim Krob, this also remind me of "es mutiara", but I was wrong, this is not "mutiara"as we can find in Indonesian "es podeng or "es campur", this is actually a yam (bengkuang) covered with colored cornflour that made this seems like "mutiara". This is fun, because when I munching it, I tasted the crunchy part of the yam hihi...The soup comes from a milk, ice and coconut milk. and thanks God, it sweet enough for me. Love it!  

Aisa Krim Kati Ruamiter, it might has a long name, but I didn't put too much effort to enjoy this one haha, because this is only a coconut ice cream, with super mild and sweet taste added with watermelon pieces. Yay! I feel like a kid who craving this over and over!

Kanom Ruamiter, this assorted mini Thai sweets again similar with Indonesian sweets, there are two kinds of sweet pudding alike, both made from brown sugar. There is also "kue ku" alike and "kue jojorong", a solid coconut milk fused with melted brown sugar inside. All those sweets are simply perfect for closing my dinner.

Overall, I found my belly was so full and happy. It was really nice to be treated like a king! Anyway, please remember you have to prepare your belly or you are subject to be charged IDR30,000 per portion if you couldn't finish the food. Anyway, thanks Openrice and Sukhothai for inviting me to this royal event. 

Sukhothai Restaurant
The Media Hotel & Towers, 6th Floor
Jl. Gunung Sahari Raya No. 3
Jakarta 10720
Telp. 021 - 626 3001
Operation hour for dinner: Monday to Sunday 18:00 - 22.30 WIB
Operation hour for lunch: Monday to Friday 11.30 - 14.30 WIB

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