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Marlo Kitchen by Chef Norman, Bandung

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This weekend I tried another new hangout spot in Bandung, named Marlo Kitchen by Chef Norman. This restaurant owned by the famous magician Abu Marlo in collaborated with the talented chef, Norman. Located at Jalan Tamblong no. 40 Bandung, this restaurant was easy to find out. Before heading to this restaurant, I was googling some info about this talk-of-the town resto recently including how the interior will look like and well they’re indeed quite instagrammable. Even I made a visit at night, some parts of the area still look stunning.

This restaurant is dominated with black and white. However, there are some corners beautified with some girly wallpaper and flowers’ pot. Simple, chic and minimalist. The wall design, meanwhile, enhance the owner’s character as a magician. They put several photos and profile of the magician and colorful magic cards and some black and white pictures on frames as well. 

What impressed me was their furniture;  they used modern-minimalist furniture with some vintage stuffs. You can see at their idea to recycle real airplane seats into something comfy chair for dining. A very out of the box idea! And oh another impressive thing was they’re using soothing aromatherapy (I don’t know what actually the scents, but it smells like jasmine mixed with white lily) in every corners which the scents remain strong in my cloth even after we went out of the restaurant hahaha…

For the menu, they’re serving most of Indonesian and Western cuisine with several unique signature dishes such as Seblak Wagyu Beef, Wagyu Beef  with Sambal Matah and Pizza Cone.

Messy Fries - 30K

Pottao wedges with chili con carne and cream cheese. I ordered this one for my kid but it turned out so good that I couldn’t resist as well haha…the wedges was well-fried accompany with tasty chili con carne, minced beef and creamy cheese.

Pan Fried Dory Pesto with Lemon Sauce -70K

Tender pan fried dory served with potato wedges, mushroom, pesto and lemon sauce. I love the tenderness of the dory mixed with savory and fresh pesto with a tangy yet fresh lemon sauce. This menu would be greater if they’re resizing the serving size.

Spaghetti Mushrooms Carbonara - 40K

Looking for a perfect spaghetti carbonara is very hard for me, but thanks to the Chef Norman, he's creating a very good carbonara sauce that close to my expectation. It's sooo creamy, savoury and sooo cheesy but in balance portion. Even my hubby wo doesn't love something too creamy had a crush on it!

Mountain Lava Cake - 30K

You might find this type of cake is not special because you can find something like this anywhere, but finding a good lava cake is sometimes difficult. A cake that close to everyone's expectation of something ooey-gooey chocolate cake texture with oozing lava chocolate and Marlo Kitchen has it all! The good news is the chocolate wasn't too sweet but it's still addictive. Geez, this mountain lava cake is really TO DIE FOR!   

Honestly, I was a little skeptical about something that only looks good in instagram, this resto could be that good since they’re still be the talked-in-town recently, but thanks God, overall dining experience in this restaurant was very good. Price always still wise and even cheaper than similar types of restaurant in Jakarta. It's ranging from IDR20,000 to 100,000 for food and IDR15,000 to 35,000 for beverages. We even only spent around IDR229,000 after 10% tax and service for the above-mentioned menus and two cups of lemon tea. It's a very good deal right! And oh even my hubby asked me where we can buy that wonderful aromatherapy scents hahaha...Well, if you're looking for cozy place with good food for family dinner, gathering, birthday bash even dating, Marlo Kitchen could be your choice. Pssst...every weekend they also present a live acoustic music performance with a very good and beautiful singer ;-)

Marlo Kitchen
Jl. Tamblong 48-50
Telp. +62812-9341-7777
IG: @marlo_kitchen

[NEW CONCEPT] GIA Restaurant & Bar, Jakarta

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I’ve been a fans of Ismaya Group’s chain restaurants since every time they’re opening a new one, the concept is always stunning and exciting. One of the lovable one I’ve ever visited is GIA. There’s always something magical when hearing the name of this established resto. I feel like meeting a classic yet sexy woman named, GIA and it’s always be the same rite now. GIA might be so last year restaurant seeing the massive growing of new restaurants in Jakarta, but she (yes, I better call it like I call my bestfriend) is still stunning and becoming one of most-wanted fine dining restaurant especially to celebrate special day. She’s also trying to shift the concept from fine dining to a semi fine dining where everyone could meet her every day, every occasion.

I’m happy to hear this news and feel so excited to visit her even in lunch time. As you might know that GIA, represented by a sexy, classy, and energetic woman character, is also design its interior with something classic, black and white, elegance table setting, sophisticated lamps, bright white walls, black Italian marble and wooden ceiling. The dining area was divided into two: one located near the bar area and another one located on the other side. She’s also providing a VIP room upstairs with a stunning view the Sampoerna Strategic Square’s garden by the window.  I feel so romantic sitting below a yellowish lamp with tidy and clean table setting without worrying the dress I wore that day (yup, since GIA shifting the concept into semi fine dining, to wear a casual dress is acceptable).

GIA for me sounds like a French girl name, but actually she’s serving Italian food. So, let’s take a closer meeting with her and her food creations.

Carpaccio di Filetto Angus e Tartufo
US black angus beef tenderloin carpaccio, truffle vinaigrette, fresh truffle and parmesan.

I love this starters, it’s not only served cold and fresh but also the truffle oil made the beef tenderloin became something worth the price and the concept.

Fettuccine Verdi Polpette di Wagyu
Wagyu meatballs, sweet paprika pesto, homemade green spinach fettuccine.

Don’t expect something creamy when seeing the appearance of this pasta, you will find more than that. A creamy pasta with light sweet and bitter sensation from the spinach which for me turn so so gooood especially with the tasty meatballs!

Linguine all’Aragostelle
Sweet water crayfish lobster, hennessy vsop brandy spicy pink sauce

This one was also creamy but a quite spicy for my liking. I love how fresh the lobster meat was. It just complete the whole flavor of this pasta.

Tagliata di Manzo
200g char-grilled stockyard sirloin, veal jus, mashed potatoes, mesclun, and aged balsamic

From the moment I saw it served on my table, I could feel that this baby will gonna be awesome. AND IT’S FREAKING MORE THAN AWESOME!! The thick cut of this sirloin was perfectly cooked “medium” resulting a super juicy and tender meat with a perfect savory-sweet veal jus as the highlight. I also admired the smooth and creamy mashed potato and the fresh rocket salad with fresh dressing. It’s all heaven in a plate!

Crostatina Cioccolato
Cocoa tart, dark chocolate cream, caramelized walnut, crispy honey brownies soil, glazed popcorn and vanilla ice cream.

Don’t too focus on how many ingredients used in this dessert. Just focus on how mesmerizing this chocolate tart was. The texture of the tart was incredibly soft and moist as I expect from the outer appearance it might be dry and hard. The taste was also well-balance, sweet cocoa tart with a hint of dark chocolate cream inside without overpowering each other. A perfect closing!

Overall, I had a good experience visiting GIA. I didn’t have any things to complain. The food was actually worth the price and the ambiance. The service was also good, friendly and attentive. You won’t be sorry though you have to spend around IDR600K for two.

GIA Restaurant & Bar
Sampoerna Strategic Square
South Tower, GF Unit 7-8
Jl. Jend. Sudirman Kav. 45-46
Jakarta Selatan 12950
Telp. +62 21 5795 3300

Alcoholic drinks/Wine : Yes
RSVP : Yes
Dress code: Smart Casual
Smoking Area : Yes
Live Entertainment : Yes
Wi-Fi : Yes
Pricing : IDR600,000 for 2 persons

#PanciousNation by Pancious : A Delectable Collaboration Between Food and Passion

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Last week, I attended the early lunch at Pancious Plaza Indonesia to celebrate their launching of #PanciousNation, a collaboration between Pancious and 4 Bloggers from different background. This project was actually created as Pancious' appreciation toward the inspiring bloggers who've been inspiring and giving reference for people and in this chance, Pancious collaborate with them to create some new menus which representing their passion. Those new menus are hoped to be something that can gather people though they have different passion because Pancious believe that food bring people together. 

In this event also, those bloggers shared their experiences when working with the Pancious' team and how they glad to meet each other, someone from different passion but have similarity in enjoying the food. The Pancious' team was also held a small celebration of their charity project #FoodsforBooks in which they're handed in the donation amounting of IDR50mio to Worlds Vision Organization to build a mobile library for children in Halmahera. 

left to right: Hans, Mullie, Olivia, & Pancious' Manager (Marischka was absent that day)

Nuffsaid, here's the bloggers with their collaboration menu:

Hans Danial, The Eater @eatandtreats

Who don't know this guy? The charming and humble person behind the phenomenal food blog As a food blogger, Hans loves to explore any places just to find something trending and unique. He also never hesitate to try any kind food, but he just can't get enough of ice cream. So based on his passion of travel and food, Pancious created these two unique menus:

Black Prawn Pasta

This black pasta is not only unique in its black presentation but also rich in taste. Topped with prawn and slices of chili, this pasta is presented in mid-spicy flavor, so perfect for those who don't like something too spicy.

Mullie Marlina, The Foodie @myfunfoodiary

She's also my favorite food blogger. I adore all of her home-cooking's creation and thank's Mullie to make it very simple to practice on my own kitchen hehehe... So, here's her collaboration with Pancious:

Banana Rum Raisin Charcoal Waffle

Thanks to the trending of black and charcoal today, everything turns out unique in black including this waffle. For me, this menu stands out from the others. Not only she's very pretty in black but also the crunchiness of the dough was sooo addicting! Topped with slices of banana, rum, raisin and vanilla ice cream, this waffle was simply delectably delicious.

Marischka Prudence, The Traveler @marischkaprudence

This travel blogger had been traveling around the world, no wonder Pancious asked her to collaborate with something that she's never had before, food project. So, here's her collaboration with Pancious:

Spicy Beef Vietnamese Burger

This burger is very rich with Western & Asian flavors in its beef, reprsenting Prue's passion in traveling the world. Enjoy this burger with the crunchy potato wedges. Perfect for your brunch or lunch. 

Olivia Lazuardy, The Fashionista @olivialazuardy

I never imagine that I'll meet Olivia before, she's my sister's favorite fashion blogger also her inspiration in running her own fashion blog. Thanks God I finally met Olivia in this event, I could happily tell how humble Olivia is to my sister and how adorable she is even in very simple jumpsuit that day! Inspired by her passion in fashion, here's her collaboration with Pancious:

Snapper & Anchovies Pasta

If you're a spicy lover, thanks Olivia & Pancious for creating this one! It's so spicy for my palate but I couldn't resist the tender meat of the snapper and the crunchy anchovies inside. They're just save me a while hehehe...

Of those four collaboration menus, Pancious also launches another menus. Here they are!

Crispy Bacon & Garlic Pasta, a simple aglio olio pasta with touch of garlic and crispy bacon. Simple but lovely!

Truffle Omelette

I've told you many times on my post that I love anything with truffle, I wish you aware bout that hahaha, and this omelette of course win my heart! The truffle oil simply made this omelette very moist, tasty and oh for the truffle lovers, I bet you know how lovely the flavors of truffle oil is. Completed with rockets salad and fries, the whole plate is just heaven for me. Wishing I could have such a breakfast like this every day in my bed hahaha!

And oh, forgot to mention, Pancious also creates several new drinks collaborating with those 4 bloggers. Since that day I didn't try all of them, so here's a glance of how refreshing those drinks! 

a. Dark Banana Smoothies
b. Orange Banana Smoothies (represent Marischka Prudence)
c. Nutty Choco Frappe (represent Hans Danial)
d. Strawberry Banana Smoothie (represent Olivia Lazuardy)
e. Matcha Frappe (represent Mullie Marlina)

All those #panciousnation menu has already available at all Pancious outlets in Jakarta, Bandung, Surabaya dan Makassar started from 2 November 2015. Price range from IDR43,000 to IDR89,000. Well, I'm so happy for this #panciousnation. Can't wait to go back for their Banana Rum Raisin Charcoal Waffle! Success Pancious and waiting for your another great concepts! 


Jakarta outlet: Grand Indonesia, Plaza Indonesia, Central Park, Mal Taman Anggrek, Mal Kelapa Gading, Plaza Senayan, Emporium Pluit, Summarecon Mal Serpong, Pondok Indah Mall, Colony 6 Kemang and Pacific Place

IG: @panciouspancious
Twitter: @panciouspancake
FB : Pancious

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