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It’s finally here. YES, FINALLY. The World’s best premium cheese tart from Tokyo, Japan, PABLO has finally open their first store in Indonesia and thanks God it’s in Jakarta yeaay! I must admit that this is one of the most-anticipated store in Jakarta where people who ever visiting Japan or not is super curious about this Japan No. 1 Cheese Tart. I’m the one who haven’t visit Japan yet but I’ve already read and hear about this mesmerizing cheese tart which makes me sooooo curious to try it. And thanks God again, I had a chance to taste it before you guys hahaha (no offense hihi). 

Inspired by Pablo Picasso, the legendary artist whose works had revolutionize the art’s world, the owner Masamitsu Sakimoto then naming his baby with Pablo. And boom, that name was definitely revolutionize the food scene in Japan. They even created such a brilliant idea of serving the cheese tart with different serving level like you eat a steak. In Japan, they serving the cheese tart in medium, medium rare and well done. However, to keep the good quality of the cheese tart outside Japan, Pablo decided to standardize the serving outside Japan in medium rare only. I will tell you later about how good the medium rare cheese tart is. 

Talking about the location, Pablo started their first journey outside Japan in Gandaria City Mall. The store is quite big with several seating area and many kitchen’s staff I’ve ever saw. The fun thing was some of them can speak Japanese woow! Good starting, Pablo! All of the staff’s was so humble and friendly. They look so excited in creating such an amazing cheese tart for the customers. 

Well, nuffsaid, now it’s time to talk about the CHEESE TART! Originally, they have 3 kind of cheese tart, Original, Matcha Shiratama and Chocolate. 

Original Cheese Tart

Well, well, I believe that picture will say everything. And if you saw my pictures below, should I describe again how good it is? Hahhaha, kidding, but GOD, it’s seriously GOOD, BEST cheese tart EVER! The pie crust was so crunchy, flaky yet still buttery and the filing cheese custard inside was moist, creamy. and airy with ooey gooey texture which melted lightly in my mouth. The best thing is this cheese custard was also balance in taste. Neither too sweet nor too salty or too cheesy. Everything just balance and melted in my mouth. Oh God, this is super HEAVEN ON EARTH!

Matcha Cheese Tart

Matcha lover please be noted that this cheese tart supposed to be on your list! In this cheese tart, you will find a perfect combination of cheese and matcha without overpowering each other. In first bite, you will find the rich cheese flavor but slowly after it going to your throat you will have a rich sensation of great matcha. And oh, don’t be surprise when you find azuki (red bean) and shiratama (mocha) inside. It’s an additional gift for everyone enjoying this Matcha Cheese Tart. Simply irresistible. 

Chocolate Cheese Tart

This combination of chocolate and cheese custard might sounds mouth-watering. However, I found this one is just not suit to my palate. The chocolate flavor, in my opinion, overpowering the cheese custard flavor. So, instead of cheese tart, I prefer to address this one as chocolate tart not a cheese tart. Well, how about you, guys?!

Pablo Mini

If you’re in hurry but still want to munch Pablo, don’t worry, they also serve Pablo Mini. A perfect cheese tart-to-go. You can go with their mini version in all flavors. However, recently the mini one is only available in original flavor. 

Pablo will also serve a Premium Cheese Tart in limited amount every day. The different between this premiums with the original is on the cheese used. They used two kind of cream cheese which create more luxurious flavor. Too bad on the preview, I haven’t taste it yet. Will update it once I went back to try. 

To company all cheese tart in enjoying this mesmerizing cake, Pablo creates Frute, a smoothie beverages made from combination of fruit juice, cream cheese and soft cream. There are five flavors of Frute, Classic Cheese Tart, Rich Berry Cheese, Rich Mango Cheese, Special Chocolate and Matcha Shiratama. My favorite would be the Classic Cheese Tart and Matcha Shiratama. 

The Classic Cheese Tart Frute
Imagine you drink a light cheese tart with a hint of fresh mango inside. The flavor was so bold. Rich with cheese but neutralized by the flavor of mango. 

Matcha with Shiratama
One of the best matcha drink I've ever had. The matcha flavor was so rich without too bitter nor too light.Everything here is just balance. Perfect for pairing with the Matcha Cheese Tart as well. 

Well, the major questions popped up from my friends or people visiting my instagram are "how is the price?" Now, I reveal to you that the price of the Original Cheese Tart is IDR169,000 while the Matcha and Chocolate Tart is IDR189,000 and the Pablo Mini is IDR35,000 each. Expensive? Well, I might say yes compared to other cheese tart or egg tart which recently famous in Jakarta, but I might say it's not viewing that it's originally from Japan where in that country the popularity of this tart was beyond crazy and the authentic recipe and ingredients which resulting such a well-worth cheese tart ever. Ada harga ada rasa right? Now, it's back to you guys. I believe the popularity of this cheese tart made their fans didn't mind with the price. Something well-worth can't be compared to price tag, right.

So, hurry go get your favorite Pablo Cheese Tart in their first outlet, Gandaria City. Pssst, they second outlet will be opened soon in Neo Soho Mall. I will definitely back for their Original Cheese Tart and Matcha Shiratama Frute. Congratulation Pablo for your grand opening. Wishing you the best luck and success ahead!

Pablo Cheese Tart
Gandaria City Level UG
Jalan Sultan Iskandar Muda
Kebayoran Lama, South Jakarta
IG: @pablo_cheese_tart_indonesia

Kushiya Monogatari: The first 'Do-It-Yourself' Japanese Skewers Style Buffet, Central Park Mal

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After succeeded with their first Indonesian's outlet at the hippest AEON Mal, BSD, Kushiya Monogatari mow opened their first branch at Central Park Mal, Jakarta. If you are a food lover or social media freak, you must be now about this all you can eat restaurant which bring not only buffet style but they introduce the first 'Do-It-Yourself ' style to the society. This Japanese based restaurant offering the unique way to enjoy Japanese's skewers (kushiage style) by frying it in our own way. Every table was provided with deep fryer that has already set into 170 degrees (we're not allowed to change it since it's the correct and best temperature to fry the skewers) with easy cooking manual. I was freakin happy to see the way this restaurant bring their unique concept. This is my first time to try them and so excited when seeing so many selections of skewers they have in house. 

The selection of skewers are ranging from taiyaki, takoyaki, beef and fish, mushrooms, spring roll, chicken, into some vegetables such as pumpkin, potato and sweet potato. Aside the skewers as the main specialty, they also provide buffet of appetizers (salad), main course (chicken kaarage, miso soup) and desserts (chocolate fondue, ice cream, fruits and puddings. Lucky me, since they switch the menu every 3 months, I got a chance to try their new menu this month yaaay!. There are selections of sushi, main course such as Tanindon, Chicken Katsu, Chicken Teriyaki, Omurice and Yakisoba and some new desserts such as waffle and frozen drinks. 

Skewers fiesta!

New menu this month!

Frozen drinks in Grape & Fruit Punch flavors. Refreshing! I love the grape one!

 So, after hunting for the skewers, this is what I do!

#1 - Dip the skewers into the tempura batter
#2 - Dip the skewers into the breadcrumbs (these ingredients are provided in buffet table)
#3 - Fry the skewers into the frying machine and have fun yay! 

Tips from the waiter, for the best result we don't allowed to put more than 5 skewers at once into the deep fryer and do not fry longer than the suggested timing. FYI, each skewers have their frying time suggestion such as 1 - 1,5 minutes for konyaku, king oyster mushrooms, squid, and fish paste cake; 2 minutes for beef, fish, shrimp, chicken, lotus root, taiyaki, and takoyaki and 3 minutes for sweet potato, potato, pumpkin. Special for taiyaki I don't need to dip it into the batter and breadcrumbs. Just fry the way it is.  

My favorites would be the mini TAIYAKI! It's filled with the sweet red bean which turned to be so addicting! Can't stop munching of them! Another favorites was the fish paste cake, the angry bird cake, beef and squid. For the side menu I found the sushi was decent while the others just so so. And oh, to enjoy the skewers we can also choose the sauces, ranging from Yuzu Shoyu, Worcester Sauce, Caesar Dressing, Chili Sauce, Tonkatsu, Thousand Island, etc. My favorites would be the light Yuzu Shoyu and Thousand Island!

Overall, I really enjoy the 'Do-It-Yourself' concept though sometimes I couldn't wait longer for my Taiyaki to be ready hahaha. You can also enjoy this all you can eat buffet with only IDR128,000++ for adults on weekday (duration for 90 minutes) and IDR148,000++ on weekend (duration for 70 minutes), while children below 10 could enjoy the lower price of IDR98,000++. A super worth deal for your snacking time. So, congratulations Kushiya Monogatari for your first branch. Wish you all the best in the future! 

Kushiya Monogatari
Central Park Mal, Lower Ground
Jl. Letjend. S. Parman
Jakarta Barat
IG/Twitter : @KushiyaID

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