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A Lunch Date at Monty's Jakarta, Senopati

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It’s been more than several months my hubby and I didn’t have any quality time together, just the two of us since most of our times were dedicated to our beloved son. So, last week I had an idea to have a date with my hubby and left our child with his grandma hihihi (feeling like we’re still young, but hey we are, and dating with having-a-child-status isn’t something weird, right). 

We’re heading to Senopati area where we decided to have a lunch dating at Monty’s. Been hearing about this restaurant a year ago. One of fancy restaurant around Senopati neighborhood which I heard impressive enough among the Jakarta’s media and foodies. They might be right about Monty’s, once I stepped my feet in its three levels building, I could feel the good vibe starting from the entrance, where they put a sophisticated and charming hanging lamp, the exotic bar, how they set the table with fancy table wares and wine glass, to the genius way to put several living plants in several sides which make this restaurant looks more casual and warm in the sunny day but more elegant and intimate in the night.

And oh I realized why some people thought this is a fine dining restaurant since they change the table during night comes with white table cloth (in the day the black marble tables were left blank) and it maka the ambiance of this restaurant look so exclusive. But actually, they claimed that Monty’s is not a fine dining, more like a semi fine dining but people can come in a casual way as well. Monty’s provide three dining levels. First level for regular dining, second and third are privately set for group booking such as corporate gatherings, arisan or parties. 

Monty’s offers a Scandinavian dining experience with an endless choice of wine and champagne. They even sell champagne in a glass not in a bottle like you usually find in other similar restaurants. Good deal, right. Well, ideally good vibe restaurant supposed to have a good food as well in my thought and Monty’s closer to that type of measurement. Let’s see what I had in Monty’s for our lunch date:

Drinks – Iced Coffee Vanilla Mint and Hot Cappuccino

Nothing much to say, their coffee were simply good and refreshing and oh quite surprise that they serve the hot one in a bigger cup than usual. You will also get a complimentary tasty and soft bread before starting your lunch/dinner.

Whole Chili Roasted Cauliflower – 90K

Feeling surprise when this kind of not-so-familiar veggie served on the table with a whole portion and a knife on the top. Wow, scary brain look-alike haha but don’t worries it’s not as scary as you thought and it’s not even their Halloween’s menu surprise. It’s their regular menu to make people familiar that cauliflower in several regions is now trending. I just remember my mom used to cook this vegetable long ago as a soup, but here they served it differently, roasting the veggie into something crunchy and adding it with chili, parsley pesto, truffle mayo and refreshing pomegranate. A very unique combination of nothing become “something”. I could taste colorful flavor from the original taste of the savory and bitter cauliflower with sweet hint of the pome. Great breakthrough, Chef!

Champagne & Sea Scallop Angel Hair (295K)

Never say no to something with truffle and creamy sauce, moreover, Monty’s poured champagne along the ingredients. It turned to be so so gooood! I really can’t resist this thin and moist angel hair. Simply scrumptious.

On the Bone Lamb Chop (265K)

The most-talked dishes during our lunch. My hubby loves this so much. The tenderness of the lamb can’t be beaten. It shows that the Chef is really concern with the result and opinion of the people who knows that cooking a good lamb chop was something tricky. The classic bernaise sauce was also adding more flavor into the lamb. You can opt another sauce from whisky-bbq sauce, jalapeno chimichurri. Smoky chipotle butter, etc, if you want to.

White Valrhona Chocolate & Banana “Mess” (95K)

Every ending supposed to have a good closing. And Monty’s gave me a surprising good dessert for closing. This White Valrhona Chocolate and Banana “Mess” was simply irresistible. Along with the giant portion and colorful filing of banana, crusts, berry and raspberries, Monty’s also know how to impress their customers. They not only served the dessert, they performed the dessert by dropping the white chocolate sphere from approximately 40cm height. Yes dropping like you drop a big glass bowl and you hear a big “craaaaack” sound and immediately the filing poured out and clutter around the plate. Well, that’s the truly banana “mess” because it’s messy hahahaha. It’s not ending yet, after the cracking performance, the waiter then pouring the toffee sauce. I honestly love their idea, the filing was also very good and not to sweet. Perfect for closing.

In the end, I could claim that this is the best lunch date ever. Everything went well here. From the service, the food, the presentation to the price was worth spending. For all food and beverages, I spent around one million Rupiahs for two. It might be cost a lot for some people, but excellence dining experience can't be paid by anything, right. Well, you have to visit Monty's by yourself to experience what I had and prove that this restaurant was truly a worth-spending one. Psssst, if you having a plan to propose your girlfriend for marriage this place is so perfect especially in the night hahaha. 

FYI, Monty's was also having a seasonal theme every month which for me is a plus. Last October they have an Octoberfest set menu and this upcoming November, exactly starting this 2-5 November 2016, they will bring one of the best Norwegian Chef, Chef Petter Beyer in a special dining event named "Nordic Tapas". Ensure you don't miss this talented Norwegian Seafood Chef of the Year 2010. For more info or reservation simply call them at +62 21 7204848 or visit

Monty's Jakarta
Jalan Raya Senopati No. 84
Kebayoran Baru, South Jakarta 12110
Phone: +62 21 7204848
IG: @montysjkt

Marlo Kitchen by Chef Norman, Bandung

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This weekend I tried another new hangout spot in Bandung, named Marlo Kitchen by Chef Norman. This restaurant owned by the famous magician Abu Marlo in collaborated with the talented chef, Norman. Located at Jalan Tamblong no. 40 Bandung, this restaurant was easy to find out. Before heading to this restaurant, I was googling some info about this talk-of-the town resto recently including how the interior will look like and well they’re indeed quite instagrammable. Even I made a visit at night, some parts of the area still look stunning.

This restaurant is dominated with black and white. However, there are some corners beautified with some girly wallpaper and flowers’ pot. Simple, chic and minimalist. The wall design, meanwhile, enhance the owner’s character as a magician. They put several photos and profile of the magician and colorful magic cards and some black and white pictures on frames as well. 

What impressed me was their furniture;  they used modern-minimalist furniture with some vintage stuffs. You can see at their idea to recycle real airplane seats into something comfy chair for dining. A very out of the box idea! And oh another impressive thing was they’re using soothing aromatherapy (I don’t know what actually the scents, but it smells like jasmine mixed with white lily) in every corners which the scents remain strong in my cloth even after we went out of the restaurant hahaha…

For the menu, they’re serving most of Indonesian and Western cuisine with several unique signature dishes such as Seblak Wagyu Beef, Wagyu Beef  with Sambal Matah and Pizza Cone.

Messy Fries - 30K

Pottao wedges with chili con carne and cream cheese. I ordered this one for my kid but it turned out so good that I couldn’t resist as well haha…the wedges was well-fried accompany with tasty chili con carne, minced beef and creamy cheese.

Pan Fried Dory Pesto with Lemon Sauce -70K

Tender pan fried dory served with potato wedges, mushroom, pesto and lemon sauce. I love the tenderness of the dory mixed with savory and fresh pesto with a tangy yet fresh lemon sauce. This menu would be greater if they’re resizing the serving size.

Spaghetti Mushrooms Carbonara - 40K

Looking for a perfect spaghetti carbonara is very hard for me, but thanks to the Chef Norman, he's creating a very good carbonara sauce that close to my expectation. It's sooo creamy, savoury and sooo cheesy but in balance portion. Even my hubby wo doesn't love something too creamy had a crush on it!

Mountain Lava Cake - 30K

You might find this type of cake is not special because you can find something like this anywhere, but finding a good lava cake is sometimes difficult. A cake that close to everyone's expectation of something ooey-gooey chocolate cake texture with oozing lava chocolate and Marlo Kitchen has it all! The good news is the chocolate wasn't too sweet but it's still addictive. Geez, this mountain lava cake is really TO DIE FOR!   

Honestly, I was a little skeptical about something that only looks good in instagram, this resto could be that good since they’re still be the talked-in-town recently, but thanks God, overall dining experience in this restaurant was very good. Price always still wise and even cheaper than similar types of restaurant in Jakarta. It's ranging from IDR20,000 to 100,000 for food and IDR15,000 to 35,000 for beverages. We even only spent around IDR229,000 after 10% tax and service for the above-mentioned menus and two cups of lemon tea. It's a very good deal right! And oh even my hubby asked me where we can buy that wonderful aromatherapy scents hahaha...Well, if you're looking for cozy place with good food for family dinner, gathering, birthday bash even dating, Marlo Kitchen could be your choice. Pssst...every weekend they also present a live acoustic music performance with a very good and beautiful singer ;-)

Marlo Kitchen
Jl. Tamblong 48-50
Telp. +62812-9341-7777
IG: @marlo_kitchen

Please Please Please, Progo, Bandung

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I’m visiting Bandung quite often every weekend and on that frequency the food scenes in Bandung is getting bigger and bigger. It seems like there’s one new restaurant/cafĂ© opened in one week or maybe more. One of the happening might be the one I visited several weeks ago, Please Please Please. This restaurant located at Jalan Progo No. 32. The restaurant was designed with semi classic-semi modern design.

The restaurant area was divided into three area front, back and upstairs. When I stepped into the front area, I could see more classic look from their furniture into the wall color which dominated with brown and black. At the back side, I could see more vibrant and retro look at the surrounding area. One side of the wall was fully covered with retro posters and at the backyard there are several wooden table which perfect if you want to take a rustic flatlay photograph. So does the upstairs area. Most of the spot was very instagrammable dominated with white and light green colour with eye-catching table set.

Menu here was dominated with western and some Indonesian. From salad, soup, steak, pasta, rice bowl into the happening smoothies bowl. They also serve selections of great coffee and healthy juice. 

Goulash Soup – 40K

Meat soup mixed with vegetables, seasoned with paprika & special spices, served with toast bread and sour cream.

As a starter, this soup was quite good. Served warm with rich of spices flavor that warm my stomach before starting the main course.

Rushmore – 65K
Grilled Rib Eye with Green Salad, French Toast & Poached Egg

Kinda confused with the description of the menu. They shouldn’t aware the different of French toast and rosti hehehe.. Actually what was served on the plate is grilled rib eye with crunchy rosti and poached egg. Nothing special from this menu. The meat was not as tender as I expected. Overall, it’s still okay for my palate.

Spaghetti Carbonara – 40K

Creamy mushroom carbonara served with minced beef, chicken skin and garlic bread. I always love anything creamy and this pasta was suit to my palate.

Maximaxing – 38K

Mixed Watermelon, pineapple and mint leaf. I’m expecting a strong and fresh watermelon flavor in this drink, but unfortunately the pineapple and leaf was dominated the flavor. However, this drink was still refreshing for sunny day in Bandung

Overall, the service and the food here was quite good. Price also still wise, ranging from IDR29K to 95K for food and IDR19K to 38K for coffee and other beverages. 

Please Please Please
Jl. Progo No.37
IG: @pplease
Phone: +62 22 20512715
Opening hours : Mon-Sun 10:00 AM to 22:00PM

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