Now Brewing : Kaffein

Two weeks ago, I invited by to come to coffee tasting in Kaffein, FX Lifestyle X’nter. Kaffein belongs to Panorama Group that has several business activities such as travel (Day Trans), travel agent (Panorama tours), etc. On that occasion, Kaffein introduced us with their Holiday Drink Season to welcome Christmas and New Year’s eve, namely Black Forest Frosty and Black Forest Moccacino. Actually, twoof them aren’t new menu; they already exist in Kaffein common menu. However, they just wanna blew those two variants up due to their mission to remind us how delightful our childhoods are when welcoming New Year with a slice of Black Forest cake.

As I sipped the Black Forest Frosty, I tasted a slice of black forest cake came into my mouth since it contains ingredients of black forest cake such as cocoa, milk, cream, rum syrup, and black forest sauce. The coffee was not too strong because Kaffein used 100% Arabica coffee which is smoother and soft, suitable for woman who doesn’t wanna drink a strong taste of coffee. Meanwhile, I tasted more bitter taste of coffee in Black Forest Moccacino since it has one shot espresso and served hot. However, I was saved by the black forest sauce and whipped cream swirling on the top of which.

The last, Kaffein, introduced us to their other best non-coffee beverages (ice-blended) called Oreo Cheesecake, a combination of milk, drizzle of cheese, and blended oreo. Waw, I might not expected how does it taste at the first time, but for sure it has colourful taste. A combination of sweet, salty, and savoury in a drink. I love it in the first and second sipped, but til I got my third sipped, I felt like I was drinking a glass of baby milk. I dunno I thought the taste was like one of famous brand of baby milk I’ve ever tasted hahaha....

During, chit chat, Kaffein also gave us compliments of Sultana Roll and Cinnamon Roll, a delight cookies to compete our coffee time.

Overall, I enjoyed my time to have a chance in tasting their coffee. I’m not a coffee expert, but sometimes I kinda know the different between one coffee and other. Me, myself, thought that the taste of Kaffein’s coffee is mostly similar. Maybe you should consider giving it more shot of colourful taste (I believe the barista knows) to each of your coffee to make it has a unique and different characteristic.

Coffee lover, spend your chill out time here and feel the warm sensation of their Old Skool variants or a breeze feeling in sipping their rich Frosty variants. You might be won’t missed their non-coffee variants. It will complete your day. For ladies, feel bless to be a lady in a Wednesday, because Kaffein will pamper you with free brownies fudge compliment in every purchase of any Kaffein coffee.

I might be back to taste their non-coffee variants especially the fruity one. Curious. 

How about you, eatersuntildiee. Feel free to share your experience here.


FX Lifestyle X'nter 1st floor
Jl. Pintu Satu Senayan

Mal Taman Anggrek 4th Floor
Jakarta Barat

Panorama Building 1st Floor


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