Nannini, A New House at Plaza Indonesia

Nannini, an upscale restaurant which has been established since 1995 under the famous name Nannini Grill, located at Plaza Senayan, rejuvenates itself into Nannini which have a newly modern, cozy, and warm house at Plaza Indonesia.

Been running as the longest restaurant ever established in Jakarta, Nannini still bring the concept of this resto not only as for a casual meeting place for dining but also for drinking and socializing. I experienced what they serves several weeks ago in a soft opening and bloggers gathering held by Goorme and Nannini.
For the upscale restaurant, located in Plaza Indonesia, I braved to say that Nannini put their interior style that suit with Plaza Indonesia ambience. A modern and stylish bar, with minimalist furniture, and simple decoration that very ideal for socializing. I love how they choose the lamp and the light surrounding the resto area.

That nite was opened by a glass of Beetle Juice (35K) which I didn't have an effort to finish since the fusion of kiwi, mango, marquisa, and orange was too sour for me. Followed by the introductory of Nannini's Executive Chef, Francis Lim and the cocktails demo from Fitrah Bya, Nannini's Operational Manager. He presented us a making of Smokey Rosemary cocktails. 

A minute later, the entree came to my table. It was Nannini Wild Mushroom Soup. A soft velvetly cream soup blended with a medley of Wild Mushrooms and drizzled with Truffle oil. Couldn't agree more that this entree satisfied my tummy. The hint of wild mushrooms consist of one of them Shitake and Champignon fused perfectly with the savory and creamy soup that left a lil bit sweet taste in my tongue.

Unfortunately, Nannini seemed to fail to satisfy my dinner's appetite since we had to wait for about one hour to the main course to be served. The three main course finally arrived at my table that consists of three in one long plate. 

Nannini Salmon. Grilled fresh norwegian salmon served with mesclun salad tossed in balsamic dressing and drizzled with special home made sauce. As the first main course, the salmon for me wasn't like a grill meat. Because the color of the meat was still dark orange not soft orange as a typical salmon grilled. And the taste was average for me. Not too savory and salty, but still good to enjoy.

Nannini StriploinGrilled striploin served with mashed potato and creamy champignon sauce. I've never knew before what is the difference between tenderloin and striploin until Francis Lim explained to me that striploin is a part behind the short loin of the cow (above the tenderloin). However, still, since I'm not a steak expert, I couldn't distinguish both of them hahaha....The striploin grilled in a medium-rare resulted a tender meat that perfect enough to my tongue that never try such kind of meat before.

Nannini Cordon Blue. Tender chicken breast stuffed with smoked beef and cheddar cheese, served with potato fries and red wine gravy. Unfortunately, all the dishes was served not in a fresh-from-the-oven condition. I even tasted that the Cordon Blue's skin wasn't crunchy anymore and but still salty. The cheese inside, which normally served in a melting condition, also looked freeze.

In the middle of waiting for the dessert, Nannini's offered us with two variant of their best cocktails Pinneaple & Cinnamon Roshka (a mix of vodka, pine, lime, mix sugar & cinnamon - 85K) & Sangria (a mix of brandy, mix fruits, and wine - 125K). The two of cocktails refreshing enough for my throat.

Finally, the nite was closed with the Nannini's desserts that they claim as the best Tiramisu in town.

Nannini Tiramisu. Mascarpone mousse covered sponge cake drenched in Kahlua and Bailey. All the ingredients fused perfectly resulted a velvetly and fresh Tiramisu. The alcohols wasn't too strong and it's perfect for me.

FYI, Nannini not only serves international food, they also approach the customer by serving local delicacies such as Tekwan Soup and Spicy aromatic Soto. Try also their casual cocktails and signature tangs that you can't find in other places. The price range for entree is 45 - 70 K. The main course is 65 - 295K. The dessert is 35 - 65K. The beverages 65 - 125K.

Finally, I closed my nite with an applause for their entree and dessert. Surely I lil bit dissapointed with their unprepared condition of the main course. Maybe Nannini should consider to make a good preparation before making an event like this in the future. Thanks Nannini and Goorme for inviting me to this event.

Plaza Indonesia 2nd Floor
Unit L2. No. T 111. A-D
P. (021) 29923650
F. (021) 29923651

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  1. akhir nya tayang juga yaahh.. Nannini nyaa... hehehe

  2. keliatannya enak.. mesti dicoba ni sepertinya


  3. kayanya ga usah dcoba dehh..masih banyaaak resto lain yg lbh hitsss!!!! bleh! Bleh! Bleh!
    *arella ga laku yaaa...??? Jd ganti nama nannini II basi!


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