Italian Week Fair at Scusa

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Who doesn’t love Italian food? Pasta, pizza, you name it, I believe they have been a part of your life. You love or not, I’m sure that for at least once in your life you’d tried it, right.  I’ve tasted many kinds of Italian food in many Italian restaurants from the street to authentic one. I prefer the non-authentic one because it suit to my taste bud, too much tomatoes in most of Italian food recipes sometimes kill me hahaha…However, there are some restaurants who serve best recipes with authentic Italian food but still suit to my taste bud, Scusa Restaurant is on my list. At the previous post, I had dining experience here and last week (how lucky I am) I was invited to taste their authentic Italian food in their Italian Week Fair held week ago from June 1 to 9, 2013 commemorating the Italian Independence Day. Yay, finally !! (since I’ve been curious about their signature Italian dishes).

Italian Week  Fair brought Italian food enthusiasts a selection of exclusive set menu from the well-known region of Italy, i.e. Sicily, Tuscany and Veneziea. Each region will be featured on the set menu along with favorite menu options for the ultimate dining experience. I was happy to try the Sicily set menu. It crafted well for someone who love or start to enjoy the authentic Italian food. The night was opened by two kinds of Primi Piatti, an appetizer that success to raise my taste bud.

Scampi Giganti Salad stole my heart with its fresh shrimp and refreshing Italian herb dressing. I love how the chef fused the orange juice, basic olive oil and prime rosemary into the dressing and mixed with red onion, mesclun vegetables, baby radish,  onion, shrimp and oh the orange  which made them a refreshing appetizer for me! I felt like drinking an orange juice instead of salad haha. Love it!

Insalata Vegetariana was also raises my curiousness since I found crispy parmesan covered the rocket leaves, olives, cherry tomatoes and green beans.  It sooo crunchy, lil bit bitter but when I started munching it, it gave me rich of cheese taste! Me likey! However, the salty anchovies somehow against my first crush with this dish. It’s too salty for me.

The appetizer succeeds to open my night and the Zuppa Polpetta simply completed it. The homemade meat ball made from minced tenderloin with fat wagyu. The juicy texture of which paired perfectly with the aqueous soup. I simply love the soup since it’s not too rich of tomatoes hehehe….

Now it’s time for Main Course! Give applause for Scottato Branzino. This seared sea bass has a juicy and tender texture without any fishy smell at all. Completed with crunchy green asparagus and a not-too-salty anchovy-dressing, this main course simply gave me a true Italian taste. Oh this dish also served with stuffed calamari infused minced shrimp and placed on the red green bell. How lovely this dish!

Unfortunately, the second Beef Involtini didn’t catch my appetite. The beef might be well crafted since it’s made from refined beef, raisins, garlic, pine nut, and poured with mushroom sauce made from Portobello and champignon; however, the texture wasn’t as juicy as it looks. This dish served with pumpkin tortellini and stuffed eggplant.

When it comes to dessert, who can say no?! And I said yes to Pistachio Tart, a beautiful crafted small cake with soft and crunchy texture and filled with the pistachio, almond and ricotta cheese. All those filling and the chocolate custard on the top were assorted perfectly and gave me a super scrumptious pistachio taste. I started to want more, but I just get one *ups hahaha!

I’m a cake lover of course I always want something more, and when the Sicilian Cassata offered by my friend, of course I couldn’t say no haha! This is actually Neapolitan ice cream with candied fruit and nuts. It comes layer by layer, cake covered ice cream, covered cake, and so on and the raspberry flavor simply made me also love this cake!

The dinner session was also completed by these two refreshing drinks, Fruit Punch (65K), with a super refreshing fusion of orange, guava, pineapple, mango and grenadine syrup. It's so refreshing! And the Lychee Martini (110K) which always succeed to make me sleep well after arriving home haha!

Oh God, I was speechless and just rubbing my tummy after that. I had another great night in tasting such authentic food. Unfortunately, this event held very short, for you who haven’t get a chance to visit Scusa, you might be won’t missing this event next year. For IDR399.000 ++, I’m sure you’ll get an authentic dining experience. Thanks Scusa for having me and fellow food bloggers that night. Always feel bless to have Scusa’s staff who treated us like a family.


Icha Khairisa, craving for Pistacchio Tart more.  

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