[HOTEL REVIEW] Mother's Day Brunch & Staycation at Intercontinental Jakarta Midplaza

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As a working mommy, sometimes I had difficulties in spending time with my baby. I only rely on the weekend to devote my attention to the baby. So, when I got a chance to have staycation in Intercontinental Jakarta Midplaza Hotel, I immediately say YES! This was my second staycation with Intercontinental Jakarta, back then I was with my hubby and now since the staycation was in commemorating the upcoming World’s Mother Day on May 10, 2015, I asked my mom and of course my baby to stay, yippie!

We arrived around 2 PM on April 18, 2015. Thanks to the hotel who provide late check in since I had to working at the office til 11 AM and prepared everything especially my baby things (I just realized that having a baby means you need more luggage to bring even it’s just one night stay hahaha). After checking in, we proceeded to residence number 1017 on 10th floor. It was the same room I spent with my hubby, deluxe room with one comfy king size bed, work desk, cable TV, mini bar, closets with ironing board and bathroom with spacey bathtub. Anyway, since this is the first time I have time to capture my baby with my beloved Canon 600D, so pardon me if all of the photos here contain my cute baby, but I guarantee you gonna love him hahaha...

I found some differences in this room, especially the bath amenities used. I remembered they used their personal bath amenities with Intercontinental brand written on, but now they assign a brand named Agraria from San Francisco. I love their lemon varieties, really pampered my body while bathing. 

Schedule for the day 1 was only casual dinner. So, after breastfeeding my baby, I went for dinner at Jimbaran Outdoor Lounge. If you aware abot my blog post back then, I wrote about the opening of one of the highly anticipated outdoor lounge in Jakarta, if you missed it, check it here. I always love to back here, even tough tonight the weather was so hot, but Jimbaran still give me a comfort place to chit chat with new friends. I met several journalists and bloggers who also had they staycation here. Gossiping anything from the recent Asian-African Conference to Agnes Monica and a 'man' behind her international debut. It's always entertaining when chatting with media fellas hahaha!

Btw, this time I tried their Jimbaran Burger and Seafood Tacos and unexpectedly it was super dayum! The portion might be tiny but the beef patty and the crunchy potato wedges was fulfilling my appetite. Look at its melting mozarella. Mouth-watering! 

Day 2

On the Day 2, I was super excited to entice my baby to the swimming pool and captured every single cute expression of him hihihi...Fortunately, the swimming pool was not too crowded that morning, so I could freely take picture of him everywhere. 

Here, some of my baby's expressions. He was super cute when I asked him for sunbathing!

After swimming and sunbathing, we prepared for check out and went to main event of today's staycation, Mother's Day Brunch at RASA Restaurant. The event actually an annual event to celebrate international Mother's Day on May 10th, 2015. RASA prepares extensive buffet of superb food from fresh seafood, salad to selections of world's cuisine such as Indonesian corner, Indian corner and Japanese corner and of course super mouthwatering dessert & fruit corner...oh Goood, I couldn't get enough macaroons and cakes!

Well, nufsaid, here's sneek peek of my superb brunch at RASA. Get ready to droll! 

Japanese corner

Dessert & fruit corner

Fresh seafood corner

 Salad Corner

Special for this Mother's Day celebration, RASA also provides a Kid's Corner with colorful selections of cakes and cuupcakes also kids playing area outside the restaurant.

Well, I have a great experience staying a night here. Super duper love the hospitality given by the Intercontinental Jakarta's team especially Mba Galuh Tathya as Intercon's Social Media Manager. There are enough time before 10th of May if you have a plan to give something for your beloved Mother/beloved woman in life at Mother's day. Book the table at RASA restaurant for only IDR525.000++ per person. FYI, there will also be a fun photo booth to document this happy occasion along with a token gift for every mum. A team of therapists from SPA InterContinental will be standing by to perform nurturing 30 minute sessions of reflexology and add a touch of indulgence to this extra special brunch. 

Booking through InterContinental website to save 20% off to http://jakarta.intercontinental.com. For information or reservations, call to (021) 251 0888 or e-mail to rasa@icmidplaza.com

Thank you so much InterContinental Jakarta for having me and my beloved mother and baby. You will always be the best hotel to stay for me. And countless thanks for my beloved mother who always willing to look after me and your grandchild. I love you so much, Mama! 

For all Mother out there, Happy Mother's Day!

RASA Restaurant
Intercontinental MidPlaza Jakarta
Jl. Jend, Sudirman Kav. 10-11
Jakarta 10220
Telp. +62-21 2510888

Scusa: Exclusive Chef Table Set Menu by Chef Gianluca Visciglia

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It was always a pleasant day when I got a chance to revisit Intercontinental Jakarta Midplaza Hotel. Several night ago, I came for welcoming the new executive chef of Scusa, one of Intercontinental Jakarta’s best restaurant. This Italian restaurant appoints Chef Gianluca Visciglia who spent many years of his life through the culinary hierarchy and worked primarily in Italian restaurants. Before heading back to Jakarta, he was responsible for the kitchen and staff of Shangri-la Barr Al Jissah Resort & Spa in Oman, Shangri-la Mactan Resort & Spa in Cebu and Shangri-la Boracay Resort & Spa.

Now, at Intercontinental Jakarta, Chef Gianluca has taken charge of culinary sevice for all restaurant outlets. He is focusing on revitalizing menus with a distinct emphasis on using fresh and seasonal ingredients.

Well, nufsaid, let’s see how Chef Gianluca revitalize the menu at Scusa.

As usual, before starting the dinner, Scusa presented the signature walnut bread, but now in a different shape. It always be my favourite here! After that Chef Gianluca provided us with a complimentary cheese & salad.

Antipasto misto di pesce

Then, come the super unique appetizer, Mix seafood appetizers platter served in white plate with four holes to place the four appetizers which consist of fish carpaccio with rosemary, octopus terrine with citrus, tuna tartare with fennel sauce and seared scallops with orange-mustard sauce. Wanna know which one the all participants’ favourite? THE SCALLOPS! It came in a jelly-like texture with a fresh flavour of orange-mustard sauce. Really want to chewy more!

Cappuccino di castagne con praline di foie gras in crosta di pistacchi e croissant tiepido

Well, kinda amazed with this following appetizer, since Chef Gianluca made it – again – in a unique way. It’s chestnuts cappuccino pistachio crusted foie gras praline and warm croissant. The foie gras was presented with a lollipop stick, so yeah its look like a lollipop. Know how to eat it? Just dip the lolli-gras to the chestnuts cappuccino. Since I’m not into the foie gras, I just touch it a lil bit. I love the chestnuts cappuccino more by dipping the warm croissant on. 

Spaghetti al granchio con pomdorini e basilico

Italian cuisine is never separated from the pasta, but hey the genius Chef Gianluca was not playing with something usual. Look at the picture below.

At first I thought it’s a real crab, but when I looked it closer, it’s spaghetti tossed with crab. Oh God, uber genius idea! Well, of course you don’t need to crack the crab, Chef Gianluca only use the crab’s shell as a garnish. The crab’s meat was already chopped and mixed with the pasta. The spaghetti was cooked al dente with crab’s flavour dominated the whole spaghetti. Simply love it.

Filetto di vitello in crosta di porcini co pure di patate e mele, carote saltate alla viniglia ed una salsa al tartufo nero 

I could say that this following main course is the star of tonight’s dinner.  It’s porcini mushroom crusted veal tenderloin apple and potato mashed, black truffle sauce and sautéed vanilla carrots. The meat was super juicy and tender with pampering creamy-flavour from the black truffle sauce and vanilla carrots. Suppa duppa love it! 

Panna cotta al Caffe e Amaretto con Composta di Amarene 

Praise God, I still have a room for dessert haha...Chef Gianluca presented epsresso panna cotta flavored with amaretto liquor, amarena cherry compote for the dessert. It's unique since in the top of the glass he puts caramel glazing, the unique thing is you need to hard crack it to find the panna cotta inside hihihi...the panna cotta itself is super soft yet not too creamy. Everything is just balance. Huah perfect closing! 

One word I could say for tonight's dinner is IMPRESSED! I give a standing applause for Chef Gianluca's creation. For me he success to revitalize Scusa's menu with more unique ideas. With his experiences, I believe not only Scusa will escalate, but the other's Intercontinental Jakarta restaurants under him will escalate to the next level. Success for you, Chef! 

Scusa Restaurant
Intercontinental Jakarta Midplaza
Jl. Jend Sudirman Kav. 10-11
Jakarta 10220
Ph. +62-21 2510888 
twitter: @interconjakarta
instagram: @intercontinentaljakarta

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