[PRODUCT TESTING] Lasagna Dapoer Ayah

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Being a fans of Italian food make me always craving for some Italian snacks to go. However, sometimes it hard to find a resto with good choice of Italian food and have delivery service. Thanks God, someone creates Instagram where now people could find all the things they want in just typing a 'hashtag'. It always help me to find best food seller which now more trending than dress seller ;-) 

I love Italian pasta, and lasagna is one of my favorite. Having it several times at my favorite Italian resto but unfortunately couldn't take it home anytime. Now, thanks Instagram I found an account named @dapoer_ayah which provide homemade beef lasagna which thanks God, the taste is similar with my favorite, even better and could arrive safely anytime to my office! Lasagna @dapoer_ayah is a homemade business started by two married couple who in love in cooking, and do you know who's the Chef? it's the husband! Wow, how lucky the wife to have a master Chef in her family hihihi...

Started recently in April 2015, this newborn food business offers a scrumptious homemade beef lasagna and kids bento. Special for the beef lasagna, they used homemade tomato sauce which for me the taste is balance, rich and not as plain as the authentic tomato paste I tasted in several authentic Italian pasta. It just perfect for my taste bud. The texture is also dense and meaty and the best part is when you re-heated it, the cheese is melted in your mouth..God, it's heaven! I even feel two is not enough hahaha...

FYI, they're preservative-free but the lasagna can last for 3 to 4 days at the refrigrator and it's save to send out of the town. So, for you who out of Jakarta, don't worry to order them now! You can order their lasagna via whatsapp, BB or line. They have several size from extra small, small-personal to small-medium and you can also request your custom size too.

Thank you @dapoer_ayah for the delicious lasagna. Will get you back especially for your new flavor, Mushroom Beef Bolognaise. Success and keep make people craving! 

Lasagna Dapoer Ayah
IG : @dapoer_ayah
Order via whatsapp 08121180033
Line : dapoer_ayah
BB Pim : 76260569
Price range : IDR15.000 - 47.000 (depends on the size)

[HOTEL REVIEW] Blogger Familiarization Trip at Ara Hotel Gading Serpong

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April and May became my great months since it full with blessings and such unexpectable experiences. Those two months was also became my best months in spending quality time with my baby. Now first, let me thanked Ara Hotel Gading Serpong for sponsoring the trip that made my May was great. I was honoured! Special thanks to Tiffany Siantono for inviting me to "Blogger Familiarization Trip" and allowing me to bring my mom, little sister and my baby along to this trip, yay! 

Actually, Ara's team provided us with transportation from Senayan City to the hotel, but since I'd to attend my best friend's wedding, I went by myself there after the wedding. Arrived at 01.00 PM (the traffic at Gading Serpong in the weekend was terrible!), I immediately checked in and catched up with other blogger friends. It was so unexpected that I finally meet again (after a one year I think) with several well-known bloggers Yenny, Soya & his friend Dedi, Aline and Sharon. It was surprising that we had a little reunion since a year ago, in the same month, when I was in 4 month pregnancy Yenny, Soya, Dedy and I joined in Hilton Bandung Media Trip and now I've carried the real baby hahaha....

The meeting was set up in Yugo Restaurant, an all time buffet restaurant in this hotel. While we enjoyed the lunch, Ara's team introduced themselves and sharing information about the hotel. Ara Hotel Gading Serpong is one of the brand collection of Parador Hotels & Resort Group. This group has several well-known hotels from 5 star to 3 star hotels, and Ara is their best 3 star hotel. Located at the Paramount Skyline Complex which very close to Gading Serpong Central Business District, this hotel become the star since they have biggest rooms and semi-olympic swimming pool with mini water park compared to similar hotels. No wonder in this weekend, all the 136 rooms were fully booked! The hotel is also completed with 6 meeting rooms and 1 spa named Famous Spa. 

*above bedroom photo courtesy of Ara hotel

What's so impressive about this hotel is their style, the black and white line as their signature colors made this hotel looking chic, youthful and vibrant! As I stepped back again at my superior room, I realized that they are big indeed. The superior room consist of twin comfy bed with signature Ara's blanket cover in black-white, one large LED TV, safety deposit box, super wide writing desk and coffee table with wide mirror, minibar, indoor bathroom and some basic amenities. What I love the most about this room was their colorful coffee and tea packaging. It just too cute to be just coffee and tea packs. Super photogenic properties for instagram photo hahaha! 

After having some rest, Ara's team invited us to join the Sushi Making Class. It was Chef Jaelani who taught us how to make a sushi. Twas a super fun class since this was my first attempt and it's not too bad haha!  Here's some sushi creations from the bloggers.

For the dinner, Ara invited us to try their best restaurant, Yugo. This is a Japanese fusion restaurant which serving breakfast, lunch and dinner. At the weekend they also have BBQ party with several choices of fresh seafood to grill. 

Yugo's buffet

Yugo's BBQ table

The table was set for all bloggers and we're ready to taste Yugo's best menu. So here they are:

Opening drink, I forgot what's the name but this healthy one was the mix of cabbage, pinneaple, gyuri and lemon squash which surprisingly so refreshing. 

Chawan Mushi (20K++)

Loving this simple Chawan Mushi with soft egg custard and tasteful broth.

Roll Combination Platter (60K++) & Sashimi (95K++)

Sushi combination. raw and fried. All of them was just perfect for me. Less than 5 minutes to bite it hahaha! Aand the sashimi from salmon, maguro to crab stick were fresh and okay you know what I'm going to say next...I can't resist if it's sashimi!!

Ramen Noodle Soup (55K++)

I love ramen when it comes with good broth, and thanks Yugo for serving this warm and savoury ramen's broth. The noodle was also thinner than usual ramen. This just good for my palate. 

Grilled Salmon Teriyaki Sauce (145K++), Beef Yakiniku (85K++), & Mix Tempura (65K++)

All in this platter was just a sampler, the real portion is bigger that this one. I love all of them especially the grilled salmon. The salty-sweet sauce just make the well-done salmon perfect. The tempura was also less oily. Crunchy and simply delicious. 

Fried Japanese Green Tea Ice Cream (40K)

On the next day, we had a free time to do anything and the first thing I wanted, of course, swimming! What I'm looking for from the hotel besides their rooms is the swimming pool. Since I'm an avid swimmer I always spend my time to swim when staying in any hotels and the size of the pool sometimes become my consideration. I wish more hotels provide wider swimming pool. How surprising when I was looking at Ara's swimming pool, it's huge, yes it's semi-olympic swimming pool! I was super happy, so was my little sister and my baby since not only semi-olympic pool, they also have water park area. Aaaaaakh couldn't agree more, Ara's is the best 3 star hotel ever visited for me! 

my superb breakfast at Yugo

After swimming I continued to my favorite hobby recently, capturing my baby (now with my little sister also)! Yay he was soooo happy to swim in the waterpark area (check my video below) and roll over the bed. Super super thanks to Ara's hotel for this ;-) Here some of my baby and little sister's action hahaha...

I had super great staycation here. The hospitality of Ara's hotel was priceless. As the 3 star hotel, for me Ara's is the best ever. If they could consistently keeping their good service, I believe people will always looking for Ara hotel. So, what else....mmmm let me just give you some reasons why Ara Hotel could be your consideration to stay:

When you are around Gading Serpong and looking for chic, young urban and stylish hotel with great facilities, check Ara;
When your friends or colleagues need place to transit before their flight (Ara is close to Bandara International Soekarno Hatta, check Ara;
When your father and his partners need spacey meeting room for his office matters or your mother need comfy space for mother's gathering, check Ara;
When all you readers are near Gading Serpong area and need comfortable and affordable hotel to stay with semi-olympic swimming pool, don't think twice, check Ara soon ;-)

Thank you so much  Ara Hotel Gading Serpong and it's team especially Mbak Pramita, Mbak Tiffany and Mbak Dona for hosting me and my family. I will go back for sure for their semi-olympic swimming pool! 

Til the next splashes moment!

Ara Hotel Gading Serpong 
Paramount Skyline Complex
Jl. CBD Barat Lot #1
Gading Serpong, Tangerang, Banten
Ph. +6221-29205999
IG  : @arahotelserpong
G+ : +Ara Hotel Gading Serpong 

Chicken Wing & Beer House at Holywings

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Kelapa Gading is one of the never-sleep culinary hub in North Jakarta. As if every second of his breath, born a new joint both restaurants, caffes or anything else. As a person who live very close to this area, I’ve been watching the growing up of this area since I was a kid. Oh God, this area is like never getting old. But sometimes, not getting old doesn’t mean everything okay, I sometimes got bored with the choice of the restaurants or caffes here. I kinda longing for something unusual, new or a breakthrough, maybe. 

Thanks God, several weeks ago, a new joint enlightened Kelapa Gading. It’s Holywings, a wing and beer house. No no no, don’t you think this is similar with the wings restaurants that booming rite now, this is different! Jansen Karyadi, the man behind the successful nitrogen gelato, Elicxir, was the one who also incharge in this restaurant. With his F&B Background, he creates this one stop entertainment hub where people can get drinks while eating fantastic snacks. Why I brave to say that their snack is fantastic, coz Jansen creates great chicken wings and skewer with authentic spices of Batak, one of rich tribe in North Sumatra province. He use Toba's Batak Family spices such as andaliman (Batak pepper), rias (a typical of galangal but more strong in flavour), and other specialty Batak spices. 

So, let's take a look what Holywings offered us. They have 3 types of Chicken Wings (all ready served for 6, 12 & 24 pcs per bucket: Spicy Korean Chicken Wings, Chinese Spice Chicken Wings and Grandpa's Chicken Wings. They also have 45wings dipped: Thailand, Wasabi Mayo, BBQ, Curry and Kecap Sambal sauces. 

Spicy Korean Chicken Wings (63K, 12pcs + 1 dips)

this wings appear to be 'hot' with its shocking red color and so does the taste. It's not only hot but for me it's burnt my tongue! I could find rich spices here though it's so hot but my tastebud received it well

Chinese Spice Chicken Wings

This wings is HOLY BOMB!...apart from their crunchy skin, they have super colorful taste. Here I can taste the Batak spices higher. Perfect balance of andaliman, rias and many other spices which made it hot and mouth-watering. MUST TRY!

XXL Taiwan Crispy Chicken (35K)

Simply remembering me of the famous Taiwanese crispy chicken in Jakarta, yeah I know you named it, this one slightly the same but richer in spices for me.

Chicken Katsu Curry Rice Bowl (38.5K)

Holywings also provide a full meal. They have choices of rice bowl to try. My favourite is Chicken Katsu Curry Rice Bowl, a big bowl of rice topped with crispy chicken with curry sauce. The chickem was so crispy and tender while the sauce was lil bit spicy but it was fine for my taste bud. 

Holy Skewers (Price ranging from 3K - 15K)

Holywings also provide variety of skewers as another light snacks. Choice of chicken leg, chicken breast, beef tenderloin, chicken skin, pork skin, could be the best companion for your cocktails or beer. My favourite was chicken skin, it was a super crunchy chicken skin with touch of sweet soy sauce glazed which make it soooo addictive! 

To company your meal, Holywings also have variants of beverages ranging from their signature Holy Coktails, Holy Shot, Virgin Cocktails to choices of international beers. My favorite virgin cocktails were Berry Of My Eye, sweet cranberry juice with strawberry syrup and chilled tea and Passion Fever, apple juice with passion fruit and lemonade (37K). 

They also provide Holy Jugs for sharing. This time I tried Purple Hermit Banquet, fusion of vodka, orange slices, cranberry juice mix with lavender and lime. It was super refreshing drinks to company my sunny day. Love this much!

Overall, I love to spend my weekend here. It was a great beer house with good choices of light snacks and meals. Unfortunately, Holywings still doesn't have smoking area so when you came on weekend and it's packed, get ready to smell the smoke. Maybe Holywings could separate the area into two, downstairs for smoking and upstairs for non smoking. I believe when your house is clean people will stay longer and crave more for your wings. And I will go back for sure for your Chicken Skin skewers!

Success for you, Holywings! 


Ruko Boulevard Kelapa Gading Utara
Blok QA5 No. 8-9
Kelapa Gading, Jakarta Utara
(next to Lemon cakery, or two blocks before Bakmi Bintang Gading)
Opening hours: 04.00PM til late

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