Sumptuous Breakfasting Buffet at Bengawan Restaurant, Keraton at The Plaza Hotel

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Last week I was invited by Keraton at the Plaza to break my fasting at their signature buffet restaurant, Bengawan. This was my very first experience to visit Keraton at the Plaza after hearing the buzzing about this luxury hotel at the prestigious office tower, The Plaza, Thamrin. It is indeed a private and luxury hotel, ever since I stepped my feet on their private access (the door can only be accessed from Plaza Indonesia), I could feel an intimate and warm ambience there. The whole design of the hotel is so rich with Indonesian culture especially Javanese luxury with modern interpretation. Well, that's my short insight about this hotel since I'm not gonna tell you more about them coz I'm here for their restaurant *unless someday I could try their luxury rooms hihihi...

Keraton at The Plaza locating their signature restaurant at the 7th floor with spectacular views of Jakarta. They have two dining areas, indoor and outdoor both offers a modern contemporary and elegant decor. In the night, the ambience is warmer with a dim light and calming backsound. The signature cuisine offered here is Mexican cuisine with delectable array of starters such as soup and salad, main course such as grilled Quesadilla, Tacos, Burritos, to the sumptuous desserts. However, in this holy Ramadhan, they also provides an array of Middle-Eastern and Indonesian cuisine also. 

Here's some sneek peek of my dinner at Bengawan that night. Enjoy! 

*Sandwich at appetizer section

*Turkey salad, their turkey was sooo juicy and tender. super love it!

*Beef salad
*Appetizer section, Bengawan has more than 5 variations of salad and canapes

*Indonesian section, they have choices of bakmi and main course such as Beef Curry, Chicken Rica-rica, etc. Oh they also have Indonesian fritters such as Bakwan, Tempe Mendoan and other 'gorengan' which very familiar for Indonesian as a snack for break fast, 

*Middle-Eastern sections, find their best Beef Shawarma and delightful Chicken Tagine for your dinner. Superb! 

*Desserts section, from eclairs, fruit pie, banana pie, pudding to various Middle-Eastern desserts such as baklava and um-ali, everything just delicious. Perfect the sweet tooth person! 

*Clockwise: Beef Shawarma, chicken samosa, tempe mendoan, and falafel

Beef Quesadillas & Nachos

*Bakmi, I tried their bakmi with meatball, vegetables, sausage and chicken. I love the broth, it was super fresh and tasty!

Well, it was a nice experience to dine in here. Delectable array of various cuisines could be perfect for you who are looking for a fine place to break your fast or to just have a dinner this month. For only IDR350K++ per person including hot beverages and ta'jil, I believe the price is nothing with the worthy food quality you'll get. 

So, thank you Keraton at The Plaza for your kind hospitality. Looking forward for my next visit to try your best Dates Juice again, I wish it's available outside the Ramadhan promo too ;-) ...

Bengawan Restaurant
Keraton at The Plaza
Jl. M.H. Thamrin, Jakarta Pusat
Twitter & IG : @KeratonJakarta
RSVP for Bengawan : email to
Ph. +62-21-50302993

Anniversary & Launching of Pizza Express New Menu

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Celebrating the 9th Anniversary, Pizza Express Indonesia, formerly known as Pizza Marzano, launches an Anniversary Menu in their Chef's Table event last week. I was hounoured to be part of the celebration in which I met personally with the Executive Chef and had a chance to know the magic of their pizza's creation.

As usual, before starting the event, we are served a plate of Pizza Express Dough Ball which always be my favorite appetizer. The chewy yet soft texture made it perfect as a drink companion. 

Then, the night was opened with some speeches from Ruth Viona, as Pizza Express Marketing Manager then the humble Executive Chef, Chef Endang. The Chef demonstrated and taught us how to make a great and perfect pizza. After that, we were allowed to make our own pizza yay! It's a competition actually, so my hubby and I competed each other to be the best hahaha...but in the end, among all the participants, my hubby became the first winner...ooh nooo!!! why he's better in styling pizza than me *LOL 

Then, it's time for food party! We're all introduced with the Anniversary Menu which actually a relaunch of three classic recipe from the year 1965 (the establishment of Pizza Express), called Romana 65s. Carrying a theme of "A Fresh Take on Old Favourites", this world-wide franchise pizza restaurant made the old-classic pizza with a fresh new twist. So, please welcome the Romana 65s! 

The American Hottest

You know what's make this 'HOT'? It's actually made and topped with 3 types of chillis including hot green and roquito peppers, fresh red chilli, and chilli oil. To make it rich they added pepperoni, spicy hot soft 'nduja sausage, tomato and buffalo mozzarella, torn of buffalo mozzarella on top and fresh parsley. That BOMB was actually HOT! Gosh, beware of the hot green peppers, I accidentally bite it and it's really burnt my tongue hahaha! Great for spicy lover (unfortunately, I'm not )

La Regina

Smock ham hock, chestnut mushroom, buffalo mozzarella, garlic oil and blackpepper on a bechamel base, finished with freshly chopped parsley, black olives and black truffle oil. The BOMB of this menu was the black truffle oil! Couldn't imagine that the truffle oil was perfectly blended with a pizza and created a fresh sensation in every bite. Even though it makes the pizza a lil bit 'wet' but the whole pizza was still crunchy. Super super love it! 

Lasagna Classica (77K)

This one is also an old-classic recipe, a pasta with bolognese sauce, tomatoes, bechamel sauce and grana padano cheese. Always love a classic lasagna, the texture was soft and dense, and the best thing was the sauces was balance. 

There's also a dessert named, Honeycomb Cream Slice, a chocolate & honeycomb pieces, layer of salted caramel and crunchy biscuit. Unfortunately, that night I didn't try this cake, but from the ingredients, I thought this one sounds tempting. 

*photo courtesy of PizzaExpress

Besides those anniversary menu, we also tried several favorite menus here. here they come! 

Funghi Di Bosco (75K), a simple pizza with portobello mushrooms, mozzarella, and garlic oil

American Hot (100K), pizza topped with pepperoni, mozzarella, tomatoes and jalapeno peppers. Thank's God the spicyness was still light for my palate. 

Calabrese (115K), a pizza not always in a round shape, this one is come in square! This pizza topped with spicy calabrese sausage, hot and soft nduja sausage, green chilies, jalapeno peppers, red & yellow peppers, bocconcini (fresh baby mozzarella), rocket, pesto, oregano and grana-padano cheese. How's the taste? Thank's GOD it's not as spicy as the hottest. Simply love it!

Bruschetta Arabiata Con Pollo (52K), this simple yet tasty garlic bread topped with chicken, arabiata sauce, mixed peppers, rocket leaves, and grana padano cheese.

Spaghetti Pollo e Funghi (77K), pasta with chicken, mushrooms, garlic, oil, crushed chili, tomato cherry, pesto genovase and basil. 

Baked Muhrooms with Gorgonzola (80K), this portobello mushrooms simply dayum with chewy texture and tasty goregonzola sauce. 

FYI, during the anniversary (Juni to July), they have a special promotion for minimum transaction of IDR400K, you'll get an exclusive Pizza Express Tumbler (see my picture below, isn't it a cute tumbler).

Aaaaand don't forget also to join their anniversary instagram contest and win 2 Galaxy Tab A. Details in the picture below. 

This year Chef's Table at Pizza Express was as fun as the previous event two years ago. I had a great great night and experience. Thank you so much Pizza Express for your kindness to hosting my hubby and I. Happy Anniversary!

Pizza Express Senayan City
Ground Floor inside Debenhams
Next to Starbucks
Jl. Asia Afrika, Jakarta Selatan
IG : @PizzaExpressIDN
Twitter: @PizzaMarzanoID

Ramadhan Culinary Journey at Sailendra Restaurant, JW Marriott Hotel Jakarta

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Been hearing for so long about this top Jakarta buffet restaurant at the 5-star luxury hotel in Jakarta, JW Marriott, finally I had a chance to dine in here last night. I was honoured to be part of Sailendra's Ramadhan Gathering which present preview menu of their Ramadhan package. Along with several food bloggers, I came here around 6PM and had a chance to walk around the restaurant first before the dinner started. It is actually a super wide and luxury buffet restaurant with more than hundreds set table, open kitchen and live cooking stations. They're serving cuisine from all around Asia, western specialties and sumptuous desserts. Oh, they're also have a walk-in wine cellar with several world's finest wines collection. 

During the upcoming holy month of Ramadhan, Sailendra invites their customer to take  a tour on a special breakfasting culinary journey to enjoy four different delicious dishes every week from Morocco, Turkey, Lebanon and Pakistan. This mouth-watering offers, made me feel like I was in those Middle East countries hihihi...

Starting from the first week of Ramadhan (June 17 - 25), Sailendra will bring us to enjoy Morocco cuisine. Several best dishes have been prepared to boost the the fusion of traditional spices and distinctive spices aroma of Morocco. Here's some of Morocco's best cuisine:

Spiced Lamb Shanks with Preserve Lemon and Prunes

I believe you know that lamb is one of tricky food to cook. When it's not cooked in a right way, you know what will happen, that bad smell ouch! But gosh, I gotta tell you that Sailendra's lamb shanks was DA BOMB! The meat was so juicy and tender, no bad smell at all, with the refreshing fragrant of lemon and prunes which made it rich in flavour. NO complaint!

Moroccan Meatballs with Tomato

Another Mediterranean style, this dish highlight the tomato paste without overpowering it. The meatballs was actually unique, made from a mix of mince beef and breadcrumbs. So, it's not like a typical 'bakso' in Indonesia, it is more dense but still juicy to chew. 

Couscous with Chicken, Lemon and Raisin

"Couscous is a traditional Berber dish of semolina (granules of durum wheat) which is cooked by steaming." I never tasted couscous before, I just ever watched it was presented in one of TV Show in Asian Food Channel. I thought it was made from a rice, but it is durum wheat actually. The texture is more gritty like sands but still light and fluffy to consume. This dish is served with chicken and raisin with balance lemon flavor.

Chicken Tagine with Olive and Lemon

Thanks God, Mediterranean style in Moroccan dishes is not always plain with tomato paste. I found this slow-cooked chicken tagine was suit for my palate. The broth reminded me of 'Soto Ayam Bening' in Indonesia. Rich in turmeric, cumin and little bit ginger. Really refresh my throat, supeeeer love this one!!

The culinary tour is continued to Turkey. During the second week of Ramadhan (26 June - 2 July) we will enjoy Turkish cuisine such as these Arabic Mezzah. 

"Mezzah or Mezze is selection of small dishes served as appetizers before the main course or usually in the Near East or the Balkans to accompany alcoholic drinks."

                                    *clockwise : Feta Cheese, Fatoush, Babaganoush, Tabuleh, Hummus

In Sailendra, they're serving some of Arabic Mezzah such as Hummus, Babaganush, Fatoush, Tabuleh, Zabneh Feta (Feta Cheese, my fav!), Mutabe, Imam Bayildi which most of all can be served/eat with pita bread. Again I have no idea how to serve and eat this kind of dishes hahaha...The one thing I know only Hummus, but thanks God, all these small dishes actually served with pita bread. So, the way to eat it only by choosing the Mezzah you like then spread or dip it into the pita bread. As simple as you eat Nachos. Most of the Mezzah are plain, so it is better for you to have sweet drinks companion.

There are also Arabic Fritters, such as Falafel, Cheese and Beef Samosas for the appetizers (sorry, I couldn't take the picture since it is served one small bite for one person and I couldn't wait any longer to bite it hahaha)

Braised Snapper Fillet in Tomato

This dish presented a juicy snapper fillet in a balance tomato paste. Since it's too plain for my palate, I just try it a bit, but for you who loves tomato paste, this one is quite tempting.

Lentil Soup with Arabic Crouton

"Lentil soup refers to a variety of vegetarian and meat soups made with lentils. The soup may consist of green, brown, red, yellow or black lentils, with or without the husk. Dehulled yellow and red lentils disintegrate in cooking, making a thick soup." This thick soup was rich in taste since it was made from lentils (nuts). The savoury and a little sweet flavour was suit for my palate.

Braised Chicken Wings with Coriander Leaf, Tomato and Lemon Juice

I always love everything with coriander since it's make any dishes more fragrant. So does this dishes, the juicy and tender braised chicken wings was cooked with tomato, lemon juice and coriander which boost the fragrant more... love it love it! 

After Turkey, savour the greatness of the eastern of Mediterranen Sea, Lebanon, on the third week (3 - 9 July) and try their famous Lebanese Beef Makloubi (Maqlooba) made from meat, rice, and fried vegetables such as raisins and cashews. In the origin country, it actually was served 'maqlooba' or place in a pot and get it upside-down. The rice was so fragrant and I love to eat that with the cashwes. Surely it turned my taste bud upside and down! 

Eggplant and Tomatoes

This dish was a combination of eggplant and lebanese beef in a plate. Rich in spice but not too overpowering the whole flavor. 

On the last week of Ramadhan (10-16 July), break your fasting with Pakistan specialties. Tonight I tried their Pakistan Beef Kofta and Chicken, a simple dishes made from deep-fried minced beef which for me was better served as appetizer hehehe...Besides, there are also Chicken Karahi. spicy chicken with peppers, Boti Kebab and Chapli Kebab.

Well, well, don't stop before you find the authentic Middle-Eastern desserts, Sailendra serves Um Ali, Baklava and Katayef

Um Ali, an Arabic bread pudding with soft and fluffy texture. Um Ali used to be very sweet, I tried in several Mediterranean resto before, but thanks God, Sailendra made it balance, the sweetness is light and balance.
Baklava, a rich, sweet Middle-Eastern pastry made of layers of filo filled with chopped nuts and sweetened. The flavor was too sweet for me but I still can keep it up for two bites hahaha
Katayef, a sort of sweet dumpling filled with cream or nuts. Crunchy but unfortunately for me it's tooo sweet.

*clockwise : Um Ali, Baklava, Katayef

Other desserts on Sailendra's regular buffet

Wow it's such a long culinary journey that night. A perfect choice for you who loves to explore Middle-Eastern cuisines. Only for IDR338,000++ you could enjoy all those scrumptious yet unique dishes from four countries to break your fast. Special for Ramadhan, Sailendra will present Marawis music everyday from 18.00 to 20.00 WIB and Sufi dance every Friday. For more info and reservation you can call them on +6221-5798 8888.

Thank you so much JW Marriott Hotel Jakarta for this chance especially for Mba Marlene and Cherry. Looking forward for another scrumptious dishes served at your best buffet restaurant. Gonna back for sure for your Morroccan Lamb Shank!

Sailendra Restaurant
JW Marriott Hotel Jakarta
Jl. DR. Ide Anak Agung Gde Agung
Kav. E.12 no. 1&2
Mega Kuningan Central Business District
Jakarta 12950

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