Exquise Patisserie : A Hidden Little French's Pleasure

"Happiness is best enjoyed when it is shared" that's the desire I heard from the owner of the recently famous hidden patisserie shop I visited last week. It is indeed that everyone should share their happiness to each other and I choose to share it especially to my family and friends. One of my favorite way to share the happiness was by having a tea time session with my best friends. Ever since I heard that Exquise Patisserie is now trending on Jakarta's culinary, I remembered my closest friend @p_sabrina who loves to eat cake like me. 

Exquise Patisserie itself is a French-inspired patisserie who deliver not only the ambience of French-style street cake shop but also the delicacy of the cake made. As I stepped on the shop inside Rumah Cokro, Menteng, I was welcomed by the white ambiance which is similar with victorian style of most pattisserie in France. It is actually small patissery with some table and one display cake only, but  I heart the design a lot. It is pretty overload! I always love something in white and shabby chic, girls thing lah hehehe...and oh the tableware they have are all also in white. Supeeer love it. It's super instagramable! 

How about the cake? It is as pretty as their decoration. They offer small but guilty pleasure choices of cake. They have 'Éntremet', a choice of whole-cake, "Petit Gateau', a small of cake and 'Petite Four & Verrine, a cake in a cup. They also named the creations with a beautiful name like Pierre, Helena, Emilie, Celine. etc. It sounds not only fun but made me wanna meet them in person soon! So, after a quick glance on the cakes display, I decided to meet two best of them. Here they are!

Emilie (43K)

Meet Emilie, she's so beautiful inside and out. The shining yellow color made me recognized her as the one who will make great first impression for me and it's indeed she has. With a touch of mango mousse and coconut darquoise, vanilla chantily cream, dulce de leche and a lil bit of ginger mango marmalade, she succeed to make me fall in love. I crushed on their texture, which is beyond soft and creamy with rich mango flavor and shot of vanilla. Best thing is those flavours was not overpowering each other. So, it's simply yum and oh God, HEAVEN. The best mango cake I've EVER HAD! 

Strawberry Cheese Cake (43K)

I must be the one who thanked everyone's created cheese cake in this world. However, only several creations could go well on my liking. Thanks God, Exquise had one. Though the texture for me was too thick since I love the soft and melted one, but the rich cheese flavour with a lil bit touch of strawberry made me simply love this one. Best enjoyed with rosemary or earl grey tea. 

Well, two cakes for two girls with great conversation was never enough, but since we have only couple of time during our office breaks, so we considered full that time hahaha... I guarantee I will pay a visit again to this beautiful cake shop and I recommend you to do so since for a Parisian-like cake shop the price range was worth-to-spent. The range was from 28K to 48K for the petite cakes and around 250K to 480K for the whole cakes, while for the beverages which almost tea, you only spend around 25K to 35K for a teapot of tea. Perfect for sharing!

Thank you so much also for my very best friend Puput @p_sabrina for always accompanying me in good and bad hahaha...and oh you're so beautiful in this picture baby! I should proud of my sense to taking beautiful lady hahaha...

Exquise Patisserie
Rumah Cokro 
Jl. HO.O.S Cokroaminoto No. 42A
Menteng, Jakarta Pusat
Ph +62 21-3161413
IG: @ExquisePatisserie


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