GROM Gelato, Pacific Place Jakarta

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I always excited to have any Italian food on my table, from pizza, pasta, bruschetta, risotto, gelato, you named it, I would happily try it! Thus, I'm so excited when hearing the famous authentic Italian gelato, GROM, has already opened their first Jakarta's outlet in Pacific Place, SCBD. I knew this huge brand in Italy from several food blog I read around the globe and from my foodies fellas who always told me that this gelato is superb. When I was in Dubai two weeks ago, I knew there's Grom there, but unfortunately I couldn't make a visit. I'm not strolling around Pacific Place today, but I came here in a special way just to try Grom hahaha... I actually love their simple outlet with nice blue and white as their signature colors. They also have wide seating table outside the outlet. Lucky me, I came before lunch time so I found the outlet was quite quiet so I had much time to chit chat with the supervisor in charge. I even got the chance to have small food tasting of their gelato. The Spv offered me to taste some flavors which might turn to be my favorite.

GROM offers various kind of ice cream creations, from gelato, sorbet to affogato and all 100% natural! Their gelato and its raw ingredients contain 100% real fruits and do not contains neither coloring, flavorings, nor preservatives or emulsifier.  They even contain only 9% fat while the others normally have around 14%. No wonder their gelato is easily to get melt. So, after the simple food testing, I decided to have one sorbet and one gelato just to make a simple comparison. Btw, GROM offers two kind of servings either in cone or cup with four choices of sizes: Single-48K (2 flavors), Medium-60K (3 flavors), Large-72K (3 flavors) & Extra Large-85K (only cup, 4 flavors). The price and size for me was wise reminding all the ingredients are imported.

Sorbet - Mango & Lampone (Raspberry) - 48K, single cup with 2 flavors

I would frankly speaking that this Mango & Raspberry sorbet was so soooo good. Light and simply refreshing! I tasted a real sweet from mango and sour from the raspberry and those fusion wasn't overpowering each other when I tried to mixed it since I knew they're made from real fruit. 

Gelato - Pistacchio & Crema di Grom (48K, single cup with 2 flavors)

Their pistacchio was made from Perfect Green & Mawardi Pistacchio which one of well-known organic products in Italy, while Crema di Grom made from egg cream with corn biscuits and Colombian 'Teyuna' chocolate chips. Well, knowing that all ingredients are fresh and well-imported, I could also say that this gelato was also sooo delectable! I prefer their pistacchio flavors, light with rich and real pistacchio flavors. And the best thing was though two of them was so creamy, GROM made the sweetness very light. So, I could enjoy it without feeling nausea. Superb! 

I got a great day here and hope to taste another sorbet and gelato flavors. Personally, I love both of them. It's simply like deciding for future visit. When I stuck in a freakin' sunny Jakarta, I would love to eat their refreshing sorbet and when I need something to relieve my mind, something sweet and thicker like gelato would be perfect. So, which one do yo prefer? Just make a visit. You'll know how GROM will surprise you. Welcome to Jakarta and success for you, GROM! 

Grom Il Gelato Come Una Volta
Pacific Place, 1st Floor #70-72
Jl. Jend. Sudirman Kav. 52-53
South Jakarta
IG: grom_indo

Sweet Belly, Bandung

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As seen in the picture above, indeed as a food lover I always have a good time especially when enjoying new place hihihi...what's best than having a good dessert in this sunny Bandung. Well, I chose to have refreshment for my throat in one of happening Korean dessert places in Jalan Lombok, Bandung. Korean desserts are indeed bombing our market either Jakarta or Bandung, those big cities with big young market compete to sell something that will be loved by the young people in the city. And most of them actually success in their market, since what's best than something nice, unique, 'unyu-unyu' places with instgrammable-kind-of-food for the young people which easy to get into the mainstream, right. 

Sweet Belly, which became part of Donwoori restaurant, is one of the dessert places who offer many kind of unique and cute Korean desserts with a nice and warm ambiance. Since Sweet Belly is a part of Donwoori, a Korean suki restaurant, they only have a small shop inside a unique glass house with most of the seating is outside Donwoori, but the Sweet Belly's customers is okay to sit inside Donwoori. I found they have a cute interior design with pastel color surrounding from the wall to the table set. The yellow light was also adding a warm ambiance which make this restaurant not only good for family lunch but also for couple dinner or dating.  

Sweet Belly offer various kind of Korean dessert especially the famous one, Pat Bingsoo. Bingsoo itself is a large bowl of desserts containing many kind of toppings like ice cream, crackers, fruit, sweet potato, etc. You can choose around 6 variation of Bingsoo here from Matcha Pat Bingsoo, Berries Pat Bingsoo to Milo Pat Bingsoo. They have also various kind of dessert bowl with pudding and signature gelato. If you also wish to have snacking time, choices of Korean traditional food such as tteopokki, kimbap, or chicken wings could be great to enjoy. I was here to try their renowned desserts, so I ordered Berries Pat Bingsoo and Choco Pat Bingsoo which I thought have the most unique and cute presentation than the others hihihi...

Berries Pat Bingsoo (38K)

This Berries Pat Bingsoo stole my first attention with their unusual syringe. Syringe supposed to be contain chemical or blood but no worries, here they change it into a sweet berry jam hihihi. They used a big glass bowl containing vanilla ice cream, shaved ice, milk, strawberry, taro and mochi (japanese sticky rice). Everything inside was simply refreshing. I love to have not too sweet vanilla ice cream with shot of acid from the berry jam.

 Choco Pat Bingsoo (38K)

This cute little bear-look-alike was indeed so cute and as well as the berries bingsoo, this one topped with chocolate ice cream with dense texture and balance sweet, coco crunch, slices of banana and strawberry, taro, mochi, and almond. On the other hand, though I enjoyed the berries bingsoo, I prefer to have another bowl of this. The chocolate flavor was just perfect into my palate. Everything turned into 'something chocolate', light and not too sweet. Ah I lost my words for this dessert. Just a simple dessert with much love! 

Well, would empty my stomach If I happened to visit this dessert house again since I still missing their gelato. Price is wise. For all desserts starting from IDR32,000 to 60.000; Food starting from IDR18,500 to 37,500. I'm wishing Sweet Belly open their standalone dessert house with many choices dessert to come. 

Sweet Belly
Jl. Lombok No. 53 outside Donwoori
Jl. Sukaasih No. 1 at Papaya
Ph, 022.4261338
Operating hours 10AM to 10PM

[PRODUCT REVIEW] Serunya Momen Streaming & Browsing dengan Samsung Galaxy J5

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Di postingan sebelumnya saya sempat membahas keunggulan lain dari Samsung Galaxy J5 yaitu layar Super AMOLED dimana saya bisa menonton video favorit saya dengan nyaman dan tanpa buffering. Banyak sekali yang skeptis saat saya bilang kalau smartphone terbaru keluaran Samsung ini bisa mendukung momen menonton video menjadi lebih cepat. Tentu saja bisa, Samsung Galaxy J5 ini kan sudah built-in teknologi 4G LTE. Apa sih sebenarnya 4G LTE itu? Just FYI, buat yang belum paham (sebenarnya saya juga nggak paham-paham amat sih hehehe, tapi cukup mengerti lah haha), 4G merupakan singkatan dari Fourth-Generation atau Generasi Keempat yang mengacu pada standar generasi keempat dari teknologi telepon selular menggantikan teknologi 2G & 3G yang sudah ditanamkan di hampir semua smartphone yang kita pakai sekarang. 

Teknologi 4G ini menyediakan solusi komprehensif dimana suara, data, dan arus multimedia dapat sampai kepada pengguna kapan saja dan dimana saja, pada rata-rata data lebih tinggi dari generasi sebelumnya. Nah, sementara itu untuk mendukung teknologi ini ini, si 4G harus memiliki pendamping berupa akses data yang memang kompatibel dengan kecanggihannya. Menurut Wikipedia, ada dua kandidat standar yang cocok untuk 4G yaitu standar WiMax (buatan Korea Selatan, 2006) dan LTE (buatan Swedia, 2009). Nah, di Indonesia sendiri, LTE-lah yang pertama kali di uji coba bersama 4G. LTE (Long Term Evolution) itu sendiri merupakan standar komunikasi akses data nirkabel yang mampu download sampai dengan tingkat 300mbps dan upload 75mbps. Singkatnya sih, 4G LTE ini kini merupakan teknologi tercepat yang ditanamkan dalam smartphone dan multimedia lain seperti modem atau laptop yang akan mendukung kemudahan si pengguna dalam mengakses data melalui internet. Kira-kira seperti dibawah inilah perkembangan dunia 4G LTE. 

*source from

Di Indonesia sendiri, teknologi 4G LTE ini sudah mulai dikenalkan oleh beberapa provider seperti Telkomsel dan XL yang pada 2010 pernah melakukan uji coba dan akhirnya pada 2013, Bolt, menjadi provider pertama yang merilis teknologi ini secara komersil ke pasaran sekitar tahun 2013. Namun, sayangnya teknologi ini hanya ditanamkan pada smartphone yang memang didesain untuk mendukung jaringan 4G LTE dan di Indonesia baru beberapa smartphone saja yang memilikinya. Sebagai salah satu raksasa teknologi, nggak heran Samsung berlomba untuk menciptakan smartphone keluaran terbaru yang mendukung jaringan 4G LTE, termasuk Samsung Galaxy J5 yang saya miliki sekarang yay! Serunya lagi Samsung bekerjasama dengan penyedia layanan 4G LTE komersil pertama di Indonesia, Bolt, untuk mendukung serunya momen browsing dan streaming di Samsung Galaxy J5 ini. 

                                                                                  *courtesy of

Setiap kali kamu beli Samsung Galaxy J5 kamu sudah dapat bundling-an Bolt Super 4G LTE lho. Keuntungannya apa sih? Jelas banyak banget! Yang paling juara ya karena Bolt sudah berada dalam jaringan 4G LTE sehingga mendukung Samsung Galaxy J5 untuk melakukan aktifitas internetan super ngebut dibandingkan smartphone yang masih 3G. Kamu bisa menikmati akses imternet hingga 72 Mbps lho atau 10x lipat lebih cepat dari provider biasa. Gileeee cepet bener ini sih! Kalau bisa dibandingkan dengan operator yang masih 3G mungkin hasilnya akan seperti gambar & tabel di bawah ini:

Nah, nggak heran kan kalau saya senang sekali bisa streaming video kuliner favorit karena streaming-nya tanpa buffering. Kalaupun sedikit jauh dari jangkauan, saya hanya membutuhkan sekitar 4 detik untuk buffering. Untuk browsing website atau blog kuliner saya pun hanya membutuhkan kurang dari 1 detik untuk loading. Jadi, momen blogging saya benar-benar mengasyikkan deh sekarang! Cek deh rekaman video saya di bawah ini (saya memutar youtube dari Samsung Galaxy J5 dan saya rekam dengan handphone Samsung lainnya). Perhatikan, dari sejak iklan sampai masuk ke kontennya sama sekali tidak ada buffering! 

Untuk mendukung serunya streaming dan browsing, jaringan Bolt pun sekarang sudah mulai tersedia merata di area Jabodetabek. Bisa cek apakah daerah kamu masuk ke jaringannya disini 

Serunya internetan dengan Samsung Galaxy J5 juga didukung oleh canggihnya prosesor yang ditanamkan disini. Pasti tau dong yah prosesor apaan hehehe, kalau kamu punya PC atau laptop pasti hapal dengan prosesor intel pentium, intel celeron, dan yang paling terbaru dan tercepat adalah intel core i7. Nah seperti itu juga prosesor yang ditanamkan pada smartphone, Samsung menggunakan prosesor quad-core ARM Cortex-A53 64-bit yang memiliki kecepatan 1,2GHz yang sudah pasti mumpuni untuk mendukung kecepatan sebuah ponsel pintar. Untuk penunjang kecepatannya, Samsung Galaxy J5 juga sudah dibekali dengan memori RAM 1.5 GB yang membuat saya bisa puas menyimpan video resep masakan ataupun foto-foto review makanan sebanyak-banyaknya. Pluuuuss, Samsung Galaxy J5 ini juga sudah dibekali android Lollipop seri terbaru yaitu Lollipop 1.5. Jadi, nggak perlu repot-repot upgrade lagi deh! 

Ah gila, kurang apa lagi ya si Samsung Galaxy J5 ini! Software update, kameranya 13 MP plus kamera depan 5MP dan punya built-in front flash camera, layar sAMOLED, jaringan 4G LTE, wah buat saya sih dengan harga yang hanya kurang dari 3 juta, Samsung Galaxy J5 ini sudah sangat memuaskan sekali. Jadi, masih mikir untuk punya smartphone yang mendukung hobimu? Yuk ah, cobain Samsung Galaxy J5 dan ikutan sharing serunya browsing dan streaming dengan menggunakan hashtag #tunJukkanmomenmu lalu upload atau captured momen serumu ke social media Samsung Indonesia melalui twitter @samsung_ID, instagram @samsung_id atau Facebook Samsung Mobile Indonesia

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Shake Shack, The Dubai Mall

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When I told some of my friends I’m going to Dubai to try Shake Shack, they suddenly screaming. Most of them keep saying ‘you should try Shake Shack!’ ; ‘Oh God, I missed Shake Shack’ ; ‘Try it, try it, you’re gonna love it’. Ya ya ya everything I heard about ShakE Shack either from friends or google is all positive. Like everyone in the world’s know Shake Shack well. Me personally, and frankly speaking, is the person who didn’t know before what is Shake Shack taste like until I came to Dubai.

Personally I love their interior both outside and inside. It just simple like typical modern American burger house. Seating table was nice with mix of mid-pastel wooden seating table outside and more brown inside. The waiters are also humble and nice. They all like keep greetings me everytime I passed them by. To order the menu, we have to wait in queue with the menu will given first before we’re into queue. So, when I’m ready in front of the cashier, I already know what I want. After that they will give us something like 'pager', and when you heard 'beep' sound, it means your order are ready. 

Shake Shack have great selections of burgers and hot dog. They also have ‘concretes‘ which is another term of an ice cream which can be turn upside down without melted. It just unique for me and curious to give it a try! So, since they’re burgers house. I ordered some of their best burgers. So, here they are;

Double ShackBurger - AED42 ; Single AED26

I’m quite impressed with Shake Shack that they served a double burger without triple bun like I usually had in Jakarta. They just used simply two buns on top and bottom and they put together the two double patty inside. It feels like better for me. This burger was also served lettuce, tomato and ShackSauce. The beef was juicy but way to mushy. I simply love their bun coz the buns was made not from flour but from potato. So it’s added some moist texture and feel like melted in my mouth.

Double SmokeShack - AED48 ; Single AED32

This cheeseburger was topped with hickory smoked veal bacon, spicy chopped cherry pepper and ShackSauce. This burger was way better then the previous. The beef was juicy, dense but not too mushy. If you spicy lover, you must try this one. The shot of the cherry peppers was holy! Btw, I love their sauce and mustard which is all hand-made. The mustard was dense but not too heavy and sour. Very light for burgers.

Shackcago Hotdog - AED25

Never had the hotdog with many filings like this before. They have sausage, relish, onion, cucumber, pickles, tomatoes, sport pepper, celery salt and mustard whole inside. The taste was so refreshing and unique.

'Shrom Burger (Vegetarian) - AED26

Frankly speaking this burger was DA BOMB! They made a crisp-fried portobello mushroom which is so delectably delicious! The texture was sooo crunchy outside and moist inside. 

Shake Stack - AED42

The previous 'shrom burger might be the bomb, but this one was EXPLOITING MY MOUTH! The burger basically consist of the same base with 'shrom burger but they added the addictive Portobello mushroom with cheddar cheese and deep fried them together. What's the result? Look at that mouthwatering melted cheddar cheese and the crunchy Portobello without look greasy. I got savory and salty all together. OMG! I even feel hungry everytime I looked at this pictures! Super Favorites. PERIOD! 


Original (AED15) & Cheese Fries (AED20) + Extra Toppings (AED6 each). Burgers is best pairing with fries, aren't you agree? Shake Shack have two choices of fries, Original and Cheese Fries with other toppings like extra cherry pepper and extra cheese sauce. My favorite would be the Cheese Fries with extra cheese sauce. The portion was big with dense and soft texture. Unfortunately, I didn't like the original one, I expected to have savory and lil bit salty of the usual fries, but this one was just plain for my palate.


Peanut Butter Shakes (left) - AED25. If I could choose to have another shakes of Shake Shack, I would choose this one again. The vanilla shake was infused with rich peanut butter sauce which resulting in dense yet thick texture of milkshake but not too overpowering the whole flavors. Sweet enough and simply addictive! 

Shack-made Lemonade (right) - AED13. If I happened to run outside the mall in he sunny and humid Dubai, this drink will gonna my first choice! Balance in acidity and simply refreshing my throat.

AED 24 (Single) ; AED36 (Double)

When you heard about Shake Shack it means not only burgers, but also the Concretes! Their famous yet fabulous concretes are a dense, frozen custard ice cream blended at a high speed with mix-ins flavor. Here you can also design your own concretes with the ice cream base for single (AED15) and double (AED21) with tons of toppings choices (AED3 each) which are chocolate truffle cookie dough, chocolate toffee, strawberry puree, fudge sauce, caramel sauce, chocolate sprinkles, peanut butter sauce, marshmallow sauce, shortbread cookie, valrhona choocolate pearls, banana and malt powder. All flavors sounds all tantalizing, but here are two of bombs that breaking my palate! 

Red Velvet Concretes 

For a sweetooth person like me, the combination of vanilla ice cream and red velvet flavors was simply delectable. I love how the flavors aren't overpowering each others, I could taste a shot of vanilla in the opening and hint of red velvet cake covering my mouth after. The dense texture of the frozen custard was also great so it's not easily getting melted.

Shake Attack Concretes

Chocolate lovers definitely should try this one! Generous filing of chocolate custard, fudge sauce, chocolate truffle cookie dough, Valrhona chocolate pearls topped with chocolate sprinkles. What do you want more than a heaven of chocolate? Me? Enough! This was just beyond haven of chocolate!

Overall, I got great experience having lunch here. Personally, I love everything about this brand. The flavors and texture of the food just like complete each other. The service, the simple packaging, the ambiance of the casual restaurant was just enhance everything to make Shake Shack become something worth to visit. One thing I may add for notes was only their thin packaging which somehow looks greasy in covering some burgers which deep fried together. A thick packaging paper with attractive logo maybe good for personal Shake Shack's branding in the future. 

Will they works in Indonesia's market? I absolutely believe YES, instead of their famous branding, they have something unique to sell for which the competitor might not have. They maybe can simply upsize the portion but lower the price a bit and have a choice of the flour bun since Indonesian are familiar with the flour bun. I believe with some unique selling points like the 'shrom burger and concretes, Shake Shack will ready to fly to Indonesia. 

Shake Shack
The Dubai Mall, 1st Floor (near the Giant Waterfall)
Doha Street, Burj Al Khalifa Complex
Dubai, UAE
+974 04 4190 370
Opening Hours : 10 AM - 12 PM

Texas Roadhouse, The Dubai Mall

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*picture courtesy of

I'm a big fans of steak, but hey anyone in this world doesn't like steak? I don't think so, unless they're have beef allergenic hahaha...Thus, when I saw on my Alshaya Food Tour itinerary I'm going to Texas Roadhouse, I definitely happy. I heard about this brand from some of my friends who live in U.S and by googling it a day before I arrived to Dubai. I happened to realize that this brand is actually a legend in U.S. They've already settled down for about 20 years, geeesss whatta great achievement story I've ever heard about a steakhouse. They're renowned for their handcrafting services from the Hand-Cut-Steaks, Made-from-Scratch-Dishes, Fall-Of-The-Bone-Ribs and Fresh-Baked Bread. I'm seriously waiting for the day to come and finally I visited them tonight!

                                                                           The highest man-made waterfall

They have several branches in Dubai, and the one I visited was located at the gigantic Dubai Mall. FYI, This mall is really huuuugeee, even bigger than Grand Indonesia & Mal Kelapa Gading. Gosh, If I lost several times in Mall of The Emirates earlier, here I thought I will also lost my translation hahaha. The mall is actually magnificent. They have several world's-famous-tourist-attraction like The Giant Man-Made Waterfall and The Biggest Aquarium. They also have the renowned Dubai Fountain but unfortunately due to the limited time, I missed it out. 

The biggest aquarium in the world

But it's okay, I still can catch the steak after long-walk in the mall hahaha. Stepped into the Texas Road House that night, I immediately realize that they're true famous from the waiting list outside. Many people keep coming to see whether they've already get their seat. Many servers was also ready to greet them in front of the house. I found their restaurant isn't wide enough, quite packed with the customers and servers. I still keep thinking why they have so many servers walking and chatting around without doing anything. I never flown to Texas before, but I could easily feel the ambiance of a real Texas. The interior with some pictures of Texas, the typical table setting, the country music, the bulls and cowboy attributes and the friendliness of the staff were all like I’m in Texas. 

The selections of the menu was quite huge from appetizer, main course to dessert if I can compared, this looks similar with selections of menu in our Outback Steakhouse or Abuba Steak. The unique things is their beef is are all imported from U.S and hand-cut every day and I’m gonna screaming since the portion was soooo huge (I guess it earlier since they have an open kitchen which show how big the hand-cut beef for every menu). After being seated, the servers friendly asking and explaining us about the menu. I love how they looks well-educated to persuade us to try something. Of their hundreds selections, I picked some of my favorites one for you guys. So here’s the menu you won’t miss when someday they’re coming to Indonesia.

Anyway, before starting I just wanna give some good news about TRH uniqueness. They have great compliments while we're waiting the food to come. A big basket of peanuts and the 'it' fresh-baked bread. The fresh-baked bread was so fluffy and savory. Eat it while hot, you're gonna love them much. Other best part is, I found they have not only bog portion of beef but also the sides! What they called Made-From-Scratch-Sides are served in big portion. You will have several choices of sides like baked potato, mashed potatoes, steak fries, seasoned rice, house salad, caesar salad, fresh vegetables, buttered corn, honey glazed carrots, coleslaw and cup of soup. Aaaan of those choices, you'll get two sides every time you ordered a beef, chicken or fish menu! God, this must be a good selling point when they're coming to Indonesia. None of the steak restaurant here has those kind of very big deal combo. 

Fried Pickles - AED19

Never thought that fried pickles will be something fun to munch. Crunchy outside but I still find the fresh and crunchy real pickels inside. The bleu cheese dressing was also good, light and not too sour for me personally. Simply great starters.

Smoked Buffalo Wings - AED39

I'm not a spicy kind of person, but tried to order it spicy just to ensure whether it went as spicy as Indonesia's had spiciness in some of their food. Fortunately, this lightly smoked chicken wings was glazed with a true hot and spicy sauce. Hot til it's like exploding in my mouth hahaha! Well, American people must be have a well-spicy-palate too hihihi...The bleu cheese dressing was also good, light and not too sour for me personally. 

Cherry Limeade - AED19

A very big portion of drinks for me personally. Surpringly, it's also great as refreshment. A balance amount of soda with lime and cheery shots. Not too sour with a sweet after taste. 

Steakhouse Salad - AED69

Positive! Texas people was that hungry hahhaa even the portion of this appetizer was sooo huge! I thought it’s best for sharing. Fillet medallions, bleu chicken crumbles, diced tomato, beef bacon, red onions and made-from-scratch croutons serve with Italian dressing. Unfortunately, I didn’t like the dressing. It’s a way too sour for me.

New York Strip - AED120

370g of beef served with shrimp side kick. Unfortunately the medium beef was not as juicy as I thought before. It's a lil bit dry inside and hard to cut. The shrimps was fresh but a lil bit salty. Unfortunately, their side dish of fresh vegetable was didn’t fresh at all. The broccoli even was overcooked, so did the carrots.

Dallas Fillet - AED99

This was my first winner for my second round course! They used most tender beef which indeed very tender ever! Every part of it was just well-seasoned and grilled to perfection. I sometimes had difficulties in enjoying medium beef whether it's too hard to cut or just going medium well, but this Dallas Fillet was simply cooked perfectly and very easy to cut. The side dish, baked potato with cheese, was also good. Soft and so cheesy. Favorites. PERIOD! Anyway, you can choose the fillet from 170g (AED99), 225g (AED129) or 340g (AED169).

Ribeye Steak Combo - AED129

This big combo actually served with two choices of either beef rib or grilled shrimps (AED119). I chose to have all best winning beef in plate. Frankly speaking everything in my plate was DA BOMB! The medium beef rib was beyond juicy and tender. I didn't had difficulties in cutting the beef like I did for the New York Strip. It is also very well-seasoned with light of grilled smells, I guaranteed this one could standalone without pouring the sauce into. 

And the Ribeye was beyond excellent also. It was soo juicy and tender and very well-seasoned. The BBQ sauce was very flavorful even until inside the beef. I could easily cut this well-done rib eye and enjoyed it with the tasty grilled mushroom. Btw, for your info, ribeye here even bigger than I had in most of steak restaurants in Indonesia. It's like their smallest portion is the biggest portion here hahaha. The ribeye, anyway, has 3 choices of portion. You can have 285g, 340g or 455g (geees can't imagine how big the 455g of beef hahaha)

Country Fried Chicken - AED54

This was the best breast chicken meat I’ve ever had. Big portion with super crispy skin outside and very moist texture inside. Sometimes breast part is a lil bit dry, but TRH made it sooo tender for me. And oh the made-from-scratch gravy was sooo creamy and balance in sweet. I looove this one! Favorite. Period!

The made-from-scratch sides fro this one was also my favorites, Caesar Salad. The fresh lettuce in a big portion topped with generous cheese and light mayonnaise. For a cheese lover like me, I found their mayonnaise still light even I eat together with the cheese. Not too overpower and everything just became so creamy for me! 

Grilled Salmon - AED69

Thanks to God, I'm not allergic to Salmon and could enjoy this winning salmon was my grateful to God. It's really moist and tender! the lemon pepper sauce even made it taste fresh and light. Oh well, the best part was also their made-from-scratch sides, I chose Honey Glazed Carrot and House Salad. The Honey Glazed Carrot was magnificent! Well-cooked and crunchy carrod with a balance sweet of honey. Geeez, I even can make it standalone for snacking hahaha. Meanwhile, the House Salad was simply refreshing, big portion of green and red lettuce, tomato, cheddar and feta cheese. 

Big Ol' Brownie - AED28

A warm and premium chocolate brownie with a scoop of vanilla ice cream and rich chocolate sauce. I love their moist and warm texture, unfortunately for me personally this combination of chocolate and vanilla turned into something too sweet. And oh, the presentation was also looks 'messy'. They better not to put that sauce like that. A simple drizzled of nuts with simple sauce might be better.

Well, steakhouse supposed to be have something unique to sell. I thought TRH will gonna works in Indonesia since the price is quite similiar in some menu but they might be should lower the price more for the appetizer range. Serving the food for less than 15 minutes is also a good selling point for them. Just ensure, in the beginning TRH has a packed menu don’t be too wide first. And oh, to make their servers keep coming every time to the table was sometimes annoying. In Indonesia, the customer's might not be familiar with that kind of service. Just take some notes for that, I believe TRH will ready to break Indonesia's market. 

 *1 AED = IDR3950 (as per 18 September 2015)

Texas Roadhouse
The Dubai Mall, LG Level (near the waterfall)
Doha Street, Burj Khalifa Complex
Dubai, UAE
Ph. +097 04 419 0266
Opening Hours : 10AM - 12PM

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