[NEW OUTLETS] Joy of Christmas at Colette & Lola, Puri Indah Mall

I always happy when it comes to December. Not only there will be long holidays during Christmas to New Year, but also the vibe during those celebrations is always awakening my spirit. Every public places will be decorated with something sparkling, colorful, and attractive. From Christmas tree into colorful decorative lights will be easily found, trust me! That thing is also carried out by Colette & Lola. Welcoming the Christmas month, this very famous cake shop brought by Ismaya Group launches their fourth outlet at Puri Indah Mall. If you're a cake lover, you might be know that Colette & Lola applying a different thematic theme in their outlets. This new outlet brought a playful and cute yet colorful theme of an amusement park with mini van and ferris wheel! A how I love a cake shop like this, everything here is just too cute to be true! Here's a sneak peek of the uber cute Colette & Lola's newest outlet:

Whoaaa, I just can't stand to not took a picture of this cute outlet! From the cake display, hampers, boxes to the furniture was so soooo cute! Well, wonderful cake shop interior won't be complete without wonderful cakes, right. It's not Colette & Lola if not producing good and unique cake and special for the opening of their new outlet and welcoming the Christmas month, Colette & Lola launches 3 Christmas cakes and 5 new big cakes along with wonderful Christmas hampers too. 

So, here the too cute to be true Christmas cakes:

Winter Wonderland - 275K 

This oh-so-cute cake is a marie biscuit sponge covered white chocolate and snowman macaroon. I love how they layered the marie biscuit with less cream so the whole flavour would be balance and rich with taste of the marie biscuits. I simply love this one coz I used to addict with this biscuits since I was a kid hehehe...

Rudolf & Dasher - 225K

I believe all of kids would love this Rudolf-shaped cake. It's not only cute but also lovely in flavor. This cake is actually repeating the successful of Colette & Lola's signature cake, Crispy Hazelnut Nutella, but now comes with more attracting shape. While the Dasher is a vanilla chiffon cake with a strawberry jelly inside. I love the Dasher more since the hint of the frozen jelly made me want to chew it more. Moreover, I kinda love less sweet cakes.  

Meanwhile, here's the new 5 big cakes which complement the existing big cake range:

Ovomilo - 275K

Oh God, Ovomaltine is still bombing! This cake is perfectly made for a milo and ovomaltine lover. Chocolate chiffon sponge layered with bavarian cream and Milo milk jelly glazed with Ovomaltine and crispy Milo base. I actually love their crunchy Milo base but too bad since you know how sweet the Milo and Ovomaltine are, the whole flavor became too sweet for my liking. 

Chocolate Angel - 210K

Chocolate cake with chocolate ganache and air-whipped ganache. I love how the ganache taste so airy and make the cake became so fluffy but, again, it just too sweet for my liking. 

Operacinno - 265K

Thanks God, finally met this coffee-based cake. Healing all the previous sweetness madness hahaha! A dark chocolate sponge layered with macchiato butter cream and French chocolate ganache. For me, this cake is DA BOMB of all! I love how they created such a lovely cake with rich macchiato flavor. It's not too acid nor too bitter, I still could taste a hint of sweet but overall it's like drinking a cup of macchiato. Simple yet addicting! 

Berry Blush - 265K

I also in love with this pretty pinkish cake. Very moist vanilla chiffon filled with yoghurt mousseline and strawbeerry jelly. Never expected that a yogurt would be that so so good inside a cake. It made the flavor of the cake very light and fresh without acidity. The most important thing this cake is less sweet, I could stand for more than two slices of this!

Marie Me - 230K

Marry me or at least give me this Marie Me, ups! Hahahaha! But maybe those statements could work if you deeply in love with Marie biscuit like me. Taste similar like the Winter Wonderland, this cake is completed with layer of soaked tea and milk, a slightly sweeter but actually the same for my liking. 

Anyway, good news! In this chance, Colette & Lola also introduces their savory creations which will be launched next year. Yuhuuu lucky me, I could taste it earlier before you guys hehehe...

Well, if you're celebrating Christmas and need something to present to your loved ones such as parents, spouse, boyfriend/girlfriend, Colette & Lola has also ranges of Limited Edition Christmas hampers! There are actually 3 types of hampers:

1. Sweet Box - 350K nett (8 boxes of cookies + 1 Greeting card)
2. Santa's Surprise - 500K nett ( 12 boxes of cookies + 1 Greeting card + 1 Calendar set + 
    IDR50,000 Big Cake Voucher)
3. Jolly Basket Deluxe - 850K nett (12 boxes of cookies + 2 Happy Jars filled with Coffee & Lemon 
    Snow Whites + 2 Gingerbread cookies + 1 Gourmet Chocolate bar + 1 tumbler filled with 
    Chocobalss + 1 Greeting Card + 1 Calendar set + IDR100,000 Big Cake Voucher)

Sweet Box Hampers
Santa's Surprise Hampers

Jolly Basket Deluxe Hampers

Well, are you ready for this Christmas?! Once you're ready, Colette & Lola might be a good choice for you to have delectable Christmas cakes or wonderful hampers. Psssst, good news, now you can order online all of those cakes through www.colettelola.com and get them all straight to your door! Simply click their website or order via phone to +6221 - 29007997, everyday from 08.00AM to 08.00 PM. 

Thank you so much Colette & Lola for this great chance and for everyone who's celebrating Christmas, Merry Christmas & Happy New Year then! 

Colette & Lola
Puri Indah Mall Ground Floor, Right after the East Lobby entrance
IG & Twitter: @colettelola


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