BYE 2015, HELLO 2016!

2015 has been a super wonderful year for me. I gave birth to a very cute and funny baby boy, had a super long maternity leaves without losing my own salary (yay!), finished my contract work after 3 years (I'm happy since it's time for me to have a free Saturday haha) and the most important thing was the first time in my blogging's life, I finally had a chance to travel the world without my own money. Passion brought Dubai to my life! I'm sure you've already read my post about Dubai, pssst you're going to sorry if you missed it hahaha *kidding.

Overall, 2015 for was very very SPLENDID! GOD became so so good to me. He really knows how big my dream and help me to pursue it one by one. And in this 2016, I'm going to dream something bigger but more specific especially for my little family. I know it's going to be hard to be a mommy. I'm raising a child, looking after my hubby, taking care of our home, cooking while still holding my passion in blogging lively. I know the development of social media nowadays is so massive and it's kinda make me crazy. Somehow I feel like every bloggers now competing each other. Some buying followers, some struggling with new photos to add followers and some just stand still without caring about those things. The rest statements might be capturing what I was in 2015 and the next 2016. I might be the one who don't care anymore about how many followers I have, how many dinner/restaurant invitations I get, how many endorsements I get, I will now focusing on how big I could reach my limit to be more creative, to be better everyday, to produce more great pictures, to make a good meal for my family and if possible share the recipe on my blog and IG to inspire other mommies, and about restaurant/cafe review I will limit it since I know I don't have more times to visit the happening places since I have a baby. 

In this new year, I will focus on being a food blogger who cook and bake. I believe being a food blogger is not about blogging restaurant or cafe review, being a food blogger is blogging anything related to FOOD right! And yeah, I wish 206 will be good to me. Thank you everyone who support me through 2015. I promise to be more productive in 2016 and wishing can inspire you in any ways. 

Thank you and thank you.

Thank you 2015. 

Welcome 2016.

Happy New Year Everyone!