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Approaching the end of the year, I feel like my day was so freakin busy with office works. So many things to do like I even very lazy to write a new blog post while I've already have the draft geeezzz...Some weekends passed with nothing to write about as well. You know as a working Mom, even in the weekend, my schedules are fully dedicated to my husband and kid. Oh God, I thought writer's block hit me so hard! Some of my friends even asking why there are no new post almost one month in this blog and the terrible thing I feel ashamed when they asking some places to have Christmas or New Year's Eve dinner...Oh my!! 

Well, well, as my redeemer, I brought you a quick post about one of my recommended place to have Christmas lunch or dinner. It is Kitchenette by Ismaya. I believe you all have already know this urban restaurant. I always love their concept and decoration. Simply homey like I sitting in my Mom's kitchen. Well, in short, in celebrating this Christmas and upcoming New Year 2017, Kitchenette having their idea to "Eat, Drink, and Celebrate" with their 12 new menus. All of them has already up on the store since last week. So, won't take you to long, please enjoy my quick review about all of the 12 new menus!

 Vietnamese Fried Spring Rolls with minced chicken, carrot, jicama, & chilli vinegar sauce

This fried spring rolls are made very will with super crunchy outer and generous filing of minced chicken, jicama (Mexican bean or similar with bengkuang in Indonesia)  and chilli vinegar sauce. Ensure that the sauce is soaked up whole spring rolls, it's indeed enrich the taste. 

Tokyo style tater tots with togarashi spice, japanese mayo, roasted seaweed & sesame

Imagine you munching a soft potato meatball with more crunchy texture. Yup, this tater tots would be like that in your mouth. And oh their  Perfect as a snack before starting your big meal.

Oriental chicken salad with kale, grilled corn, cucumber and sesame dressing.

Looking for a healthy starter? This might be your good choice. The portion was quite big for me but suprisingly the sesame dressing apperared very familiar in my mouth, it's like a peanut sauce in our Gado-gado or ketoprak but with more tangy sensation.

 Enchilada "carne molida" baked with chilli con carne, jalapenos, cheddar cheese sauce and 
 sour creme

If you're familiar with Mexican food, this enchilada (a rolled tortilla filled with various filing usually cheese, meat and vegetables) was a must try. I love how crunchy the tortilla was even it's already baked for several minutes. Get ready to feel a little bit sour, spicy and salty flavors in one bite like you eating an Italian lasagna. 

Classic double cheese burger, red cheddar, tomato, lettuce & pickles with potato chips

How's not into something big, double and cheesy like this burger?! I'm sooo into it. Can't resist the juicy beef patty inside and the melted mozzarella cheese. Just a note, I didn't know why, it's somehow the sunny side up was just release the overall taste of the burger. I thought it's better without that egg. How about you?

 Lasagna a la nonna with bechamel and a hearty tomato sauce

Well-cooked pasta with well-made bechamel sauce. The tomato sauce was so hearty but thanks God it's not overpowering the whole flavor (you know sometimes you meet with lasagna with too much tomato sauce that will make you say "euuuuuwwww" haha). It's just a perfect lasagna for my palate. 

Tuscan chicken leg parmigiana pasta tossed in fresh basil and garlic

Another good pasta from Kitchenette. At first, I thought this must be pesto sauce but it's basil actually. Light basil flavor with al dente texture and the most important thing was the melted mozzarella cheese on the top of the chicken leg. It was sooo tempting!

Spaghetti albacore tunawith chili aglio olio & poached farm fresh egg. This pasta was quite spicy and salty for my palate. Though it's still okay for everyone looking for spicy things to light up their appetite.

"Little Saigon" grilled pork chop platter with side of vietnamese spring roll, fried egg, chagio dressing and jasmine rice. 

I'm not eating pork, but some of my fellow foodies said that the pork chop was good and well-seasoned. Well, pork lover, you might want try this one. 

Crispy Chicken "Cabai Hijau" with Hainan Rice

A good combination of Indonesian and Chinese food in one plate. I dare myself to try a little bit of this since I know that green chili might be not too spicy but the real fact is IT'S SOOO SPICY FOR MY LIKING bhaaay! hahaha...though the crispy chicken was well-cooked and tender inside. And oh the hainan rice was so moist and fragrant! 

Thai Chili & Cashew Nut Chicken tossed in a Spicy Sauce with Steamed Jasmine Rice

If you love kungpao chicken, this might remind you of that Chinese kind of food. Sweet and savoury sauce over a moist chicken with a hint of nut once you take it all in one bite. The Jasmine Rice was also so fragrant. 

Wagyu Beef Brisket Balado with Jasmine Rice and "Urap" Vegetable

Another unique combination of western and Indonesian dishes. The idea of pairing "urap" with wagyu balado was unbelievably  creating something good even for me who's not into spicy thing. Thank's Kitchenette the balado sauce wasn't that spicy and the wagyu texture was so juicy! Enak. Titik.

That's all the new 12 menus from Kitchenette guys. Hope you have a wonderful long holiday and may the joyful be with you!!

Plaza Indonesia Level 2/026A
Jl. M.H. Thamrin No.28-30
Phone: +62 21 29923580
IG: @k1tchenette

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