This month I assume as my hibernating month. Instead of focusing on my blog writing, I focus more on why I live my life as a Risk & Quality staff in my office. Geeez, that’s sometime trigger a question, where is my passion? I feel like I lost my passion. Writer’s block, again?! Yeah yeah yeah I admit it that maybe I’m in the middle of writer’s block but not for sure, still I always trying to at least have one post in a month (compared to several months earlier). Shit happens baby and office – I believe everyone who live behind the cubicle feels it – did it to me. Nothing I could do in this very hectic month of March-May besides taking care of my weekend properly and do some weekend short getaway. Thanks God that last week, I got a chance to do weekend short getaway and have a free staycation at one of the most happening boutique hotel in Bandung, Beehive Boutique Hotel.

Brought to you by the management who lifting up the famous Beehive Café & Eatery and the newly open Kapulaga Bistro, this hotel not only famous by its sister name but also their edgy concept who dressing a rooftop into a super instagrammable room. People keep talking about their rooftop room and among the eights room, all of them always fully booked every weekend. Geeez, thanks God you gave me this super great experience hahaha…

Beehive Boutique Hotel located right behind the Beehive Café & Eatery. People can enter the lobby either from the café or the alley between Beehive Café & Kapulaga Bistro. The lobby are is not too big but designed beautifully with cozy sofa, green plants, colorful wired chair with a table filled with several retro stuffs, minimalist shelves and cushions, ah I just dream about my future living room would be like this hihihi…

The hotel wasn’t equipped with lift, I don’t know why, maybe because their concept which is more like a hostel, they prefer to provide stairs to reach each room. Comprising five levels, this hotel have several rooms with different theme. The standard rooms were from first to third floor, while the rooftop rooms were from fourth to fifth floor. Every corridors in each floor was designed beautifully as well. As if the corridors brought you to a different space but most of them were designed with retro and minimalist style in which every areas are perfect to take a picture. The wall are covered in mostly black, white and grey color. A warm and cozy ambiance like home. I just can’t stop to insist my hubby to take a picture of me in every corner of each floor hahaha!

I feel lucky that I could experience the most-talked rooftop room. I got the room number 502 in the fifth floor. Even when I reached out the fifth floor corridors, I just can’t stop screaming that the interior was so so sooooo like my-dream-home! It was just simple furniture but somehow made the corner was so girly, homey and aaaah just look at the pictures below guys!

And the surprise won’t stop. When I stepped into the room, I just barely say to my hubby “ayaaaang aku mau bikin rumah model begini aaaaak” Sumpah, bohong kalau cewek-cewek nggak gila liat desain rooftop room ini, even the boys did. Not to mention, my hubby, he adored all the minimalist but creative rooftop design of this hotel. Well, pictures parade first. Enjoy!

Five thumbs up for Beehive Boutique Hotel rooftop room design (hey, trust me, I’m writing this for my own good, not for ads or endorse ya). Imagine the rooftop room of Harry Potter in the Sorcerer’s Stone or the mermaid Jun Ji Hyun in The Legend of the Blue Sea-Korean drama. This rooftop somehow a real creation of that film which I finally experienced in my real life. Lebay yah hahaha, but that’s the truth baby. The giant rooftop window was amazingly made a bigger impression to the small room and give a difference ambiance during the day, night and rainy day. In the sunny morning, the ambiance was so bright, warm and perfect for every kind of photo shoot. When the night is come, the ambiance was more gloomy yet still warm and when the rain is coming, the ambiance was getting more dramatic. Trust me! Check differences of my below photos hahaha

 in the morning, when the sun shining so bright!

about 6PM during the light rain

The overall room was quite spacy but are made super minimal, without walking closet or any drawer. There’s only a king size bed with additional sofa bed, one table equipped with coffee and tea maker, 32 Inch LED TV, standing mirror, standing clothes hanger and quite spacy bathroom with shower and big vanity room. Most of the furniture are in black color with touch of white and grey made this bedroom feels serene and simply comfy. 

The best thing about staying here is we can choose both Beehive’s or Kapulaga’s menu and get it delivered right into our room. So, breakfast, snacking or dinner in a room is super possible! I chose to get a mild snack to company my hubby watched Piala Presiden. Psssst, I ordered Kapulaga’s Tempe Mendoan and they’re just so so good especially the sambal! Breakfast is includes in the hotel’s price and they offer visitor with several choices of breakfast which can be enjoyed both in Beehive Café or Kapulaga Bistro area.

I chose to have breakfast in Kapulaga area ever since we visited this bistro, I’m in love with their ambiance especially their garden area which equipped with kids playground and fish ponds. My son can’t get enough of seeing the fish and sliding in the kids’ slider hahaha…

So far, I didn’t have any complain about this hotel. They’re just adorable even not provided too much facilities like others. I highly recommend this hotel for couple or family stay. The price was also still reasonable, for Deluxe Room it’s starting from IDR476,000 to 515,000 while the rooftop starts from IDR700,000 to 1 million. Will be back for sure to this hotel. Thank you so much Beehive Boutique Hotel for your kind hospitality! 

Beehive Boutique Hotel
Jl. Dayang Sumbu No. 1-3
Dago, Bandung
Telp. +62 22 2505801
IG: @beehive_bdg

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