Il Vero Local Artisan Gelato, Mal Kelapa Gading

I'm living near Kelapa Gading area, but I'm the one who rarely spending my time in Kelapa Gading especially the mall since most of every weekend I went to Bandung. Fortunately, a week ago, I had no time to visit Bandung since my husband still in his business trip, so I decided to go to Mal Kelapa Gading and spending my time visiting some new places in the mall. Gosh, it's been like so many years, there are many new restaurants and cafes inside the mall. Even my favorite Sushi Tei outlet move to the 5th floor and I didn't realize hahaha...where have I been so far!! 

Well, strolling around the mall, I found a new gelato outlet in the lane between MKG 3 and 2. I remember it's supposed to be the Heavenly Blush outlet back then. The name is Il Vero Local Artisan Gelato. Their first outlet is in Arteri Permata Hijau and I assumed, after googling, this is their second outlet. The outlet was designed very eye-catchy with yellow and white. It's only a small outlet with one long table and about eight chairs to sit in. Even so, the queue was very long. 

Il Vero serves Italian gelato and sorbet with different flavors every day. The waiter told me they only use fresh ingredients, fresh fruits with no preservative and artificial coloring. Available in sweet-milky gelato and fresh-sour sorbet. When I visited the outlet in Saturday, they had Tiramisu, Salted Caramel, Mango, Hazelnut, Chocolate, Pistacchio and Lemon flavors. They serves the gelato in three serving size: small (1 flavor), medium (2 flavors) and large (3 flavors). Rather than choosing the small size, I prefer to pick the large one since the price was also cheaper compared to buy 3 cups of small size.

Mango, Pistacchio & Salted Caramel Gelato - 40K

I chose to have the milky gelato in Pistacchio and Salted Caramel and sour sorbet in Mango. All of them was sooo tempting! Of the three my favorite would be the Mango and the Salted Caramel. The Mango sorbet was so so fresh and taste like a real mango. Like you squeeze a mango and freeze it in the freezer. It's super duper refreshing. Neither too sweet nor tangy. It's just addicting! While the Salted Caramel came in light texture with sweet and a hint of salty flavor after came to my mouth. The Pistacchio came in bold texture, with rich Pistacchio flavor but I don't know why, compared to several Pistacchio gelato I've ever tried, this one was too bold for me, a little bit bitter.

in frame, left to right: mango and salted caramel

in frame, lef to right: pistacchio and mango

FYI, for your refreshment after the milky or sour ice cream, Il Vero have a free infused water that can be refilled anytime you want.

Well, for such fresh ingredients, I give a two thumbs up for Il Vero Gelato. They made it so fresh and tasty. The price is also still affordable start from IDR25,000 for small size, IDR30,000 for the medium and IDR40,000 for the large one. 

Will be back for another flavors! Psssst, I told you a secret, my 2yo kid was super addicted to this gelato, even in his first visit, he had the large one and finished it off byhimself hahaha. So, ice cream lovers you might want to catch them up!

Il Vero Local Artisan Gelato
Mal Kelapa Gading 3, 2nd Floor (in front of Gaudi store)
Jl. Bulevar Kelapa Gading
Jakarta Utara
IG: @ilverogelateria

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