I've heard about this new coffee shop in Bandung from several my fellow Bandung foodies. It's been five months since their establishment in December 2016 back then and I haven't pay a visit here. Yesterday, when waiting for my hubby had his Friday prayer, I spent my time strolling around this cool coffee shop. My first impression of this coffee shop was WOW! I thought this is the biggest coffee space I've ever visited in Bandung. The place was so spacious, divided into two area downstairs and upstairs with estimated 200 seats I thought. 

Sejiwa was brought to you by the people behind Please Please Please restaurant in Progo 37 which is only a few blocks from this coffee shop. If Please Please Please designed with retro-colorful style (read my review here), Sejiwa's area was set clean and neat in minimalist-industrial design with dominant white, grey and soft brown colors. They also put several icons such as a vintage scooter and mural with a citation of Sapardji Djoko Damono's famous poem "Aku Ingin". The most important thing, I love how they design the whole area with big and clear windows and high ceilings which make the whole area became soooo intagrammable. 

Let's take a look of what they have inside first!

The first floor area....

The cute poem citation in the wall & the vintage scooter

The other unique thing is their staff's uniform. They use clothes look like a lab white uniform written with Sejiwa "Staff Uniform". Isn't it cool?!

 The upstairs area...

Well, talking about the food and coffee served, I feel sorry that I only spent one hour here with a full tummy after my breakfast. So, I just did fast screening on the menu and decided to take my all time fav Flat White coffee and one of their best-selling Almond Croissant.

Flat White - around 25K

Having this coffee along with my sweet Almond Croissant was the best pairing. As I'm not a bold coffee drinker, sipping the light taste of this coffee with balance acidity was perfect to neutralize my plaate after munching the sweet croissant.

 Almond Croissant - 17K

I love this sweet almond croissant even though the texture is not as flaky as the look. The almond filing inside was moist and in a right amount of sweet. Best paired with your coffee! 

Sejiwa also offers range of food starting from appetizer, brunch to main course. The price ranging from IDR25,000 to 70,000. Overall, I love to spent my short hour here. The staff was very helpful and kind. The price was still in Bandung's coffee shop range which is still cheaper compared to Jakarta and for wi-fi seekers, their wi-fi speed was very fast. The only concern was only their air circulation. I didn't know whether at that time the sun shined so bright and hot since I sat near by the window or the air condition wasn't works well. I just feel like in the sauna hahaha... Surely will be back to this coffee shop to try their other menu. 

Sejiwa Coffee
Jl. Progo No. 15
(accross Kopi Progo)
IG: @sejiwacoffee

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