The New Transformed Lobby & Ramadhan Iftar Buffet of The Park Lane Hotel Jakarta

Last week, on Tuesday 30 May 2017, The Park Lane Hotel Jakarta, launched it's new transformed lobby area. Carrying a concept of Mushin which is identical with a Japanese metaphorical expression "Mizu No Kokoro" or "the mind like water, this refurbished lobby named as "The Water Ripple Lobby". 

The Water Ripple lobby encompasses the concept of peaceful experiences reaching to infinity. A pure state of mind, a pure mental clarity which produced by the absence of the ego or limited self which offers guests an engaging and modern space to begin their stay. This concept clearly represents in their choice of colors of the whole lobby area. A dominant warm grey and silver, with touch of white and gold making all the surrounding look so impressive and magnificent. The choice of the main wallpaper facing the main stairs is also represent that The Park Lane Jakarta has a serious plan to enhance the guests experience. 

"When a guest comes to stay at a hotel, the lobby is the first and last thing that they will experience so it's incredibly important to their overall stay," said the General Manager of The Park Lane Jakarta, Daniel Cartwright. 

Let's take a look of my pictures below. Sadly I wasn't following all the ceremony due to my office daily hour. So I came here after the ceremony has ended but I still have these beautiful new lobby pictures for you. Enjoy!

Even though I missed the ceremony, I still have a chance to unveil their Ramadhan Delights Promotion at Cafe One. During this Ramadhan their all day dining restaurant, Cafe One, offers a Ramadhan Iftar Buffet with great selections of Ramadhan special food especially takjil to break the fasting. I could see that Cafe One is seriously taking everyone's who wish to break their fast here left with fulfilling tummy. 

They offers many kind of takjil starts from traditional kolak pisang, various Indonesia sweet porridge such as bubur ketan hitam (indonesian black sticky rice porridge), es campur, asinan, puddings, cakes, until the most-wanted items during breakfasting "gorengan" (typical Indonesian fried snacks, such as fried tempeh, fried tofu, fried yam, etc)! Yup, in a moment, this "gorengan" gone and has no leftovers hahaha....They also have a "churros", a Spanish signature snack, which is seasonally offered. Thanks God when I came here, I could try this sweet and tasty churros hihihi...

To complete the breakfasting, The Park Lane Jakarta also offers a sumptuous presentation of Indonesian traditional herbal drink, Wedang Jahe (ginger drinks). This warm and sweet ginger drink was presented in a high level but still in affordable price at IDR50,000++. 

As for the dinner, you can enjoy many various selections of the buffet starting from salad, fresh sushi and mixed salad, array of Indonesian food such as dendeng balado, opor ayam, sauteed corn and tofu, yellow rice, oxtail soup, mie kangkung and their signature grilled lamb. I personally love their Mie Kangkung. the broth was so tasty and their grilled lamb, the meat was juicy and tender.

Buffet of Indonesian Food

Fresh sushi and salad

 Mie Kangkung

Roasted Lamb

You can enjoy all of those scrumptious Ramadhan Iftar Buffet for IDR275,000++ per person. Children below 12 years will get 50% off. Get a special offers of 50% as well by using BNI Card. This Ramadhan Iftar Buffet will stay from 24 May to 24 June 2017 from 18.00 PM to 10.30 PM. So, don't miss this special offer and get your friends, or family experience a spirit of Ramadhan at The Park Lane Hotel Jakarta.

The Park Lane Hotel Jakarta
Jalan Casablamca Kav,18
Jakarta Selatan 12780
Telp. +62 21 828 2000
IG: @parklanejakarta

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