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When in Bali, eat ice cream! That's what people always suggest everyone to chill their body in the hot and sunny Bali. Thanks God, now we can find many good gelatos or ice cream in Bali. After the booming of the Mad Pops's which I only visit once due to their very small and packed store and didn't have a time to take a picture since my kid insisted me to eat the ice cream by himself (ibunya ga dibagiii sama sekali yaowoooh *nangisbombay), so the next visit to other ice cream' shop was to this Sore-Sore Artisan Ice Cream. 

The name was so cool right. So ear-catchy and easy to remember. Sore-Sore was established under the family of the famous doughnut, Dough Darling. The store was also located next to Dough Darling store in Petitenget. It was a small store but not as small as the Mad Pops's store. They still have a small dining area inside and a few high chairs outside. 

Sore-Sore offers deliciously unique ice cream's flavors, which some, I thought, couldn't find anywhere. You can find unique flavours from Tolak Angin Chocomint, Ting Ting Kacang, Teh Susu Kue Marie, Es Cendol to traditional Nangka (Jackfruit) flavors. The size were available from small (1 scoop), medium (2 scoops) and large (3 scoops). Price ranges from IDR25,000 to 60,000.

Teh Susu Kue Marie - IDR25K (1 scoop)

This one was so unique in my opinion. A good combination of pulled milk tea (Teh Tarik) flavors with crumbs of Marie biscuit. As a teh tarik lovers (or maybe well-known as Thai Tea in recent market), I was super duper in love with this ice cream! Aside of it's texture which not easily melted, the overall taste remind me of my childhood when I used to dip the sweet Marie biscuit into a hot tea hahaha...My kid was love this ice cream so much as well!

Jackfruit (nangka) - IDR25K (1 scoop)

This one was my hubby's choice. He loves jackfruit so much and this might be his comfort food. I could taste rich flavours of jackfruit companied by minced of real jackfruit inside the ice cream. Simple but sooo addictive!

Well, my visit to this gelato store was amazing. All people's soo happy including my kid. He's even, again, finished the ice cream by himself without sharing hahaha...If you looking for another good gelato in Bali and unique flavors as well, I recommend you to try this Sore-Sore Artisan Ice Cream.

Sore-Sore Artisan Ice Cream
Jalan Petitenget No. 22
Bali (next to Dough Darlings)
IG: @soresore_id

the happy kid!


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After quick lunch at Lantern, I decided to spend the rest of the day before dinner in a coffee shop. Since my hubby didn't want to drive far away from Petitenget area, so I decided to walk view blocks to Livingstone Cafe & Bakery. It was actually very close to Lantern Restaurant and one area with the famous Buro Concept Store & Coffee. Unfortunately, when I visited Livingstone, Buro was under renovation. 

I was recommend again by my friend in Bali to try this cafe since they have good choices of bakery and coffee. The area was very wide with an industrial design dominated with white, grey and brown colour. Overall, when I first stepped in this cafe, I preferred to call this "a bakery" since the first thing people will see once they arrive is the big displays of bread and cakes, while the coffee area placed in the end of the area, a lil bit hiding if you didn't notice. There were several dining tale and big sofa including a comfy outdoor area. 

Livingstone actually is well-known for their fresh and home-made bakery. People said when you visit Livingstone, you must try at least one bread or cakes. The favorite one would be the Watermelon Bread. However, since the Watermelon Bread is packed for daily consume (one pack consist of six breads), I opted to try their one-go-bread and coffee. Beside the bakery, Livingstone offers the food menu as well from lightbites such as bruschetta and potato wedges to sandwich, salad to the main course such as pasta, burger and pizza.

Cheese Doughnut - 12,5K

Thing that I interested in when seeing the displays for the first time was this donut. It was because my kid love donut so much as well. The donut might looks so so but the size and the tasty was great. The size was quite big for a IDR12K. It's holy CHEAP baby! The texture was so moist with drizzle of sugar covering the outside part of the donut, while the cheese topping was so generous covered the chocolate and you'll find the surprise inside the donut which was cheese cream! Overall, ever bite was heaven. A perfect pair for my coffee that afternoon. 

Chai Latte - 34K

As usual, I was looking for light coffee, and the waiter recommended me this Chai Latte. It was a fusion of latte, cinnamon and ginger. The smell was so soooo good. I could smell a rich flavour of the sweet cinnamon, felt the warm ginger and tasted the bitter of the espresso. However, frankly, as light as its texture, overall taste of this coffee was more like a ginger drinks, hmmm let's say a "bajigur" (traditional drinks containing ginger and milk) in Indonesia. But well, I love this so much. Paired it with my donut and my afternoon just perfect! 

Iced Coffee Caramel Latte - 37K

I didn't have a chance to take the close photo of this drinks! It was slightly run out in a second by my thristy husband after I took this flatlay photo ahahaha. See that tall glass, that's the Iced Caramel Coffee Latte. The taste was so so for me. Just a fusion of coffee and caramel. A lil bit to sweet as well. 

Overall, I found Livingstone was a good and cozy place to spend the day either for a good coffee or a tasty bread or cakes. The bread and cakes' price are ranging from IDR10,000 to IDR60,000; while the food from lightbites to main course are ranging from IDR65,000 to 150,000. FYI, they also provide a good breakfast starting from 7AM, the price ranges are IDR75,000 to 115,000. For the beverages and coffee, prepare about IDR25,000 to 40,000. I will came here again for their Chai Latte and of course try their main course as well.

See you on the next Bali's restaurant recommendation

thanks for reading guys!

Livingstone Cafe & Bakery
Jl. Petitenget No.88X
Kerobokan Kelod, Kuta Utara
Telp: +361 4735949
IG: @livingstonebakery


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I visited Lantern based on recommendation of my friends who lives in Bali. She said if you want to look for good and affordable Vietnamese/Asian Cuisine around Seminyak, Lantern might be a good choice. So, I visited this resto for late lunch since my hubby and I too lazy to went out from our hotel hehehe...

Lantern is a small restaurant at Petitenget area. You can easily find them at the crowd of Petitenget street next to Nostimo Greek Grill Resto. The restaurant was beautifully designed like a street food cafe in Vietnam completed with the domination of oriental ornaments and colors. I thought Lantern try to make the visitors experience their love of South East Asia's cuisine. Here, we can find selections of South East Asia and Peranakan cuisine, from Malaysia, Singapore, Vietnamese, Thailand to Indonesia. I opted their Vietnamese & Peranakan food based on my friend's recommendation.

Vietnamese Spring Roll - 45K

this spring roll was the best spring roll I've ever had in my life! Seriously, aside from their super thin, chewy and fresh rice paper rolls, what's wrapped inside was super fresh and crunchy. In one bite, you can taste a fresh chicken, prawn, carrot, lettuce and cucumber with a cool "crack" sensation that oh God, I even hard to describe...and their nouc champ dipping was sooo tasty. Fresh, tangy, sweet, sour in one dip and all just like heaven in my mouth! A super MUST TRY! 

Hainan Chicken Rice - 75K

In their menu written that this is a limited daily supply, but thanks God that day I could try their Hainan Chicken Rice. You might get hundreds of this rice in Jakarta, but only some crafting the good ones. Lucky me, Lantern serves a very very tasty Hainan Chicke Rice. The rice was not only fragrant but also super moist with its 3 hours sous-vide method (a method of cooking in which food is vacuum-sealed in a plastic pouch and then placed in a water bath or steam environment for longer than normal cooking times (usually 1 to 7 hours, up to 48 or more in some cases) The chicken, meanwhile, was very well-cooked and the smell of the ginger was soooo lifting up my taste bud. It's hard to explain, this might be a comfort food, but the rice was so addictive! A super must try as well. 

As for the drinks, I have no recommendation, but their Thai Iced Tea was quite nice and the Strawberry juice was simply refreshing. 

Strawberry Juice - 35K

Thai Iced Tea - 45K

Prepare cash around IDR40,000 to 150,000 for food and IDR25,000 to 45,000 for beverages which for more was still affordable for Bali's market. The service was fast and kind. No complaint at all. I got a very good lunch experience here. Lantern simply gave me a comfort food and ambiance which I wanted it again and again. I wish you also enjoy your time here. Mind if you share the story in the comment once you visited this resto.

Jalan Raya Petitenget 17E 
Kerobokan, Bali
Ph. +62 361 733192
IG: @lanternbali


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Bali is always be my favorite place when it comes to a beach club. Who says no to Bali, right, when you said beach club, either it’s in front of the beach or not, the ambiance, the crowd has always Bali. You’ll never find the same thing in Jakarta, right. Nowadays, I realized the game of beach clubs in Bali has getting stronger. Tourists has given many choices of beach club either the one facing the beach, having a big swimming pool or even “no-beach” beach club which facing the forest! Yes many beach clubs and please named it by yourself. Now, I want to share you my recent favorite beach club in Bali which recently opened at Seminyak area, Mrs Sippy. The name is so catchy in everyone’s ear, remembering people to Mississippi City in USA. This beach club become the modern Seminyak oasis with its stylish pool which become the only beach club in Bali that provides the largest saltwater pools.

It was amazing when stepped into Mrs Sippy, I was welcomed by a big and blue pools with the iconic dive tower ranging from 1 m, 3 m and 5 m heights and surrounded by gardens and shady palm trees along with super cozy daybeds and wooden-style dining tables. In separate area, there are also two bars with several dining tables and high chairs. I didn’t know what I feel about this beach club, I just feel WOW, this club made me feel like I’m somewhere in that hippest beach club in Florida, USA hahaha…because this beach club is so soooo cool!

Well, let’s do a photo tour first! Be ready to jump into the pool!

More pools for you!

In Mrs Sippy, you can do anything either you come with your family, kids, girlfriends, or party buddies, this beach club covers all. They are open from 08.00 AM until 12.00AM. In the morning from 08.00 AM to 12.00 PM, you can bring along your kids and enjoy their freshly breakfast. In the afternoon from 12.00 PM until midnight, the pools area are strictly for adults. You can enjoy their sumptuous lunch and dinner menu while mingling with the crowd in a pool party! 

Well, since I brought my 2 yo kid, I visited this beach club in the morning and I thought that's the perfect timing since the area was still quiet. Most of the morning visitors were family with kids and I could enjoy my day laying in their daybeds and sipping my morning coffee in a serene ambiance. FYI, no entrance fee to Mrs Sippy, but if you want to rent their daybeds, prepared IDR600,000 on your pocket (its including 2 towels), but if you just want to sitting down while chit-chatting with some friends in the bar or other area exclude the daybeds, no minimum charge (that's super cool right!), just prepare IDR50,000 to rent a towel if you wish to swim. 

Let's take a look of what I enjoyed in their morning kitchen

Benedict - 90K
Poached eggs, English muffin, Spinach, Hollandaise, Smoked Salmon

Egg Benedict game strong in Bali. This was one of best egg benedict I've ever tried. Simply love with the ingredients. I got a perfectly cooked poached eggs that melted easily with a creamy spinach and juicy smoked salmon. Super yet fulfilling breakfast!

Sippy Frozen Bowl - 70K

I usually opt for something fulfilling for breakfast, but surprisingly this smoothies bowl was simply more than enough to fulfill my tummy hahaha and couldn't be resisted. I got a full bowl of dragon fruit, yogurt and mix berry smoothies topped with shredded coconut, strawberry, and banana. Oh well, all in the bowl just mixed well, with fresh and a lil bit tangy sensation from the berries and the topping was perfect companion as well. If you're a smoothies bowl lover, you have to give it a try.

Eggs Your Way - 35K
Omelette with Multigrain Sourdough

Best option for kids was this menu, Eggs your Way. You can choose any style of eggs and the companion from kinds of bread, vegetables, smoked salmon, beef sausage, ham or even avocado or cheese. 

For drinks, Mrs Sippy serves smoothies & milkshakes, detox project (mixed healthy fruit and vegetables), and coffee or tea. I opted for something fresh and this Mango Smoothies - 60K was simply lifted up my morning. The combination of mango, yogurt, milk and cinnamon was just perfect. Neither too sour nor too sweet. I love the cinnamon smell as well. Must try!

Well, I had a super duper good day in Mrs Sippy. Strolling around the pools, sitting down at their daybeds, enjoying my breakfast, swimming with my hubby and kids while watching people so excited jumping from the dive tower to the blue pool. Ah this what I called a perfect holiday in Bali. Regardless of their good food and service, I wish they provide more good facilities to rinse out after swim. They now only provide an open air showers without shampoo or soap allowed, but they provides a clean and enough changing room.

So, when you're in Bali or plan to visit this God's island, ensure that you put Mrs Sippy on your list. 

Til the next holiday post!

Mrs Sippy Beach Club
Jalan Taman Ganesha, Gang Gagak 8,
Seminyak, Bali
Telp: +62 361 3351079

(directions: this beach club is in between Alila Seminyak & Katamama Hotel, just find a sign of Alila Seminyak then turn right until you find a sign of Mrs Sippy, you will go through a small alley to this beach club)

Opening hours 08AM - 12AM
Breakfast 08AM - 12PM
Lunch & Dinner 12PM - 12AM
Saturday Brunch 08AM - 02PM

Price Range: 
No Entrance Fee
No minimum charge to dine in all area exclude the daybeds
IDR50,000 for towel rent if you wish to swim
Daybeds Rent - IDR600,000 including 2 towels
Food - IDR300,000 for two persons 

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