I must be so late in visiting Titik Temu, one of the hippest coffee shop in Bali which the hype is still on until now. Even so, I still curious to try their coffee and of course to visit what people said as one of the coziest coffee shop in Bali. 

Titik Temu located at the small alley in Jalan Kayu Aya, Seminyak. You won't recognize this place if you don't watch their small sign in front of the alley. Even thought we need to park my motorcycle in the small alley, I was a bit surprise that the area actually so big inside. Titik Temu has a very big and green front yard area which was soooo homey. The design of the coffee shop was also unique, a wooden house with an ethnic and rustic design in. As I am aware about my foodies friend's previous post of Titik Temu back in 2016, so many changes made to the overall design of this coffee shop nowadays. Back then, the area was all outdoor, including the rooftop; now the downstairs area changed into an indoor area covered with minimalist windows. There's also a white wall covered half part of the edge of the stairs which now became "A MANDATORY" photo area when you visit Titik Temu. People loves to spend their afternoon on the rooftop area, but since I came here in the middle of the day, which was super sunny and hot, I decided to sat down inside the indoor area.

The indoor area might looks small but somehow, the way they arranged the table made the overall area looks wider. This was a short visit after my big lunch so my hubby and I only spent our time tried out their coffee. They offers quite wide range of coffee including the single origin coffee from Bali, Bandung, etc. Choices of light snacks and big meals such as burgers and sandwiches were also available to choose.

Iced Long Black - 31K

Hubby's fav. A refreshing shot of espresso in a glass. I'm not an avid fan of long black, but this one was quite interesting to try. The espresso taste was strong but the after taste was light and not too bitter. 

Flat White - 33K

This coffee used single origin named Sunda Gulali from West Java with the tasting notes malty, milk chocolate and sweet in milk. It's creamy with lovely chocolate after taste. I love this coffee so much!

I should spend my day more in this cozy coffee shop. The ambiance was super duper great especially the rooftop area. Some said that this coffee shop only sells their ambiance, some said that the coffee was good. Some said good, some not. Well, that's people personal opinion. Mine would be in between that two. How about you? Have you tried Titik Temu so far? Pleasure to hear your comment below. 

Have a great day!

Titik Temu Coffee
Jalan Kayu Cendana No.1
Banjar Taman, Seminyak
Kuta Utara, Bali
IG: @titiktemubali

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