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My trip to Bali in last early August was my best culinary trip ever. I spent most of my time to visit the cafe/coffee shop/restaurants that I’ve never visited before and it resulted of 13 places I visited in 4 days hahaha...Of course several of them will be in my blog post list and the rest maybe I’ll just put it as a short review on my Instagram...zzzz now I need to spare my time to write all that stories to you...hope you’ll wait my post one by one ;-)

So many places in Bali I missed last year, but this year many new places come up. So, to shorten up my list, I decided to visit the recommended one rather than visit a new one but have no good recommendations at all. Well, when people ask me “resto apa yang enak di Bali cha?” I better give them a place which most of the people talked or visited as well right, rather than give them a new place which people never talked before or even have no reviews at all. It’s Bali, I think people do not need to visit a new restaurant, but to visit a place which other people said “kalau ke Bali, lo kudu banget makan disini”. Sounds right for me sih, how about you?

I googled some of that places from some Bali Foodies’s instagrammer and some of my fellow Jakarta’s foodies. One of them I found very interesting was this one, INGKA. A sister restaurant of NOOK in Umalas which tend to serve a healthy Bali food. 

Located at Kerobokan area, Ingka stands a bit far from the crowd of Seminyak, but that’s made it different I thought. The restaurant was easy to find, when you’re in Jalan Mertanadi just look for a Food Folk Cafe and Warehouse Wholesaler shop, INGKA is in between them. As I stepped into this restaurant, I felt like visiting a friend’s house which love something vintage, eclectic, artsy and earthy. I could see from the furniture, lamps, frames and ornaments which in vintage and eclectic style. Dominated in warm and bold color domination like brown, black, and grey. The area was divided in two, main area inside and backyard area. In the main area, there area a dining and bar area, while the backyard, I could find how the owner love the earthy style by presenting a green and cozy backyard completed with a green garden (I heard in the opening until 2016, it used to be a small rice field, don’t know why they turned it to a small garden). 

I decided to sit at the backyard since the ambiance was so serene and feels like home. INGKA offers range of food from Western, Italian to Indonesian and most of them in a healthy-food style, especially their breakfast. That’s what makes them so famous since the opening back then on 2015.
I was suggested to take their healthy burger and pasta. Well here they are:

Grilled Chicken Burger – 65K

So surprised of the presentation. I thought this was my very first healthy and generous-filing burger I’ve ever tried! Look at that size and those greens! Geeez, I was sooo like being a healthy-junkie in an hour hahaha...I admitted that this burger was ROCKS! 

Starting from the very moist and crunchy buns, even the bottom bun was so crunchy and fragrant; the veggies which I didn’t know the name but it’s so good; the juicy chicken patty with rosemary aroma (anyway, I actually didn’t know where the rosemary aroma came from, but the overal burger smells like rosemary and twas so lifting up my taste bud); the sunny side up; the sweet and sour sauce which for me more like a light BBQ sauce; and last but not least the mozzarella and cheddar cheese. I have no complain to this menu. Everything just suit my palate. Ya ampun pokoknya ini ENAK BGT! 

Smoked Salmon Fettuccine – 70K

My hubby’s choice and turned into something that he loves. The pasta was cooked al dente with creamy sauce and smoked salmon. Because it’s so creamy, this pasta was perfect for someone who loves something bold and creamy like me and my hubby. The verdict was only the portion, it’s even smaller than the kid’s portion of my kid had hahaha....

Broccoli Fettuccine – 65K

This was a kid’s meal and the portion was so big hahaha...overall the pasta was good. Well-cooked with creamy sauce and generous broccoli. My kid loves this so much. 

Healthy Green
I forgot what’s the name of this drinks, but as far as I remember, this healthy smoothies was a mixed of kale, pinneaple, orange and etc. The texture was so thick and the taste was quite tangy but refreshing.

Infused Water
Smart choice if you want no other kind of drinks hehehe...

Iced Cappuccino
Hubby’s order and the taste was similar with most of the Iced Cappuccino in the market. Nothing special. 

Overall, I personally had a great lunch here. From the portion and price, I could summarize that INGKA was still reasonable. The service was also fast and good, but maybe INGKA should train their waiter more familiar with the menu. I found some of them did not even know what the menu is all about. Aside from that, looking at the natural and earthy ambiance which similar to its sister resto, Nook, if you feel drive to Nook is so far, eating inside INGKA might give a quite similar experience. I’ll be back for sure for their rockin burger!

Jl. Mertanadi No. 80
Kerobokan, Kuta Utara
Phone: +361 735219
IG: @ingkabali

Opening hours:  08.00 AM – 23.00 PM
Price Range: IDR20,000 - 100,000

Marlo Kitchen by Chef Norman, Bandung

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This weekend I tried another new hangout spot in Bandung, named Marlo Kitchen by Chef Norman. This restaurant owned by the famous magician Abu Marlo in collaborated with the talented chef, Norman. Located at Jalan Tamblong no. 40 Bandung, this restaurant was easy to find out. Before heading to this restaurant, I was googling some info about this talk-of-the town resto recently including how the interior will look like and well they’re indeed quite instagrammable. Even I made a visit at night, some parts of the area still look stunning.

This restaurant is dominated with black and white. However, there are some corners beautified with some girly wallpaper and flowers’ pot. Simple, chic and minimalist. The wall design, meanwhile, enhance the owner’s character as a magician. They put several photos and profile of the magician and colorful magic cards and some black and white pictures on frames as well. 

What impressed me was their furniture;  they used modern-minimalist furniture with some vintage stuffs. You can see at their idea to recycle real airplane seats into something comfy chair for dining. A very out of the box idea! And oh another impressive thing was they’re using soothing aromatherapy (I don’t know what actually the scents, but it smells like jasmine mixed with white lily) in every corners which the scents remain strong in my cloth even after we went out of the restaurant hahaha…

For the menu, they’re serving most of Indonesian and Western cuisine with several unique signature dishes such as Seblak Wagyu Beef, Wagyu Beef  with Sambal Matah and Pizza Cone.

Messy Fries - 30K

Pottao wedges with chili con carne and cream cheese. I ordered this one for my kid but it turned out so good that I couldn’t resist as well haha…the wedges was well-fried accompany with tasty chili con carne, minced beef and creamy cheese.

Pan Fried Dory Pesto with Lemon Sauce -70K

Tender pan fried dory served with potato wedges, mushroom, pesto and lemon sauce. I love the tenderness of the dory mixed with savory and fresh pesto with a tangy yet fresh lemon sauce. This menu would be greater if they’re resizing the serving size.

Spaghetti Mushrooms Carbonara - 40K

Looking for a perfect spaghetti carbonara is very hard for me, but thanks to the Chef Norman, he's creating a very good carbonara sauce that close to my expectation. It's sooo creamy, savoury and sooo cheesy but in balance portion. Even my hubby wo doesn't love something too creamy had a crush on it!

Mountain Lava Cake - 30K

You might find this type of cake is not special because you can find something like this anywhere, but finding a good lava cake is sometimes difficult. A cake that close to everyone's expectation of something ooey-gooey chocolate cake texture with oozing lava chocolate and Marlo Kitchen has it all! The good news is the chocolate wasn't too sweet but it's still addictive. Geez, this mountain lava cake is really TO DIE FOR!   

Honestly, I was a little skeptical about something that only looks good in instagram, this resto could be that good since they’re still be the talked-in-town recently, but thanks God, overall dining experience in this restaurant was very good. Price always still wise and even cheaper than similar types of restaurant in Jakarta. It's ranging from IDR20,000 to 100,000 for food and IDR15,000 to 35,000 for beverages. We even only spent around IDR229,000 after 10% tax and service for the above-mentioned menus and two cups of lemon tea. It's a very good deal right! And oh even my hubby asked me where we can buy that wonderful aromatherapy scents hahaha...Well, if you're looking for cozy place with good food for family dinner, gathering, birthday bash even dating, Marlo Kitchen could be your choice. Pssst...every weekend they also present a live acoustic music performance with a very good and beautiful singer ;-)

Marlo Kitchen
Jl. Tamblong 48-50
Telp. +62812-9341-7777
IG: @marlo_kitchen

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