About Me

An Nur Khairisa, a foodie who was born in Jakarta, September 2, 1988 and only wanted to be called as ICHA. She has main passions in writing and broadcasting since she was a child. No wonder, when she was a child, she used to be a-fake-announcer and presenter in front of her mirror hehehe...then her passion finally almost come true when she joined in her campus radio 107, 8 ERA FM State University of Jakarta. As a full time student in English Language and Literature, she enjoyed her world as a Reporter cum Announcer then in last year as a Music Director at her campus radio.

She also fulfill her passion in writing as a freelance writer in one of Indonesia's biggest publisher company, GAGAS MEDIA as a first reader and translator and as an assistant writer in PT MR PEN INDONESIA that made her finally published her first BOOK!

She recently published one book, Menganggur??? No Way!!! (ANDI Publishing, October 2010) and her first translated book, How to Simplify Your Love (GAGAS MEDIA, November 2010)

Her next passions is be a novelist that has never been come true yet she only can be a novel-addict-reader with many stacks of novels in her bookshelves...

Her finally-fulfilled passion is be an editor. Now, after her faboulus university graduation in September 2010, she has been working as an editor in one of a world tax service advisor in Menara Imperium, Kuningan, South Jakarta.

Her side job are presenter and blogger, esp. food blogger because of her passion in food is soo over limit hahaha!

Noted as a participant of Global Peace Leadership Conference 2010 and semifinalist of None Jakarta Utara 2010 and Cosmogirl of the Year 2008, she wishes to pursue her next passions..travelling while continuing her culinary trip...

Candle light dinner in Sawarna Beach, Photo Session in Karimun Jawa Island, diving in Bunaken and Raja Ampat National Sea Park as well as snorkeling in Derawan Island are one of her biggest dream.

While waiting for her dreams, she will enjoy every yummy stories that she passes through especially writing and sharing anything in his personal blog, baking in her free weekend, and fulfill her never-unfulfilled-desire to buy a pair of high heels hehehe..

Follow and enjoy her yummy stories in this blog!


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