BigParma (Closed)

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After the first invitation in Sangrai, Bandung, I back to visit the second invitation from the same owner of Sangrai in an Italian resto called BigParma. Ever heard bout Parma? You must be know if you a football maniac hahaha, but do you know that Parma is also has a best cheese product in Europe. Nah, that was the BigParma is all about. They barely wanna show us the variant of cheese from Parma that other resto rarely to use. Furthermore, they also wanna introduce us with the other variants of Italian food instead of pasta, pizza, spaghetti, you name it! BigParma has its specialty in serving Parmigiana. Strange, right? Lemme explain a little to you.

Parmigiana is a Southern Italian dish made with a shallow-fried sliced filling, layered with cheese and tomato sauce, then baked. Parmigiana made with a filling of aubergine (eggplant) is the earliest version. Variations made with breaded meat cutlets, such as veal and chicken parmigiana, have been popularized in other countries, usually in areas of Italian immigration.  (

However, due to Indonesia taste, the Parmigiana term in BigParma has been modified.

Parmigiana is a Southern Italian dish made by chicken fillet covered with flour, fried then bake into an oven and served with melted Parma authentic cheese, handmade tomato sauce, fried fries, and salad. (BigParma's term)

As I understood enough to what Parmigiana is, I started to satisfy my tummy with the Original Parmigiana first. It was really a chicken fillet yet I remembered it similar with chicken katsu in Japanese dish. The surprising thing was it really covered with handmade tomato sauce and melted cheese. Yay! The texture of the chicken fillet was good and the cheese was sooooo definitely heaven! Really never tried this kind of cheese before. So far I met a melted cheese who really melted in my mouth, but this one melted in the chicken fillet not melted in my mouth. It’s even created a chewy and savory sensation. I can even chewing the super soft cheese! Great. I dunno why I love the not melted sensation in mouth of this Parma cheese. The taste was also different with similar cheese I’ve ever tasted. However, after several pieces of the parmigiana came into my tummy, I was getting full and wamble. Dunno why maybe it caused by the original taste of tomato sauce that unfamiliar in my Indonesian’s tongue. Watchout BigParma, except your market are tourists or food enthusiasts who loves to try many kind of cuisines, the Indonesian people might be unfamiliar and tend to avoid such taste, think to add a little ingredients or modification to make it familiar with average people who at least dining without any expectation in your resto.

On the other hand, my tastebud was getting better when trying the Smoked Beef Parmigiana, the tomato sauce tent to sweeter and savory than the Original one. The Smoked Beef on the top is also baked well and the portion of both is enough.

As my tummy getting full, I only could spent one more dish. So, I decided to take Chicken O’Balls. Unfortunately, it’s not even trigger my appetite due to the chicken was still frozen. How come?! When I get rid the crunchy covered of, I got a frozen and feels-like-raw chicken! I thought that this is a frozen chicken that directly being fried. Euuww, it’s failed BagParma. Sorry. Consider that you better boiled the frozen chicken before going to the frying pan. 

Having dissapointed by the snacks, I directly close my lunch with drinks. I ordered Blueberry Juice and Green Tea Blended. For God Sake, I looovve the Blueberry Juice! It’s fresh and the original of blueberry taste really dancing in my tongue. Aaah delicioso!

The Green Te Blended, however, not too good. Too much milk, less green tea. Feels like drink a skim milk with pandanese flavor, sort of. 

Oh ya, in the opening before tasting the main course, I also tasting their coffee. Hot Caramel Coffee and Hot Cappuccino. Both are not too interesting for me. It feels like a sachet of cappuccino brewing in my glass. The caramel was also not blended with the coffee. I even can’t distinguish whether it’s the cappuccino or the caramel one. It’s mostly similar.

I only noted that actually this resto should consider their menu variation. As I see in the list, the menu similar with Western not too Italian. BigParma might be reconsider to make really authentic Parmigiana menu that suit with Indonesian tongue, except they wanna change the concept into a real Italian resto. 

Thanks Pak Joy dan Pak Samsul for the invitation. I’m waiting the new menus of BigParma, lho! Hehehe..

How bout you who loves Italian food, eatersuntildiee? If you have a chance to taste BigParma, do you feel the same Indonesian-Italian tongue with me or am I too Indonesian til I can’t enjoy the original Italian cuisine haha....Can’t wait to hear your story. Au revoir.


Jl. Cemara 83, Sukajadi
(next to Brands United FO)

Telp. (022) 91566224

Open from 10.00 – 21.00 WIB

Now Cooking: Sangrai

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Bandung is called as one of never ending culinary destination in Indonesia. I always agree for that statement due to me always craving for other culinary destinations here. On October, 2011, an owner of two breakthrough restaurant in Bandung invited me to taste their resto. Me certainly head over heels to visit such resto, one is Indonesian, the other is Italian. Then, when I was visiting my boyfriend in Bandung two weeks ago, I got a chance to visit the first resto, namely Sangrai. 

The resto is located at Jalan Riau 63, next to Heritage FO. Actually it is in one area with the FO. People can easily find the typical sundanese resto with a wooden wall and table and a big board with the resto name ‘Sangrai’ in front of the resto.  As I stepped my feet in the resto, I felt that this wasn’t kind of resto, me might be called this as cafĂ©. Because there is only several table, about 50 capacities of people. The ambience is quite nice, supported by the warm weather of Bandung and the wooden tables that make it feel homey. My tastebud suddenly appeared when I looking into a display of several menus of Sangrai. As the waiter gave me the menu list, it was inside my expectation. The menu is typical Indonesian resto since the market of which is mostly the tourists and people who looking for authentic Indonesian cuisine.

Actually, it was boring for me to read such Ayam Goreng, Iga Bakar, Nasi Goreng or Roti Bakar in the menu that I easily find in Jakarta. However, when the waiter explained they have other variants of Rice Package (Nasi Komplit), I agreed to try it. Sangrai, whose name comes from a Sundanese proverb ‘Sangrai’ which means a hereditary, served variant of Rice Package such as Nasi Timbel Bakar Komplit, Nasi Hijau Pandan Komplit, Nasi Ungu Ubi Komplit, Nasi Tutug Oncom Komplit, etc. My tastebud rolled into the Nasi Ungu Ubi and Nasi Hijau since I was curious how did the taste of rice combined by sweet potatoes hehehe….

Before the two of Rice Package hit my tummy, a plate of Tahu Gerus Pedas strokes my tummy first. This menu is actually a snack for appetizer. The good news is to follow and mention twitter account of Sangrai @SANGRAIBDG or upload your photo in their facebook, you can get free Tahu Gerus Pedas every purchase all menus. Yay! The Tahu Gerus Pedas has its spicy level one to three chilies.  Me not a spice food lover, so I ordered the one with one chili. The food remembered me of Tahu Gejrot, a kind of mince tofu with special sauce. This one only a mince fried tofu with chili. It was tasteless. My tastebud only taste a spicy flavor from the chili. I thought that Sangrai should consider to add a little of salt in the tofu.

Soon the Rice Package served into me. Wow, I love the appearance of both Nasi Ungu Ubi and Nasi Hijau Pandan. Colourful. Both Rice Package consists of gepuk (a mashed beef), fried tempe and tofu, salted fish, lalapan (lettuce and tomato) and sambal. My tummy was spoiled by Nasi Hijau Pandan since I’ve never taste the same Nasi Hijau as this one before. The one I’ve ever tasted only nasi hijau covered with pandanus flavor, but this one has a best texture of rice and combined with Suji leaves which its fiber united with the rice. It’s very savory, aromatic, sweet, aahh I couldn’t explain more except it’s tasty! I definitely will back for this one!

Meanwhile, the Nasi Ungu Ubi which made from a combination of purple sweet potatoes and rice tasted so-so for me. I didn’t know why the texture of the rice was different with Nasi Hijau Pandan. It’s more sticky.  Maybe it caused by the sweet potates in which. Ya at least the additional menus like the gepuk and the others satisfied my tummy hehehe...

So, next the dessert is the famous Batagor Karasa hahaha. I didn’t insist if somene give me various kind of Batagor as long as it comes handmade from Bandung hahaha. I dunno why the texture and taste is different with any other Batagor in other city. 

This one, was quite tasty for me. The texture of the spring roll skin is very crunchy and I love the sauce. Very nutty, savory and goes sweet after passing my throat by. I also tasted two kinds of yoghurt, Strawberry and Mango, which is definitely handmade. Wow, I never heard before a resto prepare a handmade yoghurt except they using a ready-to-drink yoghurt. I saw how they made the drink. However, sorry to say that handmade yoghurt was too sour and the portion was too big. Hello, Sangrai someday you should consider that people will getting full in the second sip of yoghurt if you still served that in a tall glass. Better to put it in a small glass and people can enjoy the drink better. Fortunately, my tummy was helped by a giant glass of Sweet Ice Tea. It was neutralized my tummy. Phiuh.


Overall, I enjoyed to have lunch here. The serving was good. The price was very kind for Indonesian food’s range. I might said that Sangrai should consider to resize its area to become more bigger. I believe this resto will hit the city as they soon will make a breakthrough in opening this resto till late night and serving various night snacks such as Roti Bakar, Indomie Telor Kornet, Pisang Bakar, kinds of coffee, etc. I might be back for the Nasi Hijau Pandan. Thanks for Pak Joy and Pak Ricky for your kind invitation.

So, how bout you eatersuntildiee. Having a chance to visit Bandung? Visit Sangrai and tell me your story here. Ciao. 

Jl. Riau 63
(next to Heritage FO)

Now Brewing : Kaffein

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Two weeks ago, I invited by to come to coffee tasting in Kaffein, FX Lifestyle X’nter. Kaffein belongs to Panorama Group that has several business activities such as travel (Day Trans), travel agent (Panorama tours), etc. On that occasion, Kaffein introduced us with their Holiday Drink Season to welcome Christmas and New Year’s eve, namely Black Forest Frosty and Black Forest Moccacino. Actually, twoof them aren’t new menu; they already exist in Kaffein common menu. However, they just wanna blew those two variants up due to their mission to remind us how delightful our childhoods are when welcoming New Year with a slice of Black Forest cake.

As I sipped the Black Forest Frosty, I tasted a slice of black forest cake came into my mouth since it contains ingredients of black forest cake such as cocoa, milk, cream, rum syrup, and black forest sauce. The coffee was not too strong because Kaffein used 100% Arabica coffee which is smoother and soft, suitable for woman who doesn’t wanna drink a strong taste of coffee. Meanwhile, I tasted more bitter taste of coffee in Black Forest Moccacino since it has one shot espresso and served hot. However, I was saved by the black forest sauce and whipped cream swirling on the top of which.

The last, Kaffein, introduced us to their other best non-coffee beverages (ice-blended) called Oreo Cheesecake, a combination of milk, drizzle of cheese, and blended oreo. Waw, I might not expected how does it taste at the first time, but for sure it has colourful taste. A combination of sweet, salty, and savoury in a drink. I love it in the first and second sipped, but til I got my third sipped, I felt like I was drinking a glass of baby milk. I dunno I thought the taste was like one of famous brand of baby milk I’ve ever tasted hahaha....

During, chit chat, Kaffein also gave us compliments of Sultana Roll and Cinnamon Roll, a delight cookies to compete our coffee time.

Overall, I enjoyed my time to have a chance in tasting their coffee. I’m not a coffee expert, but sometimes I kinda know the different between one coffee and other. Me, myself, thought that the taste of Kaffein’s coffee is mostly similar. Maybe you should consider giving it more shot of colourful taste (I believe the barista knows) to each of your coffee to make it has a unique and different characteristic.

Coffee lover, spend your chill out time here and feel the warm sensation of their Old Skool variants or a breeze feeling in sipping their rich Frosty variants. You might be won’t missed their non-coffee variants. It will complete your day. For ladies, feel bless to be a lady in a Wednesday, because Kaffein will pamper you with free brownies fudge compliment in every purchase of any Kaffein coffee.

I might be back to taste their non-coffee variants especially the fruity one. Curious. 

How about you, eatersuntildiee. Feel free to share your experience here.


FX Lifestyle X'nter 1st floor
Jl. Pintu Satu Senayan

Mal Taman Anggrek 4th Floor
Jakarta Barat

Panorama Building 1st Floor

Mangkok Putih

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It was in a Thursday rainy nite, when friend of mine offered me a free voucher to dine in Mangkok Putih, FX Lifestyle X'nter. Fortunately, I was in the mood of leaving my work and escaping somewhere hehehe...So, I asked my roommate to accompany and here we were in what so called Asian cuisine resto, specialty in noodle, Mangkok putih.

The resto is covered with white ambience as its second name started with white. A modern minimalis of the furniture completes the area which one side of the wall painted by a mural in red. However, I saw a victorian style in one side of the wall. There are several mirror in several white frame of victorian style hanging by. In the other side, I can see the open kitchen with the chef and waiter making the dishes. Actually, it's simple and cozy resto to have simple dining.

Let's see the menu. I've heard about this resto before and the least I know is the cuisine which is Asian. We can see various Asian cuisines ranging from Indonesian, Malaysian, Thailand, to Vietnamese foods and they put them into categories. The categories among others Small Bites, consist of several appetizers such as Otak-otak, Shrimp cracker, Cassava Cracker, Chicken wings, etc; Lamien, consists of various Lamien, a typical Chinese hand-made noodle such as Tomyam Lamien, Seafood Lamien, Beef Sliced Yamien, etc; Soup Dish, consist of various soup, such as Tomyam Goong, Wontoon Soup, Hainan Chicken Noodles, etc; Rice Dishes consist of Asian mixed rice, such as Hainan Duck Rice, Broccoli Beef, Duck Black pepper, etc; Fried Rice consist of various fried rice suh as Vegetable Fried Rice, Chicken Fried Rice, Salted Fish Fried Rice, etc; From the Wok consist of various typical Hong Kong and Malaysian cuisines, such as Hokkian Chicken, Hongkong fried Noodles, Penang Fried Kwetiaw, etc; Japanese Corner, consist of various Japanese small bites, such as Chicken Teriyaki, Salmon Teriyaki, Chicken Curry Katsu, etc; 

They also served many kinds of beverages including their specialty such as Vanilla Milkshake, Oreo Sandwich Shake, Strawberry Crush, etc. Since I familiar with Indonesian food, so I decided to try Thailand and Singaporean foods.

Beef Sliced Lamien – 34,5K

I might be not a noodle enthusiast but to eat this kind of Lamien, I absolutely love it! The Lamien was served with a bowl of noodle and tom yam soup. The noodle served in an oval and high bowl, while the soup in a round bowls. All in white. I remember this serving as same as serving for typical Mie Ayam in Indonesia hahaha….the texture of the noodle was soft and very thin, so does the beef. One thing I love is the tom yam soup; it’s very authentic soup with real spicy and savory flavor. I dunno I’ve never love spicy kind of food so bad til I eat this spicy soup and it’s great for me. Even I clean a bowl of soup out without taking the noodle hahaha!

Hainan Duck Rice – 42K

This is similar with the authentic –familiar serving of Hainan Chicken Rice, however  they change the chicken with duck. I am not a Hainanese cuisines lover, so I thought the Hainan rice is like the way it is, rich of chicken stock and fat. Nothing special. I love the duck, actually. Soft, tender, and sweet. I dunno why they served it sweet (I mean not too sweet) I still taste a salt and chili flavor, but I tasted it sweet maybe because of a rich soybean in it. The sauce was also ordinary. Too salty for me.

The price range is also fair. They offers about IDR9,000 – 39,000 for appetizer; IDR26,000 – 50,000 for main course; IDR10,000 – 23,000 for beverages.

For services, I regretted that they don’t have competent waiters, I heard one of them yelled to one other inside the kitchen when he asked for a food. Don’t they think that there were several customers around? Some of them even don’t know when I asking the ingredients of food and the bad was they don’t know the social media used by the restaurant either website, facebook, and twitter. Oh come on! Where is the supervisor?!

Overall, I can’t say anything for this restaurant except the food that I taste, even though I only enjoyed the tom yam, at least I had enough dinner time and I might be considering to go back here.

Have you experienced a similar case like me, Eateruntildiee?

Glad to see your comment here. Have a nice day.

Mangkok Putih Restaurant

FX Lifestyle X’nter
FX Lifestyle X’nter
Jl Jend sudirman Pintu 1 Senayan
Jakarta Selatan
Telp. 021-25554141 

Setia Budi
Setiabudi Building 1 Lt. 2
JL HR Rasuna Said kav 62 Kuningan
Jakarta Selatan
Telp. 021-5210548 

Cilandak Town Square
Cilandak Town Square Lt. 1
Jl TB Simatupang kav.17 Cilandak
Jakarta Selatan
Telp. 021-75920300 

City Plaza
City Plaza @ Wisma Mulia Suite LG 10
Jl Jend.Gatot subroto no 42
Jakarta Pusat
Telp. 021-52971204 

Wisma Metropolitan II
Terace Ground Wisma Metropokitan II
Jl Jend sudirman Kav 29-30
Jakarta Selatan

Segarnya Es Teler & Kopyor 'Pak Min'

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Mengobati ketidakpuasan saya akan makanan di Blok S beberapa waktu lalu, saya mencicipi lagu kuliner lain di sini yaitu es teler. Siang-siang terik nan panas, kawasan Blok S di hari Jumat terlihat tidak terlalu ramai. Ada sebuah gerai es teler terletak sebelum gerai Bakso Mustika yang pernah saya review sebelumnya. Gerai es teler ini seperti pada umumnya gerai di sepanjang Blok S berupa gerai terbuka dengan bangku dan meja panjang berwarna putih yang dilapisi dengan plastik lak berwarna hijau lengkap dengan gerobak es teler yang terpajang apik di sisi sebelah kiri gerai. Es Teler ‘Pak Min’ begitu orang menyebut gerai ini, yang memang dibuktikan dengan tulisan di Es Teler Pak Min di sebuah papan mika di atas gerai tersebut.

Gerai yang sudah berdiri sejak 25 tahun yang lalu ini digawangi oleh sepasang suami istri yang sudah terlihat berumur sekali. Sejak berpuluh-puluh tahun itu juga gerai ini tidak banyak perubahan kata si pemilik. Bentuk dan isi gerobak es-nya pun tidak jauh beda, bertuliskan menu-menu es yang dijual seperti kelapa, alpukat, kopyor, dan beberapa pajangan botol soda dan botol minuman ringan menandakan tidak ada menu yang berubah dari gerai es ini.

Gerai es ini memang mengkhususkan menunya berupa varian minuman dan yang paling terkenal disini adalah Es Kopyor dan Es Teler. Ada juga Es Alpukat, Es Kelapa, Es Teh Manis, Soda Susu, dan aneka minuman ringan seperti Teh Botol dan softdrink. 

Karena yang paling tersohor disini adalah Es Kopyor dan Es Telernya, maka saya memesan kedua menu tersebut.

Es Kopyor - 20K

Wuaahh…saya sudah lama sekali nggak makan es kopyor, yang saya tau es kopyor enak karena tekstur kelapanya. Namun, si Pak Min ini nggak hanya mengemas kopyornya menjadi yang paling enak, tapi air esnya juga enak bangeeet. Es kopyor ini terbuat dari campuran air kelapa kopyor, sirup Sarangsari rasa Moka, dan sedikit gula. Es yang disajikan di gelas tinggi ini menghadirkan sensasi manis susu dengan rasa moka yang begitu kental seperti rasa caramel. Benar-benar segar banget di tenggorokan saya plus manisnya pas! Bahkan ada sedikit rasa kopi terasa di lidah saya. Ditambah tekstur kelapa kopyornya yang empuk dan gerinjel-gerinjelnya itu lhoo yang bikin nagih, secara beda banget dari daging kelapa pada umumnya. SUPERB! MANTAB ENAKNYA!

Es Teler - 14K

This one is also the best! Okaay saya akui es teler di salah satu gerai es teler ternama dengan label angka dobel itupun kalah enak sama yang ini! Sumpah you have to try this es teler. Coba pandangin deket-deket gambarnya, bohong banget kalau nggak ngiler ngeliatnya hehehe….Seporsi es teler ini disajikan dengan mangkuk beling dan berisikan nangka, kelapa, dan alpukat. Kuahnya sendiri perpaduan gula merah dan susu. Rasa kuahnya itu yang nggak kalah enak sama si kopyor, manis gula merahnya pas dan sensasi segarnya berasa banget ditenggorokan. Belum lagi nangkanya yang nggak kira-kira porsinya. Wangi nangkanya itu lho yang ngegoda banget hehehe…sumpah ngiler ini saya nyeritainnya. Coba deh rasain sendiri sensasinya, eatersuntildiee!


Harga yang ditawarkan di gerai ini variatif, menurut saya sih cukup mahal untuk kelas kaki lima namun rasanya worthed kalau melihat rasa dan porsinya, sih! Misalnya seporsi Es Teler dibanderol seharga Rp17.000, sedangkan Es Kopyor Rp20.000, es yang lainnya dibanderol mulai dari Rp3500 – 15.000. 


Walaupun gerai kecil tapi penjualnya sangat ramah dan sigap melayani pelanggan lho! Bahkan si ibu pemilik gerai ini dengan baiknya menjelaskan pada saya ingredients si Es Kopyor yang saya Pesan dan menjawab segala pertanyaan saya tentang gerai ini dengan semangat hehehe…Es Kopyor dan Es Teler yang saya pesan pun nggak sampai 15 menit sudah terhidang di meja saya. 

So, buat Eateruntildiee yang haus akan minuman-minuman segar dan menggoda, nggak ada salahnya menjelajah Blok S buat menemukan varian es teler dan es kopyor yang tiada duanya!

Notes: entah mengapa harga buat saya menjadi masalah hehehe…karena ini pasarnya kaki lima, kalau orang yang sekedar mencari minuman dikala siang butuh kesegaran, harga segitu rasanya terlalu mahal, mending beli teh botol murah, tapi bagi orang yang memang tau kuliner enak itu harganya pasti setimpal dengan rasa mungkin saja tetap akan membayarnya. Ya, sebenernya sih tergantung selera masing-masing orang, Cuma kemahalan aja kalau kalau kelas kaki lima dihargai di atas 15 ribu. 

Es Teler 'Pak Min'

Area jajanan tenda makan kaki lima Blok S
Jakarta Selatan

Deli Pizta

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After several times I got myself hangout around some Indonesian restaurants, a week ago my fellow colleagues and I landed our feet to an Italian resto inside Pasar Festival, Kuningan. Hmmm…I might be wrong to call this one as an Italian resto, it might be Italian Pizza Resto since its specialty is Pizza. You might name it similar with Izzi Pizza, Pizza Marzano, and other Italian pizza resto. It is Deli Pizta located at 2nd floor next to Yoshinoya.  I never expected anything from this resto since my friends and I insist to eat pizza because we didn’t get a space in Pizza Hut at that time hahaha….

Deli Pizta with its tagline ‘Original Italian Brick-oven Pizza’ welcome us with a simple and modern resto concept with two areas, outside and inside resto. The outside one fancied with several white-plastic-chairs combined with several red-synthetic leather-sofas for about 50 people. I thought we’ll get a more wide area inside, but how surprise I was, when I came into the resto, it was only three sets of table for 14 people. One thing I love for the interior of this resto is how they covered the wall with a brick-oven picture and large pizza combined with marmer bricks as if we, the customers, were inside the brick-oven. Not so similar, I also thought that the marmer bricks they used remind us of a typical winter resto in Europe.  Next to the customer’s area, there is a cashier and a semi-open door which show how big their kitchen is. By the way, I forgot to state that we can see how big the kitchen from the window outside the resto. I was surprise that they use a big brick-oven to bake the pizza. Woow, it is so Italiano haha!

Enough about the appearance of the resto, now let’s talk about their food. They have two kinds of pizza, Italian Pizza and New York Pizza. Italian is the thin one, while the New York has thicker dough. The Italian Pizza consist of several toppings, the usual one is pepperoni, ham bacon, mushroom, and mozzarella cheese such as in Prezioso Funghi (mushroom, diced pineapple, and minced beef; Margherita, Aglio Nevica, and Pepperoni.  However, they also have several menus with unusual toppings such as Bistecca Insalata, beef steak combined with fresh salad; Pescatore, with a rich seafood topping; Oliva, yummy blackolive and melted cheese; and Volcano, unexpected mixed toppings and spicy. Meanwhile, the New York Pizza, such as Potato Supreme, Beef Garlix, Quatro Combination, covered with also usual toppings either beef, mushroom, or cheese.

They also serve many kind of pasta such as Bolognese, Carbonara, Aglio Olio, Aglio Seafood, Tomato Seafood with three choices of pasta either spaghetti, penne, or fettuccine. Side dishes might be better if you enough with pizza. They have Arancini (a ball fried rice with Bolognese sauce), Egg Benedict, BBQ Buffalo Wings, and Salad of the Day. Unfortunately, they don’t have a special beverage; there are only so-so beverages such as Italian Soda, Lemon Tea, Sparkling Juice, soft drinks, and beers.

As we curious about with the pizza, we ordered Italian pizza, Prezioso Funghi (59K). The waitress said that it is the best pizza in here. How surprise we were when the pizza finally came, the dough is really thin! As thin as a crepes dough but still crunchy. One pan of pizza consists of eight slices. We had a difficulty in cutting it since the dough too thin yet sticky.  It’s no problem with the thin dough for the first time since I taste a super melting cheese inside and outside the dough! Yay! It’s so cheesy! The beef and the mushroom are also combined perfectly. Cheese, crunchy, and beefy sliding into my stomach. Unfortunately, since it was too thin, my friends and I really couldn’t get enough! Seems like we want it more.

Since we still hungry, we ordered Aglio Seafood and BBQ Buffalo Wings. I was not so interested with the penne paste we had, since the Aglio Seafood was so-so. Too much olive oil and less garlic. I felt it insipid. The only thing I enjoyed the most from this pasta only the toppings, seafood consists of minced squid and shrimp, and three pieces of mussels. They cooked it well, so not too fishy and I can chewed the squid easily. Still yummy!  

BBQ Beef Wings, fortunately, triggered our appetite again after the tasteless pasta. I love the barbeque sauce so much! The texture of the chicken wings was also great. They grilled it well even though I saw one burnt part of the chicken skin, I wasn’t taste it bad but still spicy and yeah great!

As a dessert, we closed our lunch with a Salad of the Day and Arancini. We expected much from this two closing menus, but we got nothing since the first one, the Salad of the Day only served with lettuces (too much lettuces, noted!) and only a lil slice of tomatoes and chicken, and mayonnaise. Euwww I dunno why they serve such salad! We’re not too vegetarian to eat all leaves in one bowl. Then, the Arancini was also far from our expectation. It was only boiled rice shaped into a lil ball, less salt and pepper (because it’s tasteless) and fried with panir flour. Euww I didn’t see it’s an Italian kind of menus. Unfortunately.

For the beverages, my friends and I only ordered Ice Lemon Tea and Sweet Ice Tea and you know how does it taste like, right!

Overall, I enjoyed enough to have lunch here because of the pizza. It is also not over price. You can afford the one pan of pizza with eight slices range from IDR52,000 to IDR73,000 for the Italian, while the New York range from IDR62,000 to IDR73,000. Pasta range from IDR36,000 to IDR39,000. Side Dishes range from IDR21,000 to IDR32,000 and beverages from IDR13,000 to IDR23,000.

I might be back for the Italian Pizza, how bout you fellow eatersuntildiee?

Glad to see your comment here. See you.

Deli Pizta

Pasar Festival Kuningan, 1st Floor (next to Yoshinoya)
Jl. H.R. Rasuna Said, Kav. 22
Kuningan, Jakarta Selatan

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