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Bandung is called as one of never ending culinary destination in Indonesia. I always agree for that statement due to me always craving for other culinary destinations here. On October, 2011, an owner of two breakthrough restaurant in Bandung invited me to taste their resto. Me certainly head over heels to visit such resto, one is Indonesian, the other is Italian. Then, when I was visiting my boyfriend in Bandung two weeks ago, I got a chance to visit the first resto, namely Sangrai. 

The resto is located at Jalan Riau 63, next to Heritage FO. Actually it is in one area with the FO. People can easily find the typical sundanese resto with a wooden wall and table and a big board with the resto name ‘Sangrai’ in front of the resto.  As I stepped my feet in the resto, I felt that this wasn’t kind of resto, me might be called this as cafĂ©. Because there is only several table, about 50 capacities of people. The ambience is quite nice, supported by the warm weather of Bandung and the wooden tables that make it feel homey. My tastebud suddenly appeared when I looking into a display of several menus of Sangrai. As the waiter gave me the menu list, it was inside my expectation. The menu is typical Indonesian resto since the market of which is mostly the tourists and people who looking for authentic Indonesian cuisine.

Actually, it was boring for me to read such Ayam Goreng, Iga Bakar, Nasi Goreng or Roti Bakar in the menu that I easily find in Jakarta. However, when the waiter explained they have other variants of Rice Package (Nasi Komplit), I agreed to try it. Sangrai, whose name comes from a Sundanese proverb ‘Sangrai’ which means a hereditary, served variant of Rice Package such as Nasi Timbel Bakar Komplit, Nasi Hijau Pandan Komplit, Nasi Ungu Ubi Komplit, Nasi Tutug Oncom Komplit, etc. My tastebud rolled into the Nasi Ungu Ubi and Nasi Hijau since I was curious how did the taste of rice combined by sweet potatoes hehehe….

Before the two of Rice Package hit my tummy, a plate of Tahu Gerus Pedas strokes my tummy first. This menu is actually a snack for appetizer. The good news is to follow and mention twitter account of Sangrai @SANGRAIBDG or upload your photo in their facebook, you can get free Tahu Gerus Pedas every purchase all menus. Yay! The Tahu Gerus Pedas has its spicy level one to three chilies.  Me not a spice food lover, so I ordered the one with one chili. The food remembered me of Tahu Gejrot, a kind of mince tofu with special sauce. This one only a mince fried tofu with chili. It was tasteless. My tastebud only taste a spicy flavor from the chili. I thought that Sangrai should consider to add a little of salt in the tofu.

Soon the Rice Package served into me. Wow, I love the appearance of both Nasi Ungu Ubi and Nasi Hijau Pandan. Colourful. Both Rice Package consists of gepuk (a mashed beef), fried tempe and tofu, salted fish, lalapan (lettuce and tomato) and sambal. My tummy was spoiled by Nasi Hijau Pandan since I’ve never taste the same Nasi Hijau as this one before. The one I’ve ever tasted only nasi hijau covered with pandanus flavor, but this one has a best texture of rice and combined with Suji leaves which its fiber united with the rice. It’s very savory, aromatic, sweet, aahh I couldn’t explain more except it’s tasty! I definitely will back for this one!

Meanwhile, the Nasi Ungu Ubi which made from a combination of purple sweet potatoes and rice tasted so-so for me. I didn’t know why the texture of the rice was different with Nasi Hijau Pandan. It’s more sticky.  Maybe it caused by the sweet potates in which. Ya at least the additional menus like the gepuk and the others satisfied my tummy hehehe...

So, next the dessert is the famous Batagor Karasa hahaha. I didn’t insist if somene give me various kind of Batagor as long as it comes handmade from Bandung hahaha. I dunno why the texture and taste is different with any other Batagor in other city. 

This one, was quite tasty for me. The texture of the spring roll skin is very crunchy and I love the sauce. Very nutty, savory and goes sweet after passing my throat by. I also tasted two kinds of yoghurt, Strawberry and Mango, which is definitely handmade. Wow, I never heard before a resto prepare a handmade yoghurt except they using a ready-to-drink yoghurt. I saw how they made the drink. However, sorry to say that handmade yoghurt was too sour and the portion was too big. Hello, Sangrai someday you should consider that people will getting full in the second sip of yoghurt if you still served that in a tall glass. Better to put it in a small glass and people can enjoy the drink better. Fortunately, my tummy was helped by a giant glass of Sweet Ice Tea. It was neutralized my tummy. Phiuh.


Overall, I enjoyed to have lunch here. The serving was good. The price was very kind for Indonesian food’s range. I might said that Sangrai should consider to resize its area to become more bigger. I believe this resto will hit the city as they soon will make a breakthrough in opening this resto till late night and serving various night snacks such as Roti Bakar, Indomie Telor Kornet, Pisang Bakar, kinds of coffee, etc. I might be back for the Nasi Hijau Pandan. Thanks for Pak Joy and Pak Ricky for your kind invitation.

So, how bout you eatersuntildiee. Having a chance to visit Bandung? Visit Sangrai and tell me your story here. Ciao. 

Jl. Riau 63
(next to Heritage FO)


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