[RECIPE] Penne with Cream Cheese Sauce

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Liburan panjang imlek kali ini, saya menyempatkan diri memasuki dapur kembali. Kalau dulu seringnya bikin cake, sekarang mau coba resep sarapan pagi yang simpel dari temen saya yang juga suka masak. Berhubung saya lagi ngidam banget pasta dari kemarin, akhirnya menu sarapan kali ini adalah Penne with Cream Cheese  Sauce .


- Penne pasta
- Mentega 2 sdt
- Bawang bombai 1/4 siung
- Bawang putih 1 siung
- Tepung terigu 1 sdm
- Susu cair tawar 1/2 gelas (bisa diganti cooking cream seperti Elle&Vire atau Orchid)
- Garam 
- Merica
- Gula pasir
- Keju cheddar parut

Cara Membuat:

- Rebus Penne (banyaknya sesuai selera) kurang lebih 10 menit sampai warnanya memutih dan teksturnya lunak
- Panaskan mentega hingga meleleh
- Tumbuk bawang putih dan iris kecil-kecil bawang bombay. Kemudian masukkan keduanya ke dalam mentega yang sedang dilelehkan
- Masukkan tepung terigu yang telah dikentalkan dengan air sedikit dan aduk rata
- Masukkan susu cair
- Tambahkan garam, gula pasir dan merica sedikit saja untuk penyedap dan pemanis rasa
- Aduk terus sampai mengental, usahakan jangan terlalu cair
- Setelah selesai tambahkan keju cheddar parut sesuai selera
- Angkat penne-nya setelah matang kemudian sajikan di piring beserta creme cheese saucenya

*untuk 4 porsi

It's so simple. Saya aja sampai kaget ternyata bikin cream saucenya mudah dan hasilnya memuaskan. Yummy. Spend your time, eatersuntildiee, and tell me whether you are also fall in love with this recipe...


Amateur cooker,


Collage, An Artsy All Day Dining in Pullman Jakarta

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Located in Podomoro City Super Block and is adjacent to Central Park Mall, Pullman Jakarta Central Park was born under Accor Group and become the promising hotel both for leisure or business visitors. Designed with an ‘Industrial Raw’ concept, Pullman offered the visitors with a new taste of Andy Warhol era, a cross between modern museum and a designer signature hotel.

Playfull properties around Lobby and Collage

Having curious of how does the hotel influence their visitors with the extraordinary concept, several weeks ago, an invitation dropped into my e-mail to experience Pullman’s dining area, named Collage.

Collage is an all day international dining offering a scrumption line-up for buffet breakfast, lunch, and dinner. They offer various kinds of cuisine from Japanese, Indians, American, Italian, to the original taste of Indonesian cuisine. Don’t be shocked when you also see a live cooking shows in their kitchen, because Collage born to provide the freshness of its products. I love the interior of them, besides carrying its ‘industrial raw’ concept with their playful property; I love how they still carry a minimalist yet sophisticated design. Collage also facilitate its visitors with blocks of stall such as blocks of Japanese, blocks of Indians, blocks of Italian, blocks of dessert, so visitors can easily decided which food they prefer to eat first.

FYI, you only spend IDR199.000++/person during weekday, and IDR228.000++/person during weekend (exclude beverage). Very worth price for you enjoying the all you can eat dining.

Here’s the sneak peak I got from Collage gathering that might become your guide before you arrive here.

 Collage's dining table
Various Cocktails (also available in their bar, Bunk)

Foods in Japanese and Italian Blocks

the Heavenly Desserts Blocks

Some of My Choice...I love the Macaroons!!

Overall, I love the Collage concept. Very simple, artsy, and still classy. The food for me is average. As  a typical buffet dining, there are no signature food. As long as the food is good, served as much as they can, and the visitors satisfy, Collage success to finish its job.

So, spend your time to experience a different concept of all day dining while drooling your tummy with a heavenly appearance of their food. Thank you Pullman Jakarta Central Park for the invitation ;-)


Pullman Jakarta Central Park
Podomoro City
Jl. Let. Jen. S. Parman Kav. 28
Jakarta 11470
Telp. (021) 29200088

Mr. Curry : Never Ending Goodness of Japanese Curry

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Carrying the hallmark of Mango-nyan, Mr. Curry traveling around food enthusiast’s tastebud to introduce its heavenly Japanese Curry.  Having tasted their mouth-watering menu several times, I never regret to go back to taste the goodness of Japanese curry. Several weeks ago, I landed in their new house at Restaurant Row, 3rd floor, Pondok Indah Mall. The house is smaller than the other house in Grand Indonesia, but still carrying homey kitchen concept.

Enough for the opening, since I couldn’t keep my tummy beating while seeing the dummy of their food hahaha....My night was opened by appetizers and drinks that I couldn’t resist. 

I used to taste this Koro-koro Tofu in my first food tasting visit, but still I thought this tofu should be more crunchy. Mr. Curry might be consider to fry it twice and add a little salt to make it tastier.

Who can resist this fresh Salmon Carpaccio. It’s much better than the one I’ve tasted in first food tasting. Both salmon and salad are more fresh. Perfect!

The appetizer aren’t complete before sip a glass of their smoothie or lassie. I chose Strawberry Lassie and Strawberry Smoothie just to make a little comparison and I got my tummy chose the Strawberry Lassie since it’s the strawberry juice mixed with yoghurt and milk. It’s better than the original strawberry juice of Strawberry Smoothie.

As the main course arrived in my table, I spoiled my tummy first with the Hokkai Curry Ramen. I curious about how ramen made by curry. However, I didn’t taste the curry in its soup. Still like typical original Japanese ramen. 

Chicken Katsu Curry Rice never disappointing my tummy. I always love Mr. Curry original curry sauce. Savory. Tasty. Enough to say. Delicioso!

Assorted Mushroom Omurice also made my night. I thought Mr. Curry might be proud of their innovation to make such combination of rice covered by omelete and heavenly sauce. However, for this menu, I was a lil bit enough with the demi-glaze sauce. I thought it’s too much to combine cream and milky sauce with such tomato demi-glaze sauce in one sip. Enough for my tummy.

Again, I didn’t taste a typical Mango curry in Minced Beef Spaghetti Curry. The curry sauce was insipid.  Me also smell a bad scent  of the beef. Hmmm...consider the well-done cook of the beef, Mr. Curry.

My night closed perfectly by the dancing of the desserts in my tummy. The so-ohh-heavenly Dorayaki Tower remind me of Hanito in Mr. Curry sister, Pasta De Waraku. Macha Karamba and A Dash of Fruit Splash, a combination of hanito (honey toast) and pancake with vanilla and green tea ice cream as well as fruit topping, became a best spoiler for my tummy. Aaahh, how I wish the green tea ice cream can always stick in my mouth hahaha....

Anyway, thanks for Mila and Mbak Grace for inviting me to Mr. Curry. Never regret to always have dining here. Of course I will be back for any kind of dessert with your handmade matcha ice cream.

Mr. Curry

Pondok Indah Mall 2
Restaurant Row 3rd Floor
Jl. Metro Pondok Indah
Blok 3B
South Jakarta

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