Ronde Jahe Gardujati : Semangkuk Kehangatan Bandung

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Malam-malam di Bandung memang enaknya cari yang hangat- hangat. Kebetulan banget setelah sekian lama nggak menjelajah Bandung, suami saya (ciee sekarang punya suami #eh) dengan baik hati nemenin saya ke Gardujati gara-gara ngidam ronde jahe Gardujati. Setelah putar-putar daerah Gardu jati yang penuh dengan jajanan kaki lima, saya akhirnya menemukan si ronde Gardu Jati yang tersohor itu. Posisinya ada disisi kiri jalan Gardujati kalau dari arah Pasir Kaliki, tepatnya diseberang Pyung Tailor dan hanya berupa gerobak jajan kaki lima berwarna hijau di trotoar dengan meja dan kursi kayu namun ramai sekali dengan pengunjung.

Ronde Jahe Gardujati ini terkenal sejak 1986 dan sudah sering muncul di festival makanan di Jakarta dan Bandung. Saya sendiri penasaran apa sih yang membuat ronde ini begitu berbeda dengan kebanyakan ronde jahe di Jakarta. Ronde jahe yang ditawarkan disini ternyata bukan hanya ronde berisi kacang, namun ada juga Ronde Durian, Ronde Soya dan Kembang Tahu. 

Langsung saja saya sebagai pecinta durian memesan Ronde Durian (15K). Seporsi Ronde Durian ini disajikan dalam mangkuk ukuran sedang dengan 7 pcs bola ronde berisi durian yang dibuat on the spot as per request! Wuih bener-bener fresh from the oven. Ukuran bola rondenya cukup besar, lembut dan pas digigit daging duriannya langsung meleleh dimulut saya. Kuah jahenya tidak terlalu encer, dengan aroma jahe yang cukup pekat namun terasa manis ditenggorokan. Berhubung dimakannya bersama durian, jadi kuahnya bercampur dengan aroma durian. Tambah wangi! Wuah, I really looove this Ronde Durian!

Yang satu ini juga tidak boleh dilewatkan, Tahu Ronde (15K). Seporsi Tahu Ronde ini dihidangkan bersama bola ronde berukuran besar dan kecil dan berisi kacang. Kembang tahunya lembut sekali apalagi dimakan bersama kuah jahe yang hangat. Cocok sekali untuk menghangatkan badan di saat hujan seperti ini. 

Untuk menikmati ronde Gardujati ini, kamu tak perlu merogoh kocek dalam kok, cukup dengan uang Rp13.000 - 15.000 saja, kamu bisa menikmati hangatnya Bandung dengan kehangatan semangkuk ronde jahe di perutmu. Gerobak ronde jahe ini bisa kamu kunjungi mulai dari pukul 4 sore hingga 12 malam setiap harinya. Disarankan datang sebelum terlalu malam, karena semakin malam pengunjungnya banyak sekali dan suka susah dapat tempat duduk. 

Elicxir Artisan Gelato

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Ah been disappearing so long from blogger's world, I finally back here with more passion of food. Of course, who's not hahaha...Since my wedding back then, I even missed many invitations and of course the post. Well, today I'm gonna kick this blog with a brand new outlet of a brand new nitrogen ice cream..oops nay, nitrogen gelato actually. Since months ago, I've heard the wave of nitrogen ice cream, a new invention of ice cream infused nitrogen, which only takes less than 1 minute to freeze. Some of them have been stealing Jakartan's taste bud, but none of them stealing mine since I never have them at all hahaha...

To satisfy my appetite, I agreed the invitation from Jen to taste their new gelato ice cream, Elicxir. I tasted their craft in a potluck event back then and very surprise that they finally open their store in Plaza Indonesia, 5th floor across Pancious Pancake House.

Elicxir comes in a gelato form not an ice cream with more heavy texture and not easy to melt.  It comes from an idea of two best friends which also bring a nitrogen gelato with a good marketing strategy. They not sell neither flavour nor the fantastic nitrogen handmade ice cream, but they sell curious. Yap, every month they only produce one flavor with additional flavor which comes every month. So, if you love Avocado Matcha this month, don't expect you will meet them again next month.

Unlucky me, I couldn't taste their Avocado Matcha but still I amazed with their Cornflakes gelato. It's ice cream infused cornflakes with thick and milky texture and of course I got a rich corn flavour covered my mouth. I even finished it in less than 5 minutes hahaha...

Then, they also have Cranberry Gelato which more light than the previous. I smell rich  and sour cranberry flavour but this is too sour for me so I'm not into this flavour btw.

I couldn't resist when Jansen offered me Elixcir flavour of the month, Taro Hojicha. My favourite taro infused with a hint of hojicha tea. I love this fusion! I could still taste the balance of sweet taro flavor and bittersweet of Hojicha. Not too milky. Simply love it!

While I trying to say enough, I was offered to taste one signature flavour which always there every month, Banana Cream Gelato with Salted Caramel Cookies. I also love this one, not too milky but rich with banana flavour/ The salted caramel cookies is also good topping but I wish they will make it more generous hahaha...FYI, you can upgrade your gelato with choice of topping. They have four toppings, Honey Peanuts, Crunchy Cornflakes, Caramel Sauce, and Secret Topping (pssst you should ask their ice creamist for this secret hihihi)

Well, Elicxir stole my heart with only IDR42.000 per cup (my friend said it's expensive? but for me come on there's always something to pay for a good meal, right hehehe). Beside ice cream, Elicxir also offers Sidekick, such as French Fries, Pom Pom Bomb, etc. They've good strategy, taste and price. Isn't it enough? Well, if you feel not enough visit their store, meet the owner Jen and Jansen (if you lucky ;-) ) you will be amazed with their passion in realizing their dream through this ice cream. Like their Facebook and get 25% off for the gelato. Thanks a bunch for Jen and Jansen for giving me a warm greeting. Definitely will be back once the Avocado Matcha is ready on the store hehehe...(I wish next month hihi)

Elicxir Artisan Gelato

Plaza Indonesia Extension
5th Floor #19
Jl. M.H Thamrin
Jakarta (Across Pancious Pancake House)

Pasar Senggol "The Best of Indonesia" at Rasa Restaurant

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Several weeks ago, I had a chance to visit Rasa Restaurant at Intercontinental Jakarta MidPlaza. This newly opening restaurant offer a buffet dining concept with several sections and mouth-watering promotion each month. As I walked in the restaurant, I can see the modern-classic but sophisticated interior and furniture. There are several sections such as Indonesian cuisine, Western cuisine, Japanese cuisine, Indian cuisine, etc. Since this November to December 2013, Rasa has a promotion of Pasar Senggol “The Best of Indonesia”, I feel bring back to my hometown with a traditional music from Java surrounded the resto, traditional décor at the front door and also traditional attire worn by the waiter and waitress.

Pasar Senggol “The Best of Indonesia” is Rasa’s yearly tradition which brings a lively environment of traditional night market with lively food stalls from around the Indonesian archipelago. There are selection of regional delicacies which enough to shocking me. They have my favourite Mie Kocok Bandung, Rujak Kangkung, and Dendeng Balado. The other surprising sections are they have traditional snacks which is always be my favourite since childhood. Let’s name it Putu Mayang, Carabikang, Colenak, Nagasari to Little Martabak, they have it all! They also have traditional ‘gorengan’ such as Panada and Bakwan and oh don’t forget the Candied Fruit, it’s all satisfying my sweet tooth!  

In addition, various fresh meat and seafood are also available in the Barbeque station with the selection of sauce and condiment. 

So, here’s my sneak peek during enjoying Pasar Senggol “The Best of Indonesia”. 

Indonesian section. They have lalapan, Tahu Telor, Gado-Gado, Oncom to various of mie and soto such as Mie Kocok Bandung, Soto Betawi, etc.

 After passing the har rain, eat this Mie Kocok Bandung was really warming my body. The soft noodle with tasty broth made me want this more and mooore!

  Traditional snacks...I love the Putu Mayang and Candied Fruits so much! 

Fresh Seafood and Japanese Section. As usual, when I see fresh sashimi and sushi, 
I just can't resist it! 

left to right:

- Sashimi and sushi
- Roasted Turkey and Roasted Goat. I love the roasted goat, it was half-roasted but I even can't smell the
   goat smell. The meat was so juicy.
- Fresh Salad with Mixed Jucy. On of my favourite corner. Rasa serves fresh vegetables and the customer is allowed to mix their own salad in a very big block of Parmesan Cheese. Imagine you mix salad in a big block of cheese. Of course your vegetables will covered by the cheese! Oh God, I really really heart this salad!
- Indian food, biryani rice, prata bread, lamb and broccoli.

 This is also pampering! Various desserts!

You can taste all the fantastic food only in dinner with price only IDR278.000 ++ per person (food only). Hurry up eaters and satisfy your appetite before December 31, 2013. Pssst...table reservation is highly recommended. Thanks anyway Rasa & Intercontinental MidPlaza Jakarta for inviting me to this event. 

RASA Restaurant
Intercontinental MidPlaza Jakarta
Jl. Jend, Sudirman Kav. 10-11
Jakarta 10220
Telp. +62-21 2510888

Create Wonder with Starbucks Holiday Food & Beverages

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Mengusung tagline ‘Create Wonder & Share Joy’, Starbucks Indonesia tak henti-hentinya mengajak para pecinta kopi untuk berbagi dan menikmati musim liburan bersama teman dan keluarga. Selama bulan November hingga Januari seraya menyambut Natal dan Tahun Baru 2014, Starbucks kembali menghadirkan kehangatan di dinginnya musim dingin dengan varian  whole bean seperti Starbucks Christmas Blend, Starbucks Christmas Blend Espresso Roast & Starbucks Holiday Blonde Roast. Ada juga seasonal favourites drink seperti Toffee Nut Latte, Peppermint Mocha dan yang paling terbaru Gingerbread Latte.

Dalam Starbucks Holiday Gathering minggu lalu, saya sempat mencicipi hangatnya Starbucks Christmas Blend yang full bodied dengan sedikit aroma ginger dan tingkat keasaman sedang. Sementara, Gingerbread Latte lebih menonjolkan rasa dan aroma ginger yang sangat pekat. Saat dihirup aroma jahe benar-benar memenuhi rongga hidung saya dan langsung menghangatkan badan saat disesap. Rasa jahenya tercampur sempurna dengan kopinya, justru menurut saya tidak seperti minum kopi, seperti minum sekoteng dicampur susu jahe hehehe…Sukaaa banget sama minuman ini, cocok dinikmati pas musim hujan seperti sekarang ini.
Untuk menemani aneka minuman musim dingin, Starbucks menghadirkan juga 6 New Holiday Food yang sangat cocok untuk menjadi teman minum kopi.

                                                                      Hot Gingerbread Latte
Mandarin Orange Bar

Sweet vanilla cake bar ini hadir dengan tampilan cantik berwarna cokelat orange tentunya dengan orange candy yang menghadirkan aroma jeruk yang manis beserta rasa asam manis. Ditambah dengan poppy seeds dan mandarin orange segment and crumble, cake ini cocok untuk pairing Starbucks Christmas Blend yang pahit.

Holiday Almond Garland Bread

Terinspirasi dari cantik dan ramainya Garland sebagai hiasan natal, roti warna-warni ini memadukan dry fruits, almond dan selai apricot sebagai lapisan atasnya. Ada sedikit rasa pedas manis dalam adonan marzipannya, walaupun teksturnya cukup lembut tapi semakin dikunyah roti ini semakin terasa kering dimulut.

Smoked Turkey and Cranberry Sandwich

Saya terkejut dengan penampilan sandwich ini yang cantik dengan warna roti cream kekuningan diisi dengan daging dan cream berwarna pink. Siapa sangka warna pink itu ternyata berasal dari potongan daging kalkun asap dan cranberry mayonnaise. Cranberry? Yup, selai pink manis ini diolesi di atas focaccia bread yang kental dengan aroma rosemary bersama dengan daging kalkun asap yang juicy dan keju cheddar yang gurih. Porsinya pas dan rasanya pun enak hanya saja aroma rosemary yang wangi seperti parfum membuat lama kelamaan roti ini terasa terlalu manis.

Chocolate Stripes Mousse with Orange Confit

Huah, I can’t resist this cake actually! Moist chocolate cake dilapisi dengan chocolate mousse dan folded orange confit yang kaya ayan rasa jeruk membuat paduan cake ini terasa meriah! Saya suka krimnya yang tidak pekat dan rasa jeruknya juga menetralkan cokelat yang cukup pekat. Cocok sekali jadi pairing untuk Starbucks Christmas Blend.

Cinnamon Chocolate Marble Cake

Ini juga jadi kesukaan saya! Duh rasanya nggak ada yang lebih menggoda selain harum kayu manis di atas baked marble chocolate cake yang moist ditambah fragrant cinnamon sugar. Love it!

Red Velvet Cookies Jar

Crunchy red velvet cookies ini dipadukan dengan white chocolate chip dengan tekstur yang cukup crunchy dan sedikit moist di gigitan selanjutnya. Cocok untuk dipasangkan dengan Caffe Americano.

Almond Cookies Jar

Kalau cookies yang satu ini sudah nggak asing lagi dikalangan penikmat cemilan a la Starbucks. Saya pun sangat menyukai tekstur crunchy-nya beserta almond yang makin memuat saya nggak berhenti mengunyah!

Semua makanan dan minuman di atas bisa kita nikmati mulai tanggal 6 November 2013 di seluruh gerai Starbucks di Indonesia.

Oiya, dalam gathering kali ini juga Starbucks menghadirkan para mug collector yang ternyata punya komunitas yang isinya kolektor merchandise dan mug Starbucks dari sleuruh dunia. Wow! Seru banget bisa tukar cerita sama mereka dan pastinya envy banget lihat mereka sudah punya koleksi mug Starbucks dari beberapa negara di dunia. 

Let’s create wonder and share the joy. Happy Holiday, eaters! 

Starbucks Kuningan City
Ground Floor #38
Jl. Prof. Dr. Satrio Kav. 8
Jakarta Selatan

E&O : When Will Meyrick Rocks Jakarta!

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It was might be a super shocking experience when Will Meyrick through his mail invited me to a private dinner at his new establish restaurant in Jakarta. Who doesn’t know Will Meyrick? A man with a big smile, a passionate chef, a street food lover til he dubbed as a Street Food Chef, a man behind Sarong and Mama San, two of the best dining places in Bali, a man who knows how to preserve original flavour of food from its original place, a man who willing to share their stories thorough the food crafted by him and his kitchen in crime, Chef Palm Amatawet to me.

It was like a dream when I finally sat with him and Chef Palm, laughing with other bloggers while listening his jokes and of course enjoying our night in his new resto which unify Eastern & Oriental cuisine into something classy. E&O brought to you an Indochina cuisine (Thailand, Vietnam & Burma) with very warm ambience and sophisticated interior which make everyone dining here feel private. However, it’s not as sophisticated as it might look, with a reasonable price, E&O even offer us a bigger portion for sharing.

Well, without any command when simple canapés offered to me like Salmon Betel Leaf with Galangal, Dried Shrimps, Roasted Chillies, Coriander and Salmon Roe (32K/each) and  Chicken and Prawn in Egg Net with Peanuts, Lemongrass, Mint, and Pickled Cucumber and Shallot Relish (65K). I really amazed how Chef Will and Palm used the betel leaf, it’s even not as bitter as I imagine my grandmother chewing it for ‘nyirih’. When I folded the leaf to cover the filing, it all just fulfil my expectation, a great combination of dried shrimps and salmon roe in a simple way. So does the second canapé, I just can’t escape from the sensation of chicken and prawn mixed with peanuts. Oh God, while eating what came in my mind only ‘even Chef Will could make this canapés heaven for me’ hahaha..

Next round was a big portion of fried vegetables! It was Selection of Northern Thai Relishes with Nam Prik Ong, Nam Prik Goong and Nam Prik Num and Crispy Tempura Vegetables (125K). This vegetable tempura fried with a good technique resulted on a very crispy texture outside but still we can taste the original texture of the vegetables. I even didn't see a withered spinach covered by those crispy skin. To enjoy this tempura, the Chefs made three condiment i.e. Nam Prik Ong (chicken & tomato), Nam Prik Goong (prawn, chili, and fish sauce) and Nam Prik Num (eggplant, green chili, and garlic). I prefer the Nam Prik Goong since the taste was more flavorous and hot. 

Continued by Southern Hot and Sour Soup of Fish with Tamarind Leaves, Turmeric, Chilies, Lime Leaves and Coriander (85K), I was warned there is a hint inside this fish soup and I didn't have a clue til I bited a big cut of red chili which burnt my tongue! Oh God, I should be careful and listen to Will's jokes hahaha...It's hot not only because the chili inside but also the fusion of tamarind, turmeric, and coriander made this soup became a super 'hot' soup that night. However, I did love their aroma and the juiciness of the fish. 

One thing I love from Thailand cuisine is how they craft mango into something, like what The Chefs done in Grilled Beef Salad with Green Mango, Shallots, Peanuts, Mint and Nahm Jim Jauw (90K). The sourness of mango blends perfectly with the savoury of the peanuts with a hint of mint and a shot of spicy from Nahm Jim Jauw sauce. It even becomes rich when I found a slow cooking and juicy meat inside! It is really refreshing my mouth. For me this is the best mango salad I've ever tried. Trust me you MUST TRY!

Ah I wish I could spend my nite to eat that Thailand salad, but then the next dish came. “Choo Chee” of Crispy Barramundi with Chili and Thai Basil (170K) was also stealing my attention. This fried Barramundi was perfectly cooked until I feel its crispy skin. The meat was very juicy while the curry, which I thought very spicy since it looks so red, was not spicy at all. It was even sweet but has a little spicy after taste. This dish was served with Jasmine Rice imported from Thailand and Canai bread. 

Next was Massaman Curry of Slow Braised Lamb Shank with Cardamom, Shallots, Pumpkin and Tamarind (170K). Oh God, I even tried to empty my stomach for this again haha! The massaman curry is Thailand typical specialty of their Moslem community. This curry is different from other curry such as India’s curry. The spices are richer than the others but still have a sweet sensation inside. This curry was served with a juicy lamb shank. Simply love this dish!

When you get a chance to visit E&O, ensure you won’t miss this Twice-Cooked Beef Short Ribs with Sweet Fish Sauce, Cucumber and Nam Pla Prik (220K). I love how the Chefs made the beef short ribs into a super juicy and tender meat with a sweet hint and spicy after taste from the Nam Pla Prik, a Thailand chili powder and the fish sauce. Enjoy the meat by powdering the Nam Pla Prik first then dip it into the dish sauce. Heaven on earth!

Finally, we came into the desserts! When there were two desserts served, one was made from chocolate and the latter from Durian, I chose the latter first. I never reject something related to Durian as well as this Durian Panna Cotta with White Sticky Rice (50K). Forget the white sticky rice first; I just enjoy how the Chefs made the super puffy and creamy panna cotta with sweet and rich Durian flavour. The more I munch it, the richer the taste of Durian on my mouth. Ah Will Meyrick always know how to please people. 

Cocoa Ganache with Peanut Butter Palm Sugar Ice Cream and Honeycomb Crumble (50K) was also become my guilty pleasure. This was a perfect combination of rich peanut butter ice cream and cocoa ganache with a crunchy sweet crumble on the top, eventhough this dessert is too sweet for me it's still please me in the end ;-) 

I should thanks God that I had a super great night with Chef Will and Palm. They are really a perfect partner in kitchen, a best dynamite duo who knows how to please food lovers while preserving originality of Asian’s cuisine.  Great job Chefs! 

E&O Jakarta
Menara Rajawali 1st Floor
Jl. Ida Anak Agung Gde Agung Lot #5.1
Kawasan Mega Kuningan
Jakarta Selatan

Asian Wok at C's Steak & Seafood Restaurant

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C’s Steak & Seafood restaurant merupakan salah satu resto ternama dibawah naungan hotel Grand Hyatt, Jakarta. Resto ini terkenal dengan masakan a la westernnya dengan steak dan seafood sebagai hidangan utamanya. Bulan lalu C’s menunjukkan sisi lainnya dengan membawa hidangan Asia dalam ‘Asian Wok Festival’ selama 16-29 September 2013 lalu.

Saya cukup terkejut saat diberi kesempatan untuk mencicipi hidangan Asian Wok di restoran yang membawa simbol huruf C untuk mendeskripsikan restorannya. Mulai dari Culture, Cabernet, Chardonnay, Cellar, Country, Caramel, Chefs, Chili, Coriande, Cuisine, dll menjadikan C’s salah satu restoran yang patut masuk dalam daftar list pecinta kuliner. Konsep open dan transparan pada dekornya sangat terlihat dari wine cellar dengna kurang lebih 3000 koleksi wine di pintu masuk ditambah dengan open kitchen dengan chefs yang terlihat sangat membara menyajikan hidangan. Sentuhan tradisional juga terlihat pada jajaran toples rempah-rempah di dekat kitchen dan ulekan batu raksasa yang mencengangkan mata. 

Ditemani oleh jajaran staff C’s beserta Chef Christer Foldnes dan Chef Muslim Haryanto, saya memanjakan perut dengan menikmati kolaborasi menu-menu Asia terbaik pilihan C’s resto. Dimulai dari segelas Carrot & Apple JuiceAmuse Bouche dengan tampilannya yang sangat unik dan imut. Bite size appetizer ini dihidangkan dalam wadah berisi potongan makanan kecil seperti kismis, kacang, wijen hitam, dll. Bite size appetizernya berupa potongan telur puyuh, tuna & tobiko, daging bebek, hingga tomat dan keju. A very cute bite for opening!

Frog Legs Sichuan Style (100K) terlihat menggiurkan dengan potongan daging kaki kodok disiram saus berwarna kecokelatan dan potongan paprika. Sayangnya, saya tidak bisa memakan hidangan ini sehingga tidak tahu jelas seperti apa rasanya.

Dilanjutkan dengan Spicy Tofu With Vegetables, Chinese Cabbage and Chili (95K). Tahu goreng dengan tekstur yang sangat lembut didalam ini tambah membuat saya ‘berteriak’dengan pedasnya saus cabai yang pedas namun menggoda lidah. 

Organic Spinach Noodles with Mixed Vegetables (100K). Mencicipi hidangan ini mengingatkan saya akan keragaman budaya Asia. Sajiannya begitu berwarna mulai dari mie berwarna hijau yang terbuat dari campuran terigu daa bayam organik ditambah irisan paprika, wortel, sawi hijau, hingga peterseli. Rasanya sedikit plain dengan after taste pedas di mulut saya.

Makan siang saya belum selesai, masih ada Kway Teow Seafood Black Bean Sauce (115K) dengan saus black bean yang terlihat pedas menggoda namun rasanya justru tak terlalu mengigit lidah. Kwey Tew-nya sendiri menggunakan mie berukuran lebar, seperti pada umumny kway teow dengan tekstur lembut dan kenyal ditambah dengan siraman seafood dan tofu yang banyak. Love it!

Asparagus with Shredded Beef and Oyster Sauce (125K) juga makin membuat saya melupakan jam makan siang yang hampir selesai. Potongan daging sapi lembut disiram dengan saus tiram yang gurih, pedas dan manis ini memberikan warna di lidah saya. Potongan asparagusnya yang renyah dan berserat pun membuat hidangan ini semakin lezat!

Cauliflower with Shrimp, Ginger and Garlic (100K). Hidangan ini terlihat sangat segar dengan potongan udang yang begitu menggoda perut. Awalnya takut mencoba karena saya alergi udang apalagi udang tambak, hanya saja C’s memilih udang laut terbaik sehingga menghasilkan masakan udang yang begitu segar dan membuat saya aman memakannya. Irisan kembang kol, wortel dan kacang polong beserta kuah kental beraroma jahe yang sedikit kuat menambah nikmat masakan ini.

Organic Chili Noodles with Minced Beef, Spicy Garlic and Oyster Sauce (115K). C’s begitu paham bagaimana menyajikan masakan biasa menjadi berbeda, seperti pada pilihan ifumie (mie kering) yang biasanya plain diganti dengan mie kering pedas dan organic. Rasa pedas pada mie yang berwarna oranye kemerahan ini justru membuat saya ketagihan apalagi taburan daging cincang-nya membuat saya tidak berhenti memakannya.  

The last but not least is C’s Lamb Fried Rice with Chili Condiment and Kerupuk (485K). Oh God, this the super expensive fried rice I’ve ever tried dan meskipun tercengang dengan harganya yang sangat mahal, saya lebih tercengang dengan rasa dan penyajiannya. Daging kambing yang digunakan merupakan daging wagyu domba Australia level 4, merupakan level paling tinggi pada tingkat keempukan daging sehingga membuat harga hidangan ini begitu mahal. Tidak hanya itu saja, meskipun ini hanya nasi goreng, tapi sensasi bumbu dan aroma rempah yang kuat serta kelembutan dan kekenyalan daging kambingnya hingga menghasilkan gigitan yang renyah di mulut saya benar-benar membuat saya merasakan sensasi surganya nasi goreng terenak! God, ini nasi goreng terlezat yang pernah saya coba! A MUST MUST TRY! 

Dessert time! Nggak expect kalau C's masih punya dessert sesaat sebelum saya meninggalkan tempat ini. Es krim yang mereka punya beragam rasa, I love the chocolate and raspberry so much!

Anyway, makan siang kali ini benar-benar terasa spesial apalagi perut saya dimanjakan dengan nasi goreng kambing yang luar biasa enak itu hihihi...Diluar menu Asian Wok ini, C's juga menyediakan aneka menu lunch dan dinner dengan harga bervariasi mulai dari Rp80.000 to 500.000, harga wajar untuk ukuran hotel bintang 5, but I believe there's always something to pay for a good and fancy food, right. Trust me, you will never regret to spend that much for the C’s Lamb Fried Rice!

Thank you so much for C's Team yang sudah menyambut dengan ramah saya dan food bloggers lainnya. Semoga di lain kesempatan bisa menikmati kehangatan yang disajikan C's lagi. Sukses. 

C's Steak & Seafood Restaurant

4th Floor Grand Hyatt Hotel Jakarta
Jl. M.H. Thamrin Kav. 28-30
Jakarta 10350
Telp. 021-29921234

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