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Hey hooo pizza lovers khusunya Pizza Hut Delivery lovers, siapa sih yang nggak kenal Meat Lovers, salah satu pilihan pizza favorite sepanjang masa ini selalu menjadi incaran siapapun yang mengunjungi gerai Pizza Hut atau Pizza Hut Delivery. Meat Lovers ini boleh dibilang signature productnya PHD, sampai-sampai banyak orang tiap kali liat brand PHD atau Pizza Hut yang diingat pasti Meat Lovers hehe. Saya sendiri tipe yang sangat jarang ganti pilihan pizza kecuali memang ada produk baru yang lebih menggiurkan untuk dicoba hehehe...pasti tiap makan disini pilihan paling gampangnya Meat Lovers-lah! Siapa yang menolak topping sosis, smoked beef dan keju yang melimpah. Nah, bulan ini PHD meluncurkan gebrakan baru pada si Meat Lovers ini, yaitu 3 pilihan saus topping yay! Eits, inget lho ya, saus ini bukan dipping sauce melainkan saus yang dipakai untuk topping pizza-nya. So, ini dia penampakan raw sausnya...

1. Cheesy Mayo Sauce, saus rasa keju dengan perpaduan rasa mayonnaise yang gurih. 
2. Honey BBQ, saus dengan aroma BBQ yang manis
3. Spicy Tomato, saus tomat segar dengan rasa pedas

Selain mengeluarkan 3 varian saus baru, PHD juga mengeluarkan crust pizza (pinggiran) baru lhooo yaitu Sausage Pastry Crust, pinggiran pizza berisi sosis yang dibalut puff pastry dengan taburan keju Parmesan. Look at the below picture deh guys, puff pastrynya keliatan crunchy banget ya plus keju parmesannya menggoda banget!

And now my opinion about this new product...First thing is the Meat Lovers with Spicy Tomato Sauce. Frankly speaking, sausnya kurang pedas untuk saya. Saya sih bukan penyuka pedas, tapi ekspektasi saya anything stated with 'spicy' supposed to be spicy, right. Aroma dan rasa tomatnya masih too overpowering jadi rasa pedasnya hilang. Ada baiknya mungkin dibuat sedikit pedas, sekali-kali memanjakan penikmat pedas kan hehehe...

I can't stop munching when it comes to something creamy and cheese. Topping Cheesy Mayo ini cocok banget buat kamu penggemar keju dan mayonnaise soalnya rasa kejunya melimpah ruah banget, melted dimulut pas lagi hangat-hangatnya, ditambah dengan sedikit asam segar dari mayonnaisenya, Meat Lovers ini jadi juara buat saya! Enak banget sumpah kalau kamu suka keju hehehe...Pssst,,,khusus si topping Cheesy Mayo ini you better enjoy it while it's hot guys, soalnya pengalaman saya saat dinikmati tidak hangat kejunya kurang terasa nendang hehehe...

Sementara, si Meat Lovers with Honey BBQ Sauce rasanya mirip seperti kamu menikmati seporsi burger dengan saus BBQ. Rasa BQQ-nya tidak terlalu overpowering, saya masih bisa menikmati sedikit rasa manis dari madunya. Segar dan pas banget buat yang suka anything with BBQ sauce. 

Untuk sausage pastry crust-nya sih saya suka banget, solanya acara makan pizzanya jadi makin seru dengan krenyes-krenyes di pinggiran pizza khusus Meat Lovers baru ini, PHD menambahkan lebih banyak keju Mozzarella lho di dalamnya. Jadi, liat deh kayak gambar di bawah, you gonna enjoy the ooey-gooey pizza til you nuts! 

Akh, seru banget kan yah Meat Lovers terbaru dari PHD ini. Good news-nya lagi Sausage Pastry Crust ini available for all pizza toppings baik yang reguler atau jumbo size yay! Kamu cukup merogoh sebesar Rp95.000 untuk Meat Lovers dengan pinggiran sausage pastry crust ukuran reguler atau Rp145.000 untuk ukuran jumbo. Jika hanya ingin Meat Lovers original dengan pilihan saus seperti di atas, kamu cukup merogoh Rp75.000 saja untuk reguler size dan Rp99.000 untuk ukuran jumbo. 

So, what are you waiting for pizza lovers? Yuk order sekarang juga Meat Lovers favorit kamu via the one and only dial in PHD di 1-500-600 atau order via website ke Dijamin 30 MENIT sampai ke rumahmu!

Kalau sudah menikmati enaknya Meat Lovers terbaru dengan sausages pastry crust, boleh juga lho share pengalaman kamu via PHD's social media di instagram dan twitter @phd__1500600 dengan hashtag #MeatLoversPHD dan #CintaRasaBaru. Yuk, nikmati serunya 3 saus baru Meat Lovers dan renyahnya sausage pastry crust bersama keluarga dan teman-temanmu.  

Eggciting Easter Sunday Brunch at Sailendra, JW Marriot Hotel Jakarta

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It's long weekend again yay! Happy to finally have my day off this week after two weeks joining in a new team at my new office. Well, I don't have any plan for today, just wanna sit my back and relax while writing about this good news for you who celebrates Easter today. If you don't have any plan after the Church on Sunday 27 March except finding a place for Easter lunch, visiting Sailendra Restaurant at JW Marriot Hotel Jakarta might be a very good deal for you.

They have Eggciting Easter Sunday Brunch promotion serving limited selections of sumptuous dishes with delectable arrays of desserts too. So, let's see several sneak peek of Sailendra offers to you for Easter Brunch (pssst pardon me to taste it before launched yaaa hihihi)

Taro Dumpling with Vegetable Ragu

At a glance, this cute and unique snack was similar too a bird nest, but actually it was made from crunchy taro with vegetable filing. I just can't stop munching this dumpling. Simply delicious! 

 Grilled Beef Salad with Coriander Salsa Verde

This one was one of super refreshing salad I've ever had. their salsa verde dressing was simply enhanced the whole flavor without overpowering it. For me, the flavor of the dressing was simply like 'asinan Bogor'. A lil bit sour, with shot of sweet and super refreshing sensation when it came to my mouth. Perfect for opening!

Easter Zucchini and Mint Soup with Walnut Baguette

Never thought that zucchini and mint would be a perfect pairing for a soup. However, this dish turned perfectly good to consume. It's simply warm and gave me colorful sensations in one bowl. I could taste a shot of sour from the zucchini and fresh mint flavor inside. Even though it's warm, but after it came to my mouth I can feel a cool sensation from the mint leaves. Super unique idea, Chef! 

Duo stuffed spinach cheese chicken roulade and grilled rosemary lamb chop with roasted potatoes and green asparagus

In this plate, you can enjoy two sumptuous dishes, the stuffed spinach cheese chicken and grilled lamb chop with roasted potatoes and green asparagus. All of them was okay for me. The lamb chop was well-done in seasoning but a lil bit hard to cut, while I simply love the spinach cheese chicken roulade, moist and well-seasoning.

Chocolate Truffle Cake with Hazelnut Crumble and Raspberry Sorbet

I love love every dessert served in Sailendra. I don't know why, everything in here always balance in sweet. Like this chocolate truffle, it's sweet enough but in a balance way. The texture was super moist with rich chocolate flavor nad oh I love how crunchy the hazelnut crumble and the raspberry sorbet which balance everything in this plate. 

All of them was only pre-launch presentation, you can enjoy them during Easter in an all you-can-eat buffet serving with only IDR388,000++ per pax. So, get ready to eat all those food as long as you have spare room in your tummy hahaha...Don't forget also to enjoy their delectable arrays of dessert. Trust me you're gonna insane when you look at those sweetooth displays! 

Remember guys, this promotion is only available on Sunday 27 March 2016. On that day, you can bring also your children or little sister/brother for participating in fun Easter egg hunting and coloring and cupcakes decorating. During March, there's also a 4 metres giant egg made from real 180kg chocolate in Marriot's lobby. Well, have you decided where to go on this long weekend? The important thing enjoy your day and keep your spirit on! 

Happy Easter for you who celebrates! 


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I believe everyone, in their everyday life, sometimes need catering either for business or personal matters. Looking for catering is sometimes tricky, like you find someone to fall in love with. I had my experience in looking for my wedding catering, twas like everyday I should pray to find my lost earrings in the sand's sometimes HARD baby! Sometimes you find catering with good services, facilities but not good in food, or good in food but bad in decorations or good in food and in offerings but limited selections of food. Phiuh, nobody's perfect babe, but you gotta find the right one, right?! 

Well, thanks to this era where everything seems moves very fast but innovative and gave us very much choices. More good caterings are now growing up in this city, from low to the high class, from traditional to gourmet, you named it. All of them have their own markets and lovers, and of course competitors. One of them is the newly born, THE NJONJA GOURMET CATERING. This catering was started by the well-known food photographer, Himawan Sutanto and headed b Alda Boentaran as the food creator for all The Njonja's fine menus. This catering might be classified into a 'premium' catering. A catering for those who looking for impeccable service, sumptuous cuisine and a flawless execution. 

Lucky me, several weeks ago, I had a chance to see how impeccable their services are and how sumptuous their selections of food are. Located at Modena Experience Center, Kuningan, The Njonja showcased what they have in the house from food, decorations, tableware to the experienced staff. So here's my sneak peek during that events. Enjoy!

I must admitted that their selections of tapas was super duper delectably-delicious! In Bahasa I might said SUMPAH INI ENAK PAKE BANGEEET haha!!! Specially their BBQ US Short Ribs and Siomay, I couldn't stop munching their Siomay. It was the best Siomay I've ever had in my life. 100% SURE!
After tapas, their very first row and not-tobe-missed is the selections of super mouth-watering desserts with beautiful and sophisticated decorations. I was soooo impressed with how they decor the food in very beautiful details! 

After dessert, they have selections of buffet menu. Ranging from Indonesian, Japanese, Western to Italian Food. You will also find the most-wanted item in the market, Gyutan-don Donburi bowl!




 The best Bakso Iga Sapi I've ever ate!

Besides serving catering for wedding, corporate events and private events, The Njonja also have a 'Drop Off' service which allows the guests to enjoy the food delivered straight to their table. It's best for like your daily office catering guys. Sounds interesting, right! Well, for any inquiries you can straightly contact them to or visit their website on

JDV House
Jl. K.H Hasyim Ashari no. 48B
Jakarta Pusat 10130
Phone: 021 63865559
Hotline: 081299118899

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