13 Ghosts Spooky Halloween Buffet at Cafe One, The Park Lane Hotel Jakarta

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October will ending very soon means the Halloween celebration will come very soon as well. Most of the restaurants and cafes start to announce their Halloween party and promotion to attract people to celebrate that kind of spooky yet funny celebration. Before I start the story, I would like to introduce you a bit about Café One. Located at the lower ground of The Park Lane Hotel, Casablanca, Jakarta, this all-day dining restaurant served an Asian Fusion buffet menu. You can enjoy selections of Japanese food such as sushi and sashimi, a tasty range of Indonesian food such as sop buntut, mie godog jogja or es campur and selections of Western menu such as grilled chicken or beef along with their scrumptious array of cakes and puddings for desserts.

Usually, Halloween identical with Western culture especially the presents of scary Western kind-of-ghouls from Frankenstein, scary movie’s ghouls to zombie, however, I found something different and scarier Halloween theme at Café One at The Park Lane Hotel Jakarta yesterday.

This October, they’re celebrating Halloween with Indonesian ghouls theme! They’re decorating the whole café with Halloween accessories and putting fake Indonesian’s ghouls in several corners. They even assigned the waitress to dress like ‘kuntilanak’. OMG, you know how scary the Indonesian ghouls are, named it from pocong, kuntilanak, tuyul, suster ngesot, etc., that kind-of-ghouls are even the scariest thing I don’t wanna see directly never and ever! That experience, however, were the frightening yet funny moment I’ve ever had. I even still feel surprise everytime the kuntilanak approaching my table just to offer me a drink hahaha…

Scariest theme won’t be complete without the scary food. That’s the Halloween celebration supposed to be right, bringing people to challenge their fear of something scary and something they never had or try in their life and Café One at the Park Lane Jakarta try to bring people to have scary dining experience with their 13 Ghosts Spooky Halloween dishes on buffet. 

Halloween Signature Drinks – Hulk’s Eye Mocktail
A fresh combination of green tea, apple syrup, peppermint syrup and raspberry jam and spooky eye ball made from white chocolate. Dare to try?!

Main Course - The Coffin
Trust me you will be surprise even scream when seeing what’s inside the coffin at the first time. It’s the scariest living corpse look a like I’ve ever saw! Geez, two thumbs up for Café One’s Executive Chef, Chef Deden Gumilar, who creatively create this scary yet edible corpse. Yup, don’t worry it’s all edible from head to toe (bukan daging mayat beneran lah yaaa hahaha). 

Here’s the short description of what inside the coffin:

THE BLACK HAIR: Angel hair pasta with squid ink and parmesan cheese
BURNING FACE: Baked beef kofta coated mozzarella cheese
BROKEN RIBS: Slow cooked BBQ Australian Ribs
THE COLONS: Roasted beef and lamb sausages coated chili sauce
EXPLODE: 8 hours low heat cooking Australian Beef Brisket
THE WORM: Spaghetti with Napolitano sauce

To make it scarier Chef Deden Gumilar even add some real edible insects such as grasshopper which bring everyone’s memory to the famous TV Show ‘Fear Factors’. Frankly speaking, I amaze of how creative the team are, but to try all of menus inside coffin I might thinking twice or five times hahaha. Don’t worry they’re provide all of them in a buffet as well. But if you’re a fear challenger, you might to try them.

Dessert- Edible Graveyard
Chef Deden is also creating a cool and edible graveyard dessert. It contains of Head Skull (white Chocolate), Bones (Bread Clay), Eyes (white Chocolate with Praline served with Jelly), Soil (Crumbs English Cake), Gravestone (English Cake with Chocolate Slab), Worms (Jelly).

Besides Café One, you can also enjoy a frightening moment at Riva Grill, Bar & Terrace at The Park Lane level one. Here’s you will be served with five dinner set menu containing a creative and frightening kind-of-food but all edible! Here’s the sneek peek:

Stuffed Chinese bread with char siu chopped meat

Chicken liver pate with chicken feet – dead man’s eye, Spinach salad and raspberry comfit - gelatin worm

Whole Quail cream soup with drying ginger hair – thinly shred “nori”

Crushed baked potato topped sour cream; roasted bunch vegetables - whole tomato; green pea and pure, sautéed mushroom; slow roasted whole beef leg; and blended red wine and beet root sauce

Brain shape pannacotta, chocolate bone marrow, finger cookies and raspberry compote

Well, you can enjoy all of the frightening 13 Ghosts Spooky Hallowen Buffet” starting from tomorrow 28 to 29 October 2016 from 18.00 – 23.00 PM with only IDR275,000nett per person including free flow Hulk’s Eye Halloween mocktail, Iced Lemon Tea, or Iced Tea. Get also 30% off by using HSBC card or 20% by using Permata or BNI Card. If you do not mind to try the Halloween buffet, you can still enjoy the regular buffet containing wide range of Asian Fusion menu. Don’t forget to try their Oxtail Soup or Mie Godog Jogja, they’re all so tasty!

So, are you ready for this Halloween?! Challenge your fear and get ready to have some fun at Café One, The Park Lane Jakarta.  

 Spooky yet creative hampers I've ever had from The Park Lane Jakarta. Thanks a bunch!

Cafe One Asian Fusion Restaurant
The Park Lane Hotel
Jl. Casablanca Raya Kav. 18
Jakarta 12870
Phone : +62 21 828 2000

It's in town, the first ever PIE CAKE by Colette & Lola

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Who doesn’t know Colette & Lola, one of established family of Ismaya Group who consistently creating an enticing and mouth-watering array of cakes and cookies. This month, Colette & Lola making a great breakthrough by combining a cake and pie. Yes, you’ve heard it, a pie who nowadays become “something” (I realized it when most of Instagram’s post filled with people selling creative kind-of-pie, okay make it short “kekinian”) combined with cake and they named it as PIE CAKE. Claimed as the first of its kind in Indonesia’s cake-dessert industry, this innovation combines the crusty deliciousness of pie with the softness of sponge cake. Each flavor offers its own distinctive sense of yum that translates visually to different names, characteristics, and taste. Actually this breakthrough has been made on last May, but this month they offer something more tempting Red Velvet Pie Cake and Choco Break

Red Velvet Pie Cake

Red Velvet might be so last year, but how about putting it on a crunchy and flaky almond pie. Well, that’s amazed me at the first time since Colette & Lola made it like a dome, quite big and high in size as well. Those creative combination was completed with red velvet sponge cake, cheese tart, red macaroons and fresh butter cream. I honestly must say that I love this combination! The cream cheese was quite strong which is for me that’s the ideal measurement of great red velvet, the cake was also moist without leaving any awkward taste on my throat and that flaky almond pie was balancing everything.

Choco Break Pie Cake

If you’re a Kit-Kat lovers, you shouldn’t miss this pie cake. A combination of flaky almond pie topped with chocolate sponge cake and layers of fresh butter cream and Kit-Kat surrounding the pie cake. I expected that the whole sponge cake was made from Kit-Kat crumbles but sadly it’s not. I expected something more “bold”, more chocolate than this. However, if you’re a chocolate lover but looking for something light, this pie cake better for you.

Besides creating the pie cake, Colette & Lola also creates something which will pampering our Indonesian’ taste bud, Indonesian Inspired Cakes. Who’s craving for Es Teler, Es Merah Delima and Martabak? Well, in this rainy season, you might choose not to consume that cold beverages but you can opt to eat cake. Yes, you’ve heard it, Es Teler Cake, Es Merah Delima Cake and Martabak Cake are Colette & Lola newest creations to preserve Indonesian traditional dessert in a different way.

Es Teler Cake

This cake was truly inspired from the Es Teler you usually found in your neighborhood. Layers of classic vanilla sponge cake, pandan sponge cake, pink sponge cake, topped with avocado cream,coconut cream, nata de coco, jackfruit jelly and the ever present whipping cream. I love overall combination but I wish Colette & Lola could make their butter cream bolder in taste.

Es Merah Delima Cake

I love how genius Colette & Lola to craft a soft and fluffy vanilla sponge cake combined with red jelly and merah delima cream. However, I, again, still expect something more than a butter cream. Frankly speaking, their butter cream might be light and not too sweet but it’s as light as a cotton which directly disappear after the first bite.

Martabak Cake

The king of every Indonesian’s guilty pleasure gets a drastic makeover! Currently, in love with this creation of vanilla sponge cake layered in hazelnut and salted butter cream, topped with crunchypeanuts, cheddar cheese, chocolate sprinkles (mesjes), and chocolate ganache and cream. It feels like eating martabak cokelat keju slash a traditional chocolate and cheese sponge cake. Both are my childhood favorite and Colette & Lola brought my taste bud to that era. 

Eeeits, it’s not over yet, you now that October is ending very soon which means Halloween celebration is coming yay! For everyone who celebrates Halloween, Colette & Lola will company you with Halloween’s creation.

Witch’s Brew
Pumpkin Latte served with Cookie Shot

Eye See You
Red Velvet Latte served with Cookie Shot

Scary-O Shot
Chocolate Latte with Cookie Shot

This is Not a Halloween Cake
An Oreo Cake dressed up with scary ghouls’ cream. I love this one. So cuuuteee not scary at all ahahaha!

All of those cakes are available at all Colette & Lola stores and online stores. However, for those three Indonesian Inspired Cakes are only available online on 7 November 2016 and you can have them right in the store starting on 14 November 2016. Well, still don’t have an idea where to eat some cakes or bought your friends or family a great cake for their celebration, surfing www.colettelola.com, you will find what you’re wishing for. Thank you Colette & Lola for always hosting me and other craving of cakes’ foodies. 

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