About Eating Until Die

Eating Until Die is a food, travel, and lifestyle blog based in Jakarta, Indonesia. The blog was founded and fully owned by Icha Khairisa, a mother, a wife and a full time worker in 2010 as her diary to share her biggest passion in culinary and travel.

Why "Eating Until Die"? People mostly curious why I named my blog with such a horrible name. Oh come on, why can we be different, when everyone else can't right. Honestly, the name was just popped out into my mind since if you are a passionate food blogger means you can't stop eating and trying tons of food until you say it's enough, until you are getting older and die. Well that's my simple life philosophy hahaha..

Shortly, I named myself a food blogger bcoz I can't stop to share the world my culinary and travel stories, along with some travel tips, recipes, family and kids stories and anything related to food and travel. I strolled around more than hundreds cafe and restaurants, tried out many food from street, traditional, to fine dining to some extreme food in the middle of the lost island. Collaborated with tons of restaurants and cafe for free or paid review and partnership with several brands such as Samsung, Sunny Gold, Heat&Eat, Berry Kitchen, Magnum, Maggo, Lifebouy, Alshaya Group Dubai, Changi Airport Singapore, etc.  I've been through ups and down of food blogger era and I'm still here.


Eating Until Die welcome any form of cooperation such as partnership, endorsement, advertorials, or buzzer via blog eatinguntildiee.blogspot.co.id or Instagram @eatinguntildiee

For further information, kindly contact annur.khairisa@gmail.com 

Eating Until Diee Featured in Media 

CITA CINTA ONLINE MAGAZINE - Cita Cinta's Friend (September 2013)

OPENRICE.COM - How to Start Your Own Food Blog? (February 2013)

Coba Baca Online Media [Februari, 2018]


Travel &  Food Paid Partnership 

#TheAlshayaFoodTour by Alshaya Group, Dubai, with famous food blogger @anakjajan, @eatandtreats @mrfoodjournal @ivyslife @ellynatjohnardi (September 2015)

#ChangidiHati Campaign by Changi Airport, Singapore (Maret 2018)

Samsung Galaxy J5

Four Season Hotel Jakarta

Sunny Gold 


Heat and Eat

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