Deli Pizta

After several times I got myself hangout around some Indonesian restaurants, a week ago my fellow colleagues and I landed our feet to an Italian resto inside Pasar Festival, Kuningan. Hmmm…I might be wrong to call this one as an Italian resto, it might be Italian Pizza Resto since its specialty is Pizza. You might name it similar with Izzi Pizza, Pizza Marzano, and other Italian pizza resto. It is Deli Pizta located at 2nd floor next to Yoshinoya.  I never expected anything from this resto since my friends and I insist to eat pizza because we didn’t get a space in Pizza Hut at that time hahaha….

Deli Pizta with its tagline ‘Original Italian Brick-oven Pizza’ welcome us with a simple and modern resto concept with two areas, outside and inside resto. The outside one fancied with several white-plastic-chairs combined with several red-synthetic leather-sofas for about 50 people. I thought we’ll get a more wide area inside, but how surprise I was, when I came into the resto, it was only three sets of table for 14 people. One thing I love for the interior of this resto is how they covered the wall with a brick-oven picture and large pizza combined with marmer bricks as if we, the customers, were inside the brick-oven. Not so similar, I also thought that the marmer bricks they used remind us of a typical winter resto in Europe.  Next to the customer’s area, there is a cashier and a semi-open door which show how big their kitchen is. By the way, I forgot to state that we can see how big the kitchen from the window outside the resto. I was surprise that they use a big brick-oven to bake the pizza. Woow, it is so Italiano haha!

Enough about the appearance of the resto, now let’s talk about their food. They have two kinds of pizza, Italian Pizza and New York Pizza. Italian is the thin one, while the New York has thicker dough. The Italian Pizza consist of several toppings, the usual one is pepperoni, ham bacon, mushroom, and mozzarella cheese such as in Prezioso Funghi (mushroom, diced pineapple, and minced beef; Margherita, Aglio Nevica, and Pepperoni.  However, they also have several menus with unusual toppings such as Bistecca Insalata, beef steak combined with fresh salad; Pescatore, with a rich seafood topping; Oliva, yummy blackolive and melted cheese; and Volcano, unexpected mixed toppings and spicy. Meanwhile, the New York Pizza, such as Potato Supreme, Beef Garlix, Quatro Combination, covered with also usual toppings either beef, mushroom, or cheese.

They also serve many kind of pasta such as Bolognese, Carbonara, Aglio Olio, Aglio Seafood, Tomato Seafood with three choices of pasta either spaghetti, penne, or fettuccine. Side dishes might be better if you enough with pizza. They have Arancini (a ball fried rice with Bolognese sauce), Egg Benedict, BBQ Buffalo Wings, and Salad of the Day. Unfortunately, they don’t have a special beverage; there are only so-so beverages such as Italian Soda, Lemon Tea, Sparkling Juice, soft drinks, and beers.

As we curious about with the pizza, we ordered Italian pizza, Prezioso Funghi (59K). The waitress said that it is the best pizza in here. How surprise we were when the pizza finally came, the dough is really thin! As thin as a crepes dough but still crunchy. One pan of pizza consists of eight slices. We had a difficulty in cutting it since the dough too thin yet sticky.  It’s no problem with the thin dough for the first time since I taste a super melting cheese inside and outside the dough! Yay! It’s so cheesy! The beef and the mushroom are also combined perfectly. Cheese, crunchy, and beefy sliding into my stomach. Unfortunately, since it was too thin, my friends and I really couldn’t get enough! Seems like we want it more.

Since we still hungry, we ordered Aglio Seafood and BBQ Buffalo Wings. I was not so interested with the penne paste we had, since the Aglio Seafood was so-so. Too much olive oil and less garlic. I felt it insipid. The only thing I enjoyed the most from this pasta only the toppings, seafood consists of minced squid and shrimp, and three pieces of mussels. They cooked it well, so not too fishy and I can chewed the squid easily. Still yummy!  

BBQ Beef Wings, fortunately, triggered our appetite again after the tasteless pasta. I love the barbeque sauce so much! The texture of the chicken wings was also great. They grilled it well even though I saw one burnt part of the chicken skin, I wasn’t taste it bad but still spicy and yeah great!

As a dessert, we closed our lunch with a Salad of the Day and Arancini. We expected much from this two closing menus, but we got nothing since the first one, the Salad of the Day only served with lettuces (too much lettuces, noted!) and only a lil slice of tomatoes and chicken, and mayonnaise. Euwww I dunno why they serve such salad! We’re not too vegetarian to eat all leaves in one bowl. Then, the Arancini was also far from our expectation. It was only boiled rice shaped into a lil ball, less salt and pepper (because it’s tasteless) and fried with panir flour. Euww I didn’t see it’s an Italian kind of menus. Unfortunately.

For the beverages, my friends and I only ordered Ice Lemon Tea and Sweet Ice Tea and you know how does it taste like, right!

Overall, I enjoyed enough to have lunch here because of the pizza. It is also not over price. You can afford the one pan of pizza with eight slices range from IDR52,000 to IDR73,000 for the Italian, while the New York range from IDR62,000 to IDR73,000. Pasta range from IDR36,000 to IDR39,000. Side Dishes range from IDR21,000 to IDR32,000 and beverages from IDR13,000 to IDR23,000.

I might be back for the Italian Pizza, how bout you fellow eatersuntildiee?

Glad to see your comment here. See you.

Deli Pizta

Pasar Festival Kuningan, 1st Floor (next to Yoshinoya)
Jl. H.R. Rasuna Said, Kav. 22
Kuningan, Jakarta Selatan


  1. I'd love to try the cheesy pizza! the salad doesn't look appetizing to me though.
    Just stumbled on your blog, it's really nice! :)

  2. hai irene..thanks for visiting my blog...salam kenal...pizzanya kudu coba yg ini! saladnya emang ga bener bgt deh hahaha...masa isinya selada smua...anyway trnyata kenal sma Umay (umi), Daniel jg yaa..mereka jg tmn2 food blogger gw...smoga someday we'll meet at other food tasting yaa!

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